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Coming Feb 9, 2016

From the creators of Borderlands comes Battleborn, a new first-person shooter for every kind of badass available on February 9, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Command 25 unique heroes and save the universe from the brink of extinction! Fight alone or alongside friends, play story missions or mow down foes in competitive multiplayer matches.
Four new badasses enter the fray in this trailer: Ambra, Reyna, Mellka, and Benedict


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Pokemon Sword and Shield Galar Region Starters

By: Skeliora Jun 21, 2019 | 2 Comments

Here are the 8th Generation Galar Region starter Pokemon! Who are you starting your adventure with?

Pokemon fans across the world have been heavily anticipating the next Pokemon game and it is fast approaching! Pokemon Sword and Shield, releasing November 15, 2019 is set in the beautiful and breathtaking Galar Region. Home to the 8th generation of Pokemon, the Galar Region is heavily influenced by the United Kingdom. The landscape of open, lush green fields, glorious lakes, castle-like towns and industrial railroads, has all the fans buzzing! Of course, as usual Pokemon marketing fashion, this buzz got started with the announcement the Galar Regions starter Pokemon: Scorbunny, Sobble & Grookey!

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Nintendo announced their next console a while ago.

By: Phresh May 24, 2011 | 5 Comments

It's not just a rumor anymore. Nintendo officially announced a Wii successor about a month ago.

They're saying that the console should release in 2012 and Nintendo is going to show it off at E3 this year. Not that there's much to say until they actually show it.

Here's a link to some industry market stuff from Bloomberg that was in the last article.

Edit: I posted this really fast cause I thought the link was from May 25th, not April 25th. Has nobody seriously posted this story yet, or did I miss it?

Anyway, here's the webcomic where I found the joystiq link originally.

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grey walrus

Skarlet enters Mortal Kombat

By: grey walrus May 30, 2011 | 5 Comments

A new fighter has entered the ring of Mortal Kombat

No release date yet, but the trailer looks pretty sweet. It says E3 2011 too so maybe that's when we'll know how much she'll be and when she's coming out. 

Video is a little laggy, because I don't know how to embed the original from IGN.

Why does Square send me video in a language I don't understand. About a game I don't understand in English. Classic Jobs return in Final Fantasy XIV.

This first video, I have no idea what is going on. It looks like a raid, but it would have been spectacular if this was an American team or at least a team that was playing in English. I can't tell what is happening. FFXIV still looks good. That's probably all it is still. Good looks.

Classic Final Fantasy jobs are being added to FFXIV. This shouldn't surprise anybody. When the game was released jobs were Thaumaturge, Marauder and Pugilist. I've never heard of anything like this. Well maybe I could imagine what a Marauder does. Now they have added Black Mage, White Mage, Warrior, Bard etc.

Is this game still doomed to fail? FF14 is in its second year now. I believe they are charging the Jimmys for it now too. Are you playing FF14? What do you Jimmys think about the MMO market? Has it died out completely? Jimmys are too busy playing League of Legends and Starcraft on the PC now. Diablo III May 15th 2012. Don't be a Jimmy! Vote, Comment & Share!

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Review: Megaman X Command Mission

By: blazemanx Jun 12, 2011 | 6 Comments

The blue bomber's first true RPG experience.

When I first heard word that Megaman X: Command Mission was going to come out, I instantly got very excited. The first true RPG ever to grace the Megaman legacy? Would this RPG turn out to be a great addition to the series, or would it be another one of those many failed attempts at broadening Megaman's horizons? 

Well, stories were never the Mega Man series' strong point, but they at least put out a decent one. Veteran Maverick Hunters, X and Zero, as well as their new partner, Shadow, hear of Epsilon, the leader of the Rebellion, leading a Maverick uprising. So, with the assistance of Colonel Redips back at the base, they head over there to find out what is going on, and what the substance "Force Metal" has anything to do with it. Through a twist of fate, X finds himself alone and ends up in the base of the Resistance, a Giga City force fighting the Rebellion. Can X and his friends, quell the uprising and make Giga City safe for the Reploids again? Trust me -- while the story sounds simple, I guarantee that you will be surprised. Oddly enough, X changed from pacifist to a guy that'll point his gun at anyone that even remotely might pose a threat. Guess our Blue Bomber finally grew up, huh? 

Decent, but could be better. They used cell-shading for the character models in the game itself, but I wish they had done more motion to the cinema sequences. One character's mouth didn't even move while he spoke . It was odd watching them have a neutral expression while they shouted death threats at the enemy. 

Fluid. It has your typical RPG elements - EXP points, money (Zenny), Life, etc. Instead of armor, you equip "Force Metal". The catch is, if the amount of Force Metal is above the resistance level of the character, they will suffer in the form of LE loss, WE loss, etc. For the most part, it is a RPG and Mega Man X fused into one: each "Chapter", you go around defeating the bosses, picking up rare and not-so-rare items, and recruiting characters to join your cause. There are a total of seven playable characters, each with their own unique weapons and abilities, and each time you level up, all seven get the EXP points (unless they are dead, of course). You have your typical RPG ailments, which were changed into mechanical terms (such as 'Poison' was changed into 'Virus') and your elemental weaknesses (then again, Mega Man games have always had this factor...). And, believe it or not, brute force is NOT always the way to go in this game! Strategy is key into winning, as it will help you tremendously. Of course, if you feel brute force will work, go for it. =) And of course, Final Strike. Once you have three people in your party, depleting an enemy's life to 25% will allow you to activate Final Strike. This is basically a flashy way to finish an enemy off, but it can give you the extra nudge you need to, and dramatically boosts the amount of stuff you retrieve from battle. 

I loved the soundtrack, even if others didn't. I find myself humming the tunes along, and I'm glad that they allowed you to listen to the game's soundtrack in the Sky Room. I even went out and searched for the music online just so I could listen to it whenever I wanted to. The only problem I had was with the voices. While I enjoyed some characters voices (Marino's, Ferham's, and Mach Jentra's were well done), others made me want to gag (such as Cinnamon's). 

The game was not extremely difficult, but I did see the game over screen a few times. The bosses themselves can be a tad difficult at times, but with a correct strategy you can basically beat any boss without much effort. I ran away from barely any battles in the entire game and I had some slight difficulty with the last boss, that was about it. When all of the characters in your party die, you are given the option by the game to A. Restart the Battle, B. Load from the memory card, or C. Accept defeat and go to the title screen. For the most part, you'll be picking A so that you wont have to go back to the last save point (Which is quite nice). 

I think the extras themselves take up 90% of the game. At a certain point, you can deploy recruited mechaniloids to the stages to gather up goodies, ranging from more money to extra weapons to stuff for the Sky Room. Oh yes, the Sky Room. A great place to hang out. Figure sets found and bought from the vending machines can be viewed here, as well as sketches drawn by Capcom artists themselves (once they are gotten, of course). You can customize the room by placing different posters, and listen to music and watch cinema sequences from the game. You can even customize X himself by changing the color of his scarf! There are secret bosses which will give you fabulous, extremely rare prizes if you beat them, secret shops with rare items, and the Challenges. Fulfilling Challenges will unlock more items for you. So, how do you know whether you fulfilled a challenge? Check the computer terminal in the Sky Room. It gives you very useful data on the challenges you have fulfilled as well as the amount of items found in each stage, the maximum attack strength you've done, etc. It will become your best friend in the game. 

Final Verdict: BUY IT

To Mega Man fans and new RPG players, this is a welcome game. It's a little simple, so RPG players that prefer hard, complex, extremely irritating-style games will be a bit turned off. However, there are truly no bad points to this i enjoyed this game, and would recommend purchasing it if you are able to find it.  

So does this game seems as though it's worth looking into? Let us know what you think and don't be a jimmy.



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New Fallout New Vegas DLC "Old World Blues"

By: Phresh Jul 12, 2011 | 5 Comments

A comedic trailer featuring a ton of robots for Fallout New Vegas has just been released.

It looks like it will explain the origins of some of the robots hanging around the wasteland. But more importantly, it may use the old timey horror theme for comedic effect. You guys better hope you took that robot perk.

I'm excited about Nightwing & Robin DLC. I'm not excited about how we were gaffled by the Catwoman code and BS. The Robins DLC are like 7 bucks each. Ridiculous. You can't even take them into the city. Unacceptable. I'll give you $2 for each. Sounds fair.

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Jalexbrown's E3 2012 Wishlist

By: jalexbrown May 19, 2012 | 1 Comments

What I'd like to see at E3 in 2012.

E3 is around the corner, Jimmy.  Did you know that?  Of course you did.  You're not some idiotic nuab; you're on the #1 gaming site on the Web, so I know you're smarter than that.  So with that in mind, why don't I tell you just a few games I want to see at E3 this year.

1. Persona 5

It's a Jimmy-ass logo, but then again there's nothing official to use instead.  What the $*#@ Atlus?  Anyway...if you read my Game of the Year article for 2011 (don't be a Jimmy...go peep it if you didn't), you know I said Persona 4 was the best game I played last year.  It's like playing one of the craziest animes you'll ever watch.  I also really liked the Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP release.  If this doesn't happen, I might...well, I'm sane enough that I'll probably do nothing at all, but who knows?

2. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP

This was just released in Japan a couple days ago, so it might be a cop-out, but I really want to hear that this is getting a US localization.  I will be very unhappy if Atlus forces me to sit here with only half of the Persona 2 collection on PSP.  And if neither one nor two is present at E3 2012...I won't be very happy with Atlus.

3. Titan

Another unofficial logo; hopefully whoever owns this logo doesn't sue me.  Anyway, I'm a bit of an MMO junkie (more on that a little later in the list), and while I consider World of Warcraft to be kind of lukewarm, I really want to know if Blizzard is producing a true next-generation MMO or just a rehashed version of World of Warcraft that's been rebranded.

4. Final Fantasy Versus XIII

After the poor reception towards both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, I'm growing more and more curious rather or not Square-Enix is downright abandoning this project.  Or are they actually taking their time and making this the best game possible?  Or maybe they've just spent all this time trolling us.  In any case, hopefully they'll at least tell us this year.

5. Jade Empire 2

With Mass Effect (hopefully) done and Dragon Age safely trapped in the land of lulz, maybe Bioware will finally remember that they still have at least one more franchise ripe with options for screwing up.  Except maybe they won't screw up, and maybe they'll actually make a good sequel for Jade Empire. 

6. The Dark Tower Game

Even long-time Gouki readers probably don't know that I'm a huge fan of Stephen King's.  I've been entranced in everything the man conjures up for as long as I can remember.  I only bought Alan Wake when I heard it described as "like a Stephen king video game".  The Dark Tower is the magnum opus of Stephen King's career.  The series as a whole stands right up there with Lord of the Rings as one of the most epic epics every to be written.  With a movie adaptation slated to be released sometime in 2013, it seems like it could be altogether possible that we'll see a video game adaptation as well.

7. Anything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This sort of goes along with The Dark Tower.  I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I have for as long as I can remember.  There's a new cartoon slated to launch this year and a new movie slated to be released next year.  They're going to build a hype train for this series as big as possible, and what could be bigger than an awesome video game announcement at E3?  Two more wishes relating to this one, if you don't mind: Please don't make another fighting game, and please oh please don't use this ugly-ass logo.

8. Batman: Arkham City Follow-up

I'm not sure how they plan on following up on Arkham City, but I've got a pretty strong hunch that for better or worse they will.  Hopefully they don't just continue upping the scale, because Arkham City was plenty big enough for me.  In fact I'd be fine without the sandbox elements of Arkham City.  I just want to feel like a complete badass playing Batman some more.

9. Diablo 3 Expansion

I know Diablo 3 was just released less than a full week ago (four days ago for those of you keeping count), but I'm already itching to know what Blizzard plans on doing next.  How about adding necromancers and/or druids?  How about a talent tree system?  And don't forget that you still owe us some PVP (although I hope they won't be making that a feature of the expansion pack).  Lord knows I don't want to encourage Blizzard to start milking Diablo 3 like they did with World of Warcraft, but there's definitely some room for Blizzard to create an expansion pack that isn't just milking the cash cow.

10. Ultima Online 2

While this can be filed pretty solely in the "no way, no how" folder of my mind, this is a wishlist so I might as well include a wish.  Ultima Online is an amazing MMO, and I think it might be one of the reasons why I love the genre so much.  This was an era when MMOs were more than raid-grinding.  Ultima Online was a true social experience.  You could never fight a single monster and still get ample enjoyment out of fishing, gathering, crafting, housing, and other non-combat activities.  You were a free-form character that could be anything you wanted; you weren't restricted to class choices, and no decision you made was ever permanent.  If you didn't like your swordsmanship-mage, you could dump your skills and turn your existing character into a archer-tamer one skill at a time.  If every aspect of this could be translated into a 3D MMO without becoming a mindless raid-grind, I'd never need to buy or play another MMO.

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GoukiJones discovers how to level up easily in Borderlands 2 with the Mechromancer. From the LIVE stream on

Apologies for the audio. The echo is from my speakers in the living room. The lag, I didn't realize that was happening during the stream. Too much PWNn I think. It gets better. Keep watching.

Anyway. It's pretty clear in the video & during the cut scenes & the credits, I'm getting EASY XP from my robot railing every RAKK in the sky. Keep this pro-tip in mind on your first playthru with YOUR Mechromancer. Don't be a Jimmy!

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PonyKart another fan made game for My Little Pony

By: Aragrist Jan 26, 2012 | 4 Comments | Updated: Feb 20, 2012

This was just released today on Equestria Daily. It seems that a new game developer has thrown their hat into the creation of a freeware fan game for the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This time it's Kart Racing.

Have a look at the PreAphla design. It's a very Mario Kartish style game that currently copies the graphic style as well. Being that this is an early build of a fan made game these visuals could change dramatically over the next month or two and more closely resemble the shows visuals rather than Mario Karts visuals. Still this is impressive stuff coming from a new start up in the Indie game developers arena.

The original Borderlands combined an interesting blend of RPG and FPS into what Gearbox called a RPS (role playing shooter). Now that the idea has been proven and Gearbox has had the opportunity to perfect their recipe with a sequel, how does it turn out?

Note: I'll try to refrain from any story spoilers in this review...

It's no secret that we here at the HQ have been hyped about Borderlands 2 for quite some time now. It started way back at PAX Prime 2011 when I interviewed Jeramy Cooke and we got to see a non-playable demo. We got to play a demo at E3 2012 and interviewed Jeramy again. This is all in addition to the hundreds of hours we've all put into the first game.

Borderlands 2 cast of characters

Anyway, Borderlands 2 opens up a few years after the first game has ended. The vault opening in the first game has caused a new element "Eridium" to come to the surface all over Pandora. This has lead to the spoiling of some environments with a toxic residue known as "slag". You can now find slag weapons that basically de-buff an enemy causing your other weapons to do 2x the damage while the bad guy is slagged. The discovery of all this has to lead the Hyperion corporation lead by the villainous Handsome Jack, to try and take over Pandora, exploiting it for their own profit by any means necessary... this means mostly killing off the local population. A resistance group has formed with the characters from the first game as its leaders and after being left for dead by Jack, you will join this group in their fight against Hyperion. The story is quite a massive improvement from the original game... there is more interactive dialog and the objectives are dynamic as information about the mission changes and twists in the tale are revealed.

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