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EA press conference

By: jalexbrown Jun 14, 2010 | 4 Comments

Check out my impressions of EA's keynote speech inside.

So Microsoft's keynote was pretty disappointing; we all know it's true.  Unless you care about watching Kinect, there was very little that was interesting.  So then came EA's keynote.  Was it better than Microsoft?  For the most part, yes.

EA opened up with a new remake of Hot Pursuit.  I have to say it: I wasn't that much impressed by the demo.  It's from Criterion, and it certainly looked like it; the game really did appear to have a Burnout feel to it.  The graphics do look impressive, but I just can't get over the fact that the game looks more like a Burnout game than a Need for Speed game.  EA boasted that the game was going back to the Need for Speed roots, but I just didn't see it in the demo.

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Crysis 2 has me excited about video games again. I never thought I would have said that 6 months ago, when I first saw this game at E3.

CRYSIS 2 Be The Weapon

The game looks amazing, but forget about graphics. Graphics are irrelevant to how much fun you have with the controls. Teeeeeeh guns, the kicking the car, the frickin' aliens man, the jumping around, the sliding, the all out railin'!!! 

I'm exciting about this! I see potential for other games to start to open up more with the amount of shit we can actually fuck with in the game world. I want to be able to shoot through closed door, cause damage to everything around me that stays there forever in the game world. Kill anyone I please and move around completely free. I want my MIND BLOWN!

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Check out this new video from Gamescon 2010 of the Crysis 2 multiplayer in action. Hopefully, your computer doesn't implode.

This game is incredible. We all know we need more high quality FPS that barely run on our PC's. Crysis 2, for those of you who can't keep up with the plethora of FPS games coming out constantly. Crysis 2 is game developed by Crytek and published by EA. Back at E3 inside a giant ice box watching the first Crysis 2 demo BatRastered was amazed. Now we get to see what the multiplayer looks like. 

Water running off the sides of building, sand and smoke all over the place. Gun fire echoing from every direction and you can see buildings as far away as possible. Jump from building to building down on to some unsuspecting nuab and crush him. Frickin' bullet time man! This Crysis 2 is going to be out of control. Me personally, I'll probably still be playing Reach or Brink.

Mulitplayer news:

6 Modes.

12 New York City locations.

80 Ranks. Prestige that MW.

60 Almost certainly bad ass Nano suit upgrades.


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Crysis 2 is full of Lag and Glitches.

By: goukijones May 18, 2011 | 4 Comments

What the hell happened here? That is not my gamertag. How is this even possible. Then the game freaks out and kicks everyone. Vintage Crysis 2.

Don't be a Jimmy, this game is Nubfarm. Although Crysis 2 is waaaay better than Brink. 

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