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Check out this new video from Gamescon 2010 of the Crysis 2 multiplayer in action. Hopefully, your computer doesn't implode.

This game is incredible. We all know we need more high quality FPS that barely run on our PC's. Crysis 2, for those of you who can't keep up with the plethora of FPS games coming out constantly. Crysis 2 is game developed by Crytek and published by EA. Back at E3 inside a giant ice box watching the first Crysis 2 demo BatRastered was amazed. Now we get to see what the multiplayer looks like. 

Water running off the sides of building, sand and smoke all over the place. Gun fire echoing from every direction and you can see buildings as far away as possible. Jump from building to building down on to some unsuspecting nuab and crush him. Frickin' bullet time man! This Crysis 2 is going to be out of control. Me personally, I'll probably still be playing Reach or Brink.

Mulitplayer news:

6 Modes.

12 New York City locations.

80 Ranks. Prestige that MW.

60 Almost certainly bad ass Nano suit upgrades.

Crysis 2 barely ran on the PC during the E3 tech demo ... not surprising it won't be coming out until next year now.

Crysis 2 official release date is now March 22, 2011. Now some Jimmy ass Websites are saying March 25, but that doesn't make sense. 

I'm not really surprised with this news. During the E3 preview we were inside one of those Russian ice bar things, where they only serve vodka. This was to keep the PC that was actually running the game, cool. This didn't work, it still lagged a little during the demo. You can see exactly what we saw in the video below.

This is a video of pretty much, just a recap video of what happened at E3 2010.

You can read BatRastered mind blowing recollection on the demo. Crysis 2 will blow you away!

Crysis 2 looks amazing... on the PC anyway.

We got to see a demo of Crysis 2 in the EA booth at this year's E3.


I'll tell you what, it looked VERY pretty. You've never seen a game that looked this good. Unfortunately this was running on a PC. I'm not sure of the specs they had, but given the 80 inch plasma in front of the room, and the fact that they wanted to show off this game, I'll assume it's better equipped than mine. Even given that, there were a few points in the demo where the frame rate dropped noticeably. I worry about how this game will turn out on the PS3 and XBOX 360.

It looked to me as the whole city was rendered in real time with lots of pieces, as a whole building comes down and it's not a cinematic cut scene. If you could buy two XBOXes with the money you spent on your video card, you need this game to justify your purchase. Otherwise, I'd wait and see how the console versions turn out.

It also looked to me as if the jimmy running this demo was in god mode, because he was getting pwnd but not dying. Hmmm... conspiracy!

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