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About: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (x)

Here's the first ever battle of GoukiJones VS FnJimmy in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. EVO 2011.

That's BatRastered behind the camera, so don't look at me Jimmy. Tell him how he did in the comments.

First of all my stick was busted. I would dash forward and Ghost Rider would just crouch. WTF Capcom? They gave us these sweet orange shirts. I want one. FnJimmy vintagely times out on the character screen. Don't be a Jimmy!


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UMvC3 TGS Trailer, Iron Fist & Vergil & PS Vita News

By: goukijones Sep 14, 2011 | 6 Comments | Updated: Sep 14, 2011

Tons of news out today about Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. New trailer(worthless) - New characters revealed(irrelevant) - PS Vita announcement(2012)

The new trailer goes on for a about a minute and a half before anything worth actually watching happens. You get to see Iron Fist and Vergil gameplay, but you might as well just watch the specific character trailers. At the end of the TGS UMvC3 trailer there a clip of the game "running" on the PS Vita. The PS Vita is coming out sometime in 2012, long after UMvC3 will have been released. 

TGS Trailer

Iron Fist - He looks cool and his supers look like fun. I've already heard comparisons to Fei Long, well guess what. They both use karate stuff. Fisty looks cool -btw "fisty" official nick name, y'know like "The Mayor."- I will try to use this guy.

Vergil - This baffles me, he looks and fights just like Dante. No, no, I understand that he actually does have a different move set or he's not the same as Dante and has a different background and shit. Fuck you. Look at this video and tell me that Capcom couldn't have put another MegaMan character in the game. And I don't even care for the MegaMan stuff, but this instead of MegaMan is Reh-tard!

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Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Screenshots

By: goukijones Jul 20, 2011 | 4 Comments

Check out these screenshots from UMvC3.

You Jimmys hype for this or what? I know the $$$ is a factor, but if America wasn't in the tank right now and we were all PWNn cash, we wouldn't be talking about the price and the release date. I'm thankful for for the 12 new characters and 8 new stages. Yeah I paid $100 for this game now this year, but I've got my monies worth. Don't be a Jimmy! 

Community Video

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Strider, Hawkeye, Ghost Rider and Firebrand reveal trailers!

By: blazemanx Jul 24, 2011 | 5 Comments

The official reveal trailers for the 4 new fighters.

Damn this game is looking better and better. All these trailers are badassnice and are increasing my hype for this. Hawkeye really looks interesting and i LOVE his theme. Ghost rider looks like he will be PWNn people from all over the screen. Strider looks to be a combo heavy nightmare. Firebrand looks tricky but he is a total jimmy. Let us know what you think of the trailers and don't be a jimmy.

It is the biggest. There are 5 major titles coming out on Tuesday. Are you ready? Is your real life credit supply sufficient? Buying at least 3 of these? Oh 1? Jesus all 5? Why, NFSTR? Seriously. Gears 3 $49.99?! UC3 $51.99! Batman $51.99! #dealsjimmy

The Skyrim is on the way to the house as we speak Jimmy. So my back will be up against the wall with this one. Let's follow my order from the previous Deal Jimmy story.

#1 - Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

Number 1 on my list. It's only $39.99 it's going to be an entirely new game. Team Coon FTW. Maybe I shouldn't have typed that, but I'm not the first person to say it.

The PricePWNr alleges you can save 2.1% on UMvC3 right now.

Amazon includes an exclusive costume pack & $0.99 Release Day Delivery.

GameStop has an exclusive costume pack as well.

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Wednesday January 8, 2014 at Press Start Gaming Center in Las Vegas, NV. Featuring a full menu of games, including Melee, BlazBlue, KOF & more. Hosted by Hit Box.

The deets:

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
Blazblue Chronophantasma
King of Fighters 13
Killer Instinct (XB1)

*List is not final. I will update this list as more games get included.

When: 1/8/2014
Time: 7:30 pm Registration. Tournament starts at 8:30pm. NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED IF BRACKET STARTS RUNNING.
Where: Press Start Gaming Center
Venue Fee: $5
Tournament Entry Fee: $5/game
Ruleset: All games will follow EVO rules unless otherwise stated.

- Please bring your own controllers. PSG only has pads for Killer Instinct.
- Please be on time. Registration starts at 7:30 sharp, and the tournament for all games starts at 8:30 sharp. Do not be late.
- As per PSG rules, please do not bring any drinks into the venue. They sell drinks at the counter at a relatively low price--support the local venues! (they’re amazing)
- All those slated to bring consoles, please try to bring your consoles in no later than 7:30. 

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Here's some combo and gameplay vids of Dr. Strange and Nemesis. These videos were revealed at Gamescom.

Dr. Strange & Nemesis are both on my list for charactes I want to try. Nemesis looks like I'm going to enjoy his gameplay from here. Dr. Strange could be another Modok or even worse a Super Skrull, who I wanted to use both, but never adapted to their combat style. You also get to see some new stages if you pay attention. Don't be a Jimmy!

Gameplay 1

Gameplay 2

Gameplay 3

Dr Strange


When Champ got put into losers, he switched to Dormammu and never looked back.

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This video contains an in-depth explanation about the infinite TAC, how they work and how to do them. Is it a broken glitch in the game or not?

Skip tp 27:30 in the video to watch about the infinite TAC combos.

Shout out to Mike Ross, get well soon whitey

Cross Counter was pretty bad with out Mike Ross last night. It's bad enough without Gootecks. Inbetween the shows last night (CC and DrSubZero) the Jimmy that runs that program over there said;

"We lost Gootecks and now we lost Mike Ross."

That to me sounded like Mike Ross was gone from this show too. Later on I found out Mike Ross is actually in the hospital disquised as a white guy. So who knows what is going on.

The Jimmy(Renic?) on the left is pretty terrible in this. 0 Personality is coming out of his grill. The dude from the other Cross Counter Asia show is alright and he had great questions during the demo part in the video below.

So what did you think? Can you do this? I got one with Hsien-ko already. Vote, Comment and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!


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Local Las Vegas IGL Tournament Results & Report

By: goukijones Jul 2, 2012 | 4 Comments | Updated: Jul 3, 2012

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a local Las Vegas fighting game tournament ran by IGL. I have the results for AE, KOF13 & UMvC3 from that night. Also my takes on the venue and event.

Shout out to IGL for working the Vegas scene. I really appreciate it. Long gone are the days of Mary K's and Carnival Carnival. Good luck finding a community buried somewhere inside one of these casinos. If they have any machines left from the 90's, I don't know who would be taking care of them. Jimmy? They certainly don't have any new shit.

Okay so lets talk about this tournament. The previous IGL tournament I went to was held in a saw mill of some sort. It was like a real life Street Fighter background, some Jimmy was using the saw, another was walking by with a barrel over his shoulder. The Street Fighter set ups were right in front of all of this, so while you were playing/watching your TV, all of that was happening in real life, in the background. 

This time we were crammed into a double wide office trailer. This place had AC and that was the big difference. It was nice, but there were a ton of nuabs piled in there right before the start. 0 deodorant was used. Just kidding, none of this stuff I'm describing was that bad.

The tournament got started pretty much right on time, shout out to Tushar for getting all of this together.

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What the hell is Heroes & Heralds mode? I need to collect Ability Cards? Is this DLC free? And is it available for PSN & XBL? I don't know the answer to any of these really, but you can check out what I posted in the story.

From Capcom

The free Heroes & Heralds mode DLC for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on PS3 and X360 is available today for download.  In addition, Capcom is pleased to confirm that the Heroes & Heralds mode will be included standard in the upcoming PlayStation Vita version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. A new trailer highlighting the PS Vita-specific features is now available for download on the press site.

Heroes & Heralds is a separate mode that adds new and customizable features to online and offline gameplay. Players will choose between two factions – Heroes or Heralds– and will engage in a series of battles with the opposing side to help save the world or take it over. Gameplay in the Heroes & Heralds mode will be altered through the acquisition of Ability cards that range from basic alterations (speed boost) to game-changing, combo enhancing powers (invisibility or ability to pass through projectiles). Cards can be used in online and offline versions of the Heroes & Heralds modes as well as the training mode. Ability cards are based on classic Marvel and Capcom characters.

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GoukiJones unboxing Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

By: goukijones Nov 11, 2011 | 11 Comments

Special thanks to Capcom. appreciates the early look at Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. We can't "review" until Monday, but that's irrelevant. Hyped! I wanted to make this video so all the Jimmys know we is official. #gouki

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