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Windows Phone hands-on CES 2011 with goukijones

By: goukijones Jan 10, 2011 | 9 Comments

Oh wow! The new Windows Phone is here. I hate cell phones. hating on caught on tape!

So some of you may not know this, but I hate cell phones. Yes, yes, I'm glad to have mine and I use it a lot. Sometimes though, I could just be sitting on the couch and constantly checking it every two seconds. Then I catch myself doing this and I get very angry. I feel way to attached to it. Then when your girlfriend is constantly texting you and geting angrier and angrier because you aren't responding. You don't know, you left the phone in another room so you would be sucked into it's unholy control over your mind.
Anyway, I think I'm way off topic here. I could do with out cell phones that's for sure. But everything around me would fall apart. Check out me trying to get on with the new Windows Phone at CES 2011. 

World of Tanks is on Beta on Xbox Live right now. GoukiJones got hands-on & you can watch his entire first experience with this PC tank shooter.

It looks like a PC games, plays like a PC game ported to Xbox. It's a shooter. Jimmys are camping/sniping from full screen. The controls aren't that great. Plus, the biggest problem is its pay to win. The more REAL money you spend on this game the faster you can level up & the more equipment you will have access to. I prolly won't be on this too much.

Thanks for watching. 

The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Federation Video has a very pretty girl telling me about Tekken. Harada knows what's up with having girls all up in his videos. Excellent.

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Battle Amiibo VS Amiibo to see who is the best trainer in Las Vegas! Enter multiple Amiibo. Tons of prizes... 25 different rare and custom Amiibo! Custom Amiibo grand prizes.

World War Amiibo II April 30, 2016 2PM

Online Registration Ends: April 30, 2016 1:00P

1PM Check-in.
2PM first match called.
2 Stations will be live.
Bring your own Amiibo.

$10 Entry Per Amiibo.  You may enter as many different Amiibo as you like. 

1 drawing ticket per entry.

128 entry cap.

Deadline to check-in for World Amiibo II  is 1:45PM.  Must have a valid ID to check-in.

Standby entries will be taken from 1:45PM until sold out or 2PM.

Tournament will begin shortly after 2PM.

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December 12, 2015 @ Anime Revolution in the Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Las Vegas, NV

Anime Revolution Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.
3663 S Las Vegas Blvd #25, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Sun-Thu 10am-11pm, Fri-Sat 10am-Midnight.

Register online @ or at either of the Anime Revolution locations.

Check-in time 12:00PM
Tournament start time 1:00PM


  1. Villager
  2. Kirby
  3. Samus
  4. Wii Fit Trainer (JP)
  5. Pit (JP)
  6. King Dedede
  7. Jigglypuff
  8. Rosalina
  9. Ike
  10. Ness (JP)

Grand Prize.  Emerald Cosmic Pikachu Amiibo Custom by Evilos.  Signed & Numbered Limited Edition.  Only 50 made.

PLUS Your choice of 5 of the prize Amiibo.

Second Prize.
Your choice of 3 of the prize Amiibo left over from the Grand Prize.

Third Prize.
You will receive the final 2 Amiibo prizes.

Raffle prizes

You will receive 1 raffle ticket per entry.  Includes rebuy.

  1. 30th Anniversary Classic Color Mario
  2. Ganondorf
  3. Palutena (JP)
  4. Pink Yarn Yoshi
  5. Light-Blue Yoshi
  6. Shulk
  7. Marth
  8. Meta Knight (JP)
  9. Bowser Jr.
  10. Megaman aka Rockman (JP)
  11. Dark Pit
  12. Lucario
  13. Wario (JP)
  14. R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch & Dunk Hunt Triple Pack
  15. *Yoshi’s Woolly World w/ Green Yarn Yoshi
  16. **Chibi-Robo! Game w/ Chibi-Robo Amiibo
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Worst Deal for Gamers Jimmy Gems nominees

By: goukijones Dec 13, 2010 | 14 Comments

Do not pay full price for video games. These are the biggest rip offs for gamers this year.

Move controllers

You realize that some of these games require 2 of the same ball controller, like the boxing. I know, so what, right? Add it up. Move basic kit that comes with a game, the controller and the eye toy. $100. The Navigation controller if you want to play whatever games need this. $30. Then you need a second Move controller. $50. And then finally if you want to play that stupid boxing game, you need the game. $50. Total = Broke ass.

Bioshock 2 DLC

This is when every gamer knew we were totally being lied to by our publishers.

Kinect $50 extension cord

Wow really Microsoft?! That's just wrong. I hate cables. They are a Rip-off.

Super Street Fighter IV costumes

I like the costumes. Releasing a bunch of packs slowly and then a final pack at the end with all of them in it for a cheaper price is just wrong. Let me pay that price up front and as they release just let me DL them. Jimmy ass!

Online play codes

This bullshit is alienated the other half of the gaming community. The part of the community that buys games used or gets them from friends long after the game comes out. The part of the community that is excited to play with me, a game that I'm still playing because I enjoy it so much. Online play codes are the biggest bullshit.

Xbox Live price increase

Xbox Live annual cost was raised from $50 to $60. Unbelievable. I never thought we would see an increase. Most titles run on dedicated servers. And don't get me started on Online play codes fucking gamers in the ass.

Microsoft says it's for Kinect and that we'll have access to ESPN 3. I don't have a kinect and I don't have ANY need to watch ESPN 3. There should be an option for gamers who strictly just want to play online. ie Halo, COD, NFSHP. I don't need access to anything else on Xbox Live except my friends. 

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Worst Halo 3 Montage on youtube ... Sniper Master?

By: goukijones Sep 12, 2009 | 13 Comments

133,000 views! 1001 Ratings!! 1307 COMMENTS!!! Gorilla Warbear and King of Jimmys(GoukiJones,) in one of the most controversial Halo 3 videos on youtube. --- Before I deleted it on Accident.

Sniper Master? This video was made to make fun of the Jimmys on youtube that are gonna talk shit about how good they are rather than look at the video and see the Crackdown intro and it say BETA before it loads. Fuckin' Jimmys! Gorilla Warbear will 1v1 the shit out of you!

*Deleted and reposted in HD on June 30, 2010 Nubfarm.


That's right JIMMY!



Wreck-it Ralph Trailer 2 Released (2m 31s)

By: goukijones Sep 12, 2012 | 1 Comments

A new Wreck-it Ralph trailer was released today. Now with more Gief!

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Finally the Gouk has come back to WrestleMania. For the first time ever simulates WrestleMania XXVII matches. See who gets the pin in SmackDown VS Raw 2011 WrestleMania XXVII predictions.

Special thanks to the WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2011 community for creating such amazing CAWs and helping us put together these great matches. Thanks to @FnJimmy for making all of the signs and syncing up music for some of the intros.

These videos are great and SmackDown VS Raw 2011 is a perfect game for something like this. We really enjoy making these videos every month. On a side note:

Visit and play our exclusive Fantasy Wrestling game.
The most exciting way to watch the WWE.

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Featuring every match from WrestleMania 28. returns with their exclusive series. AI Prediction matches for WM28 using WWE '12 video game. Exclusive Maria Menonous & Chris Jericho CAWs. Also Team Johnny VS Team Teddy & The Rock VS John Cena.

Team Johnny VS Team Teddy. WWE '12 only does 6-man tags. So I choose who I think is the most entertaining to watch. Custom ring entrances and name plates for both teams. You're gonna love the Team Teddy intro. Don't be a Jimmy!

The Big Show VS Cody Rhodes. Well Cody Rhodes has been worthless for me in my fantasy league. I hope The Big Show wins at WM28, holds & defends the shit outta that title for the next year.

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos VS Beth Phoenix & Eve. lol at the Diva's match not being a title match at WrestleMania. Plus Maria got injured after we filmed these on Dancing with Stars. Sucks for her. Great for us. Maybe the WWE will make it a 3 way dance for the Diva's title now. 

Randy Orton VS Kane. This match at WrestleMania is kinda pointless, but I guess Randy Orton needs to be on the show. Too bad it's probably the most worthless match of the PPV.

Sheamus VS Daniel Bryan. The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line. No editing here.

Chris Jericho VS CM Punk. This match is for the WWE Championship. Chris Jericho aka Chris Jimmy is an exclusive cause. We created this CAWs in about an hour and added the music post production.

The Undertaker VS Triple H. Hell in a Cell, the streak is on the line. No editing here.

The Rock VS John Cena - I didn't do any editing to these superstars. I had to download The Rock. He was a buck.

Submit any story; news, blog, video, anything related to PAX during 8/26-8/28 and be entered into a drawing to win swag from PAX and the GoukiShop.

It's simple, just write a story about PAX during the show. 

Blog about what is happening in Seatle.

Report the news on your favorite game from PAX.

Post a video and why you are hype about any trailer revealed at PAX.

Don't be a Jimmy! Prizes will be similar to how we did our E3 Swag Giveaway.


Tron is my favorite character in Marvel VS Capcom 3. While playing UMvC3 I noticed that the chains just weren't there anymore. Jimmy don't like that!

FnJimmy and I had the pleasure to square off against one another in UMv3 a few times over the weekend. We have our first match on tape and you can watch that below. But before you do, I would like to clarify that I do not like anything about UMvC3 except that it has more characters that I might want to use.

Tron is definitely not the same, the simple drill into medium attack, repeat and carry on combo is gone. You can clearly see in the video me attempting to do it. Maybe the timing is different in UMvC3, maybe not, I was struggling for sure. I don't like the health bars. I'm totally confused which is which, it's dark and hard to see, especially when everything in UMvC3 is already moving fast enough and is all over the screen.

I used Dr. Strange and Nemesis and you can see my PWNn with Strange in the video below, but not so much with the Nemesis. I don't like him too much. Another time we played I used Ghost Rider again(I used him at EVO.) Ghost Rider is cool, Hulk don't like that chain reaching across the map and neither does FnJimmy. So if my Tron truly is nerfed, it be Ghost Rider stepping in as of now. Don't be a Jimmy! Watch the video and leave some comments below. And don't forget to hype the UMvC3 up on the catalog page.

GoukiJones VS FnJimmy UMvC3 PAX 2011 World Championship

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