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RedRapper is in the SSF4 3DS U.S Commercial? Holy...

By: iorilamia Mar 14, 2011 | 6 Comments

US commercial for SSF4 3DS released, with a very familiar voice to the fighting game community...

RedRapper is featured in the comercial spotlifght for 3D ssf4. This may not be exciting to some (specially if you are not a fan of his work) but it is pretty cool. He has done a lot of songs for the fighting game community, most known for his Evo 2010 finals rap. Congrats to him. I like it, the song fits well with the commercial, short and sweet. Check it out and leave your comments below.

Video Uploaded by


Red Rappers Youtube Channel toc heck out more of his works -


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Song made up of Balrog sound effects ONLY

By: iorilamia Feb 5, 2011 | 11 Comments


On youtube mcknight9271 has created a song using only Balrog sound effects in the sf4 series. Says he put 3-4 hours into the beat and 10 hours into the video! It's called "I GOT PAID"

It really is amazing what this dude made, sounds like a legit jam. He said he might do one with c.viper, bison, cammy and chun-li. What do you guys think? Sounds like a actual DMX remix to me!

Check out his channel and many other remixes here



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Kevin Butler Teaches us the S.H.A.F.T Method

By: iorilamia Mar 19, 2011 | 3 Comments

Kevin Butlers douchebaggery a.k.a being awesome in comercials prevails again.

I'm not a fan of baseball or baseball games. But the recent K.But ( awesome nickname) comercials for MLB 11 are hilarious. He walks us thru how to be better at trash talking by using his " S.H.A.F.T" method. Theres a bunch of videos so I'll post a few here, check the others out on his youtube.

youtube account-

S.HA.F.T introduction







Did you find these videos funny? Leave a comment below jimmies.laugh



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Games that SHOULD be released on 3DS

By: iorilamia Jan 6, 2011 | 6 Comments

Games I feel should be in the 3DS

To me, the 3DS lineup is kinda lame, most of the titles are whatever and a few are cool. But to me so far its mostly weird ports and old re-releases, not all of them are bad, but screw nintendogs and games from the 64 that we have had re-released on gamecube AND wii and wii downlaods and DS.

Heres what I think should be included


First is GOTCHA FORCE released in 2003 on the Gamecube. It wasn't a popular game at all and never got a sequal, but it is perfect for the 3DS. Basially these tiny robots called "borgs" land on Earth and some kids find them and they go apeshit with epic battles against evil and so on, dinosaurs fighting flying saucers, battleships firing at ninjas and demons slashing at knights. The story mode is finding out who is behind what evil and fighting your way to the top , while you collect and fuse more borgs together to grow your army. The game has HUNDREDS and hundreds of characters, who can level up and have altered versions that change their stats and movesets, also theirs characters that can Fusion to make a super character, so in a way, thousands of characters. The game is 2v2 fighting and ofcourse never had online. It is a wacky hectic japanese seizured out game that actually was too intense for the camecube and the framerate would hella slow down during intense matches and would be visually orgasmic in 3D. Each team can have as many borgs as your points will allow. So once your Samurai dies, your dragon will come out and so on, basically even though its 2v2 you have to kill like 50 guys until the match is over. On the camecube, you could transfer borg data to play with your friends, and in Japan the had the game setup at stores so you can challenge people. Also while you battle, you build up a meter, if it fills up and your partner didnt run out of borgs, you guys can basically go super saiyan for a few seconds and ass-rape everything. With the 3DS roaming VS play they demonstrated with SSF4, that would go great with this game, and it brings a pokemon style gotta catch em all feeling to it since theirs so much variety and characters, that it would definately get people hooked. (by the way, the main character does the Shining Finger straight from G Gundam and a the HeroBorg leader can do hadoukens and tatsumaki who wouldn't love that?)

Heres an AMAZING video to give you an idea (it really picks up in the second half)


Second Would have to be F-Zero GX for the gamecube, that also came out in 2003. Honestly, who has beat this game? The only down-side is that it was the hardest game I have played in my life and only completed half of it. But just like Gotcha Force, it was a frantic game. It is the fastest racing game I have ever played and some levels dont allow me to blink. You can customize machine parts and a drivers to your own personal need which was cool. The game already had nice grahpics and was eye popping enough, it seems perfect for the 3DS, and once again, it was a great multiplayer game that never got to see online play. Its a racing game with a spin atack, not much I can say about it besides it was insane and didn't get much attention.


Third is Marvel Nemises : Rise of the Imperfects released in 2005 on ps2,gamecube and xbox, with ports to psp and DS. Many of sites gave this game a low review (around the 6's) but it was really good. The only down-side was story mode was a bit linear and many re-used enemies, but the multiplayer is where its at. The game starts with The Thing finding some Aliens and fucking them up, turns out their Leader is making"imperfects" to take over the world or some crap. The Imerfects were similiar to the marvel cast in powers or stregnth, but altered abilities and movesets (the rivalry was great). Like Solara was a female version of Human Torch who used martial arts and Hazmat was a Toxic version of spiderman and Venom. The cast was great and so was the fighting. The game had a sort of top over view. and the levels you fight on were pretty big and everyhting was destroyable The game had a energy bar, which in a way powered up some of your moves or let you run/fly, you also had a Rage Mode to use and Finisher Moves. Magneto would pick up a bus , fly up and throw it down at Daredevil and The Thing would punch a barrel and it would go flying at Wolverines face and explode, prettty sweet. Characters had special abilities, storm, johnny ohn, magneto, Niles and iron man , solara and human torch could fly, but some take up more energy to fly. The Wink and praragon could teleport, spiderman hazmat and venom would crawl on walls,web sling and pick up items from a far. The game has seen its handhelp version on PSP (which switched some characters around) and DS, the 3DS would play an even better role.



Have you guys played these games? What do you think about the videos and would they be good on 3DS? Leave a comment below.

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Uncharted 3 Gameplay!

By: iorilamia Dec 15, 2010 | 8 Comments

uncharted 3 gameplay!!!!

Gameplay starts at 1:44. Strange that it was showed on Jimmy Fallon show -_-', anyways, its fucking ridiculous looking(in a good way), enjoy the video and Jimmy's awkward comments!  So what do you guys think? Leave a comment :D


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Killzone 3 videos from Developers

By: iorilamia Feb 19, 2011 | 7 Comments

The Devs did a good job hyping people up before the games release, check these boss-ass videos.

At they have released some truly awesome videos for Killzone3 before release. Game is being released Tuesday and I'm not sure if they are uploading more. and have been nice enough to upload them to youtube. These videos show off some of the new levels, re-done old levels,trailers,behind the scenes and classes. Enjoy the HD rape-fest and leave a comment on what you think ; don't be a Jimmy.


MAWLR Graveyard level played with Medic Class 


Pyyrus Crater gameplay with Engineer Class


Marksman class fucking shit up in a storm


Tactition Class 


Kaznan Jungle multiplayer


Retro Map Pack comparion


Dev Diary- Controls are Everything (go to 1:45 for pure epic)


Behind the scenes with old dudes yelling


Justice Trailer


How to play The Engineer 


So who's getting K3 Tuesday? :D                                                


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Duke Nukem captures Babes, not Flags

By: iorilamia Mar 21, 2011 | 5 Comments

Lots of news on Duke Nukem Forever's Muliplayer Game Modes and Weapons/Abilities! !

(Above is a leaked photo of a deathmatch in DNF from xbox magazine, reminds me of Toy Story. This may be the result of the Shrinker Gun)

In Duke Nukem Forever you don't play boring Capture the Flag, you play CAPTURE THE BABE! No screenshots of this babe capturing yet, but in this multiplayer game mode you run around carrying ladies. But from being carried, the "babe" apparently freaks out a bit, so you have to give her a slap on the butt to calm...her down? Not much details on it, so feel free to speculate! Maybe if you go too long without these reasurring slaps, she wiggles away or something, I'm interested to see what other twists will come a long in Duke Nuken Forever.

Game Modes- . Dukematch and TeamDukeMatch are both deathmatch oriented games. Hail to the King is King of the Hill type of gameplay. All game modes are 8 players, 4v4. And the "Capture the Babe" stated above.

Weapons- will be pistol, shotgun, ripper chaingun, pipebomb, rpg, shrinker, railgun, freezer, devastator and tripbomb. Also you can only carry two primary weapons at once in addition to having  pipebombs and tripbombs. Also JETPACKS SON! only in multiplayer, not single...O_O

Customization - characters can get points by getting kills and achivements, also bonus points for "funny kills" (like pipe-bomb suicide) As expected, every shooter has a lvling system now a days, going to be interesting finding out what unlcocks Duke will have.

Awesome powerups- Steroids let Duke do 1 hit kill punches, run faster but cant use guns, leaves him immune to shrinker. Shrinker turns people into Mini-Duke, only do 10% of dmg. And HoloDuke allows him to be cloaked and do cool melee kills.

Do you like 4v4 game types and the idea of carrying babes? Does "Duke Sauce" sound delicious? Leave a comment below with your ideas and thoughts. I wasn't too interested until now, the MP sounds extremely fun. Don't be a Jimmy.



Time to see what cool bonuses you get for pre-ordering the highly awaited Uncharted 3! Also info on the collectors edition.

Everyone game has pre-order deals from several places and expensive Collector Editions. Being one of PS3's most hyped exclusives, Uncharted 3 is not left out.

As you see above, you get a working Traveling Chest replica, that holds everything within the Collectors Edition. That is a stee-lbook case with the ring on it that holds the game, a full-size replica of Drake's belt and necklace (with Sir Frances Drake's Ring) and a statue of Nathan Drake. This will ocst you $99.99 Here are the pre-order bonuses from a few retailers:

GAMESTOP: Creepy Crawler Kickback.

When you score a certain amount of medals you can turn into a swarm of deadly creatures to overwhelm your opponents as long as you’ve got time left on the Kickback countdown timer. Looks like something from the mummy, godlike!

BestBuy: Regeneration Booster Unlocked Early: Speeds up healing in multiplayer.

Amazon: 1 Kickback and 2 Weapon mods

Amazon going bro-status with 3 items when you pre-order. The Carpet Bomb Kickback lets you throw out three grenades with one throw! The two gun mods allow you to increase the clip size of the guns.

Wal-Mart: Laser Sight and Weapon Mod

You get Callout Weapon Mod, which allows you to equip the AK-47 with laser sight that allows your ENTIRE TEAM to see the location of the target you are targeting. Insane?

Other places including Target, and will award you with exclusive Uncharted 3 PSN avatar and XMB theme for pre-orders.



How does all of that sound?  Out of all the pre-order deals which ones are most appealing to you? The Laser sight allowing the entire team to see an enemy from Wal-mart is CRAZY. Also the Creepy Crawler from Gamestop seems the most fun and visually scary, not sure how game-breaking it is though. It is interesting being in this era of gaming where Collectors Editions have become so popular with figurines and steel cases. Don't be a jimmy, let us know what you think.





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Shadows of the Damned Dev Diary has the best dubs ever

By: iorilamia Apr 30, 2011 | 3 Comments

Suda51 and Shinji Mikami talk to us about the features and feel of the game in a very entertaining way.

No More Heroes' Suda51 and Resident Evil's Shinji Mikami talk to us about upcoming game Shadows of the Damned. They give insight on what Hell is in this game; being the main stage and everything bad in our everyday life. Talk a little about the characters and some of the gameplay elements. It certainly seems to be looking better and better. Best part of the entire video are the dubs used for Suda and Mikami ;D


Upoaded by


What do you guys think of the game so far? See any similarities with NMH and RE? I think this dark adventure-love story is pretty cool.  Leave a comment and let us know.

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Portal Mod in Minecraft is a must see

By: iorilamia May 8, 2011 | 5 Comments

Minecraft Mods are a big thing. Recently stumbled across a Portal Mod, check it out!

Yup, a Portal mod has been made and it is sweet.  Minecraft user carlotta4th has made a texture pack that mimics the Enrichment Center of Portal. Yes you will find Glados, Companion cubes and adorable turrets. There are 2 packs: Precisely Portal and Modified Portal.

Precicely Portal keeps many things to the true Portal feel, but apparently makes it hard to play Minecraft on, while Modified still keeps a big Minecraft feel and look to the game. Thread with mods here

Heres a preview uploaded by


The Portal Gun is a seperate mod found here by minecrafter iChun


Anyone Minecrafters here on Gouki? I recently got into it and seeing this Portal mod makes it so much better. Any of you try it before? Leave a comment on what you think, don't be a jimmy.

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Take a look into the PS3 version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

By: iorilamia May 30, 2011 | 3 Comments

As you may know Sony announced they were going to put some PSP tittles on PS3, with some improvements including HD graphics. The first announced was Monster Hunter, take a peek at its PS3 look.

In Rei's Story we got news of Sony remixing PSP only titles to PS3, with updated graphics and other improvements. With the hype around Monster Hunter 3rd being announced as one of those tittles, we get a video of some Japanese celebrities freaking out over the PS3 port. Unfortunately half of this 45 minute video is talking, but the gameplay looks awesome. Enjoy~

(To skip all the talking, skip to 19:00 for character screen and 21:00 for in-game welcomed by a hilarious " WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA")

Uploaded by



Monster hunter fans who own a PS3, are you excited? Tell us what you think about Portable 3rd on the PS3.




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Ultra Combos done in Real Life

By: iorilamia Feb 1, 2011 | 5 Comments

RivenX3i "Thousand Pounds" over at youtube brings up a short but sweet compilation of realistic ultra combos.

Uplaoded by RivenX3i is the only real life ultra video I've seen that doesn't suck. People usually have cheesy acting, horrible special effects or just tacky choreography. These guys made a video only a little over a minute, but they showed they know what they are doing. They do not try to copy ultras like every clich'e video on youtube, they created their own ultras while keeping the ssf4 type camera angles and sound effects. Definately hoping to see more of them, especially since the video is tittled "ultra combos #1" So which was your favorite? Leave a comment below.

Source from

Check out their youtube here

Vonzell Carter
James Young
David 'Dax' Bauer

Vonzell Carter
James Young
David 'Dax' Bauer
Darren Bailey
Christopher C. Cowan

Christopher C. Cowan



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