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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Story Trailer

By: goukijones Apr 13, 2019 | 1 Comments

This looks like in-game footage.

Who is this character?!

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By: BatRastered Sep 12, 2009 | 16 Comments

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how to post youtube videos on gouki

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First Impressions: Mass Effect

By: jalexbrown Dec 10, 2009 | 4 Comments

Get the low-down on my first impressions of the Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect.

    Let’s get one thing out of the way up front: Mass Effect is a lot of fun to play.  In fact, if you have any intentions of playing Mass Effect, you might want to set aside a nice chunk of your day, because the hours are just going to fly right by you.  Oh yeah, Mass Effect is one of those games.  It manages to be a full-blown, action-filled romp across space, and yet it still finds time for a little bit of intergallactic soap-opera and traditional politics.

    Let me get out of the way for you the thing that I first noticed about Mass Effect: it’s a great looking Xbox 360 game.  Even so many years after its initial release, I am still impressed with the visuals this game offers.  Complex models and great textures are just part of the package; you also get incredible effects throughout the game.  Unfortunately this much doesn’t come without a small price.  The game has a few framerate hitches at times, and there’s a good number of texture pop-ins.  The thing is, none of this will really matter once you play the game.  The little technical hiccups don’t detract in any way from the game.

    The character creation process in Mass Effect far surpassed my expectations.  This is the kind of character creation system we’d be more accustomed to seeing in a sports game.  You can customize a bunch of individual slides for each part of your body.  The most amazing part of the character creation system is that, given all of the possibilities you have for character creation, the game still implements your exact creation in the game’s cut scenes.  It’s rather awesome to see your custom-made character in these prescripted cut-scenes, and it really gives the game that extra layer of role-playing goodness.

    The gameplay in Mass Effect is great fun, but it also feels like it suffers from a little bit of an identity crisis.  The game wants to give you all the decision-making abilities you’d find in a great RPG, but when you’re thrown into combat you’re just blasting your way through foes.  The combat is actually quite RPG-heavy, but you’d never really notice it if you weren’t trying to find it.  Things like aim actually have very little to do with Mass Effect; your only need be that you’re in the general area of the enemy you’re trying to shoot.  Rather or not the shot will actually hit is handled by your stats, similar to the way it would be done in a more traditional RPG.  Until this realization dawns on you, you’ll spend a little bit of time frustrated, wondering why your shots aren’t hitting even when you’re dead on the mark.

    Okay, so maybe the third-person shooter elements in Mass Effect are light, but there’s no mistaken their presence.  The game encourages you to use cover, something that games like Knights of the Old Republic never required.  In fact, I suppose that’s not even accurate, because the game makes you use cover.  If you try to play Mass Effect with guns blazing, you’ll die very often, and some firefights will even be impossible.  Oh yes, and you’ll spend a lot of time behind cover, because Mass Effect has no shortage of awesome firefights, and every one of them manages to feel unique and interesting, meaning that you won’t get bored after the first three or four waves.

    So let’s get back to the role-playing elements of Mass Effect, shall we?  The game’s dialogue sequences gives you no shortage of options, and you’ll frequently find yourself controlling the flow of the conversation through these choices.  Unlike the Bioware of old, Mass Effect does something a little bit different with its dialogue options.  In the past games, you’d be given a choice of things to say; in Mass Effect, the choices merely reflect a certain tone and position, and the selection you make with regards to what to say isn’t exactly what will come out of your character’s mouth.  Another improvement over previous Bioware games is the fact that you can make your choices while the other character is still speaking, meaning that the flow of the conversation doesn’t have to be broken while you try to decide what you want to say.  This makes the dialogue sequences more smooth than previous games, which is nice considering the amount of dialogue you’ll be engaged in.

    The game has a morals system in similar fashion to the other Bioware games, except this time around you’re level of goodness and badness aren’t on opposite ends of the same spectrum.  Instead each one has its own scale, leaving you with more capability to end up in the gray area.  It’s an interesting change over the previous games, because you won’t have to watch that spectrum move towards red when you make a bad choice or do something you knew was wrong.  It keeps things interesting, and it allows for a wider variety of characters and attitudes, since you’re no longer tied to the old black-and-white system of morality.

    The problem with Mass Effect from a gameplay perspective is that the menus are sometimes convoluted, and it’ll take you some time to figure out what everything means.  I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out what different things meant and did, and the instructions offered little in the way of assistance with this matter.  That said, once you’ve taken the time to understand the menus, it all pretty much becomes second nature.

    The sound design in Mass Effect is wonderful.  Weapons really seem to have that pop to them, and the music is brilliant if not subtle.  The best part of the sound design, though, is in the top-notch voice acting.  All the actors did an incredible job delivering their lines with the sense of emotion that you think they should have, and you don’t have the same two or three voice actors reprising hundreds of roles.  The sheer amount of recorded dialogue in Mass Effect is mind-blowing, and considering the fact that they squeezed that much audio onto a dual-layer DVD without sacrificing the quality is a testament to the things Bioware can do when they set their minds to it.

    Oh yeah, and before I close out this article, I guess I should mention the Mako.  The Mako is a vehicle that you use to navigate planets.  I’ve only had one segment where I’ve drove a Mako, but let me tell you something: it’s rather frustrating.  The controls feel over-responsive and loose.  You can engage in combat from within the Mako, but if you can avoid it, you’re better off to not do that.  I found that it was more effective – at least in the scenario I played through – to hop out of the Mako and do the combat on foot.  It’s a minor flaw in a game that otherwise feels so polished, but it makes the whole Mako concept feel like a tacked-on afterthought.

    So Mass Effect is great.  Maybe you don’t need me to tell you that, but it’s something that I think needs to be said again.  The game just oozes with a level of polish that not very many developers can fully capture in their games.  And even for a game that seems at times to, perhaps, spread itself a little bit too thin, you won’t get the feeling that it didn’t work.

Mass Effect 2 Limited Edition giveaway

Anomaly Warzone Earth is a tower defense reversal & is an instant classic. It's only on PC & Mac, but it's priced to sell. You will get your monies worth out of this game. Check out my thoughts after playing 3 days straight. (2 Steam copies to giveaway)

Aliens have landed on earth and set up one helluva a reverse style tower defense game. Your job as the field commander is to successfully lead your squad through the objective area. You mark your own path on the overhead map, which you can change at any time. You will lead your vehicle convoy through three different cities where aliens have set up defense towers. Your vehicle convoy is what causes damage to the aliens tower defense, you must protect them at all costs. You get items like smoke bombs, energy distractions and heal kits for your vehicles. You can upgrade the different units, a couple of times adding damage and armor. Then you take your convoy of vehicles and worm your way through these beautiful top down maps.

There are a few different types of vehicles you can choose from. The ranged vehicles seem to be the strongest. The Dragon hits on both sides, but only up close and the tank just seems to be worthless so far. I can't find a good use for the tank, even leveled up all of the ways, it seems worthless. I'd rather have another ranged unit for damage. You can also attach shields and supplies vehicles to your convoy. They both take up one spot and if you want your front vehicle to be shielded, your next attacking vehicle will be third in line. This is where the solider class comes in, it has a solid machine gun on top and can armor up. Send this bad boy to take hits while the rest of your vehicles follow to rail.

The game takes place in Baghdad and Tokyo. Both areas have unique graphics and music. The campaign is spread out over three missions and all of the maps are very original. There are also two bonus game types, Tokyo Raid and Baghdad Rush. Tokyo Raid has you go from point A to B. There seems to be two sets of maps for this game type. Heads up, personally I've fucked this one up a few times. There are a few missions where you must clear the path for an airship to pass over. I get railed every time on that one so pay attention. They mix in ground escorts also on Tokyo Raid, so cover that bonus unit Jimmy.

In the Baghdad Rush, you race against the clock to destroy four cores on a power generator. Once one generator is destroyed another pops up. There is a 10 cycle version of this game type and an 18 cycle. I have beaten the 18 cycle on Advanced. On a side note I was doing the 18 cycle again last night -because I'm addicted- made it to level 17, my stupid Jimmys made a right turn, when they should have made a left and got railed. Pro-tip: Before you go into big battles -especially when you have to run away from your convoy to blow something else up- make sure they are on the exact path you want.

I've played a lot of Anomaly Earth Warzone the last few days. I've beaten the entire game, except the Tokyo Raid, we talked about that remember? I'm still going to play this. I have to try the campaign on the hardest difficulty. It's very addictive, there are no glitches or bugs. They game runs very smoothly on my PC. I highly recommend Anomaly Earth Warzone.

Buy it!

Anomaly Warzone Earth PC & MAC gameplay Trailer


One of the most talked about games at E3 2019.

Gearbox Software is such a great company with Borderlands.  Borderlands has been one of my favorite franchises since the release almost 10 years ago.  Speaking of almost ten years ago, how about a BRAND NEW Borderlands 2 DLC, a game released 7 years ago.  An entire new adventure that links Borderlands 2 to Borderlands 3.  Check out the trailer.

Now about Borderlands 3… It’s amazing! Everything looks like what you would expect from a AAA company releasing their flagship game at the end of a console cycle.  Similar to how Borderlands 2 was released.  Anyway… doesn’t matter.  Borderlands 3 is already in contention for Game Of The Year and it’s not even out yet!

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Story Image's E3 Swag + Jimmy of the Month prize arrived!!!!

By: genxsis83 Aug 15, 2012 | 10 Comments

Just wanted to show how awesome is ^^

This is probably one of the best if not the best prize on won on the intarweb!!!!  Thumbs up and mad props to for being so generous.  The shipping fees were expensive overseas.

Once again thank you!!! I will enjoy the games and the goodies!

Capcom has released a new video detailing some of the new enemies that you will be facing in the updated version of Dragon's Dogma.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is an expansion to the similarly titled Dragon's Dogma in which players will be able to access new quests, items, weapons and new enemies as well. The Pyre Saurians, the Eliminator, and Death are some of the new enemies that will stand in the way of the players quest for victory.

Dragon's Dogma was a really fun game, and I need to get back to playing it. Although this expansion is bitter sweet as the full expansion is only available through a new retail disc and there is a free version for download, but is missing content.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

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MilkyPink gif signature

By: MilkyPink Feb 17, 2011 | 9 Comments

Finally made one for myself. Kinda bit late, but made it!

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China Town Fair SSF4: AE comedy hours

By: iorilamia Dec 25, 2010 | 4 Comments

Endless lolz + great gameplay.

Down at ChinaTown fair at Henry Cen's arcade on christmas Eve they had 2 SSF4 ae setups. Many pro's were their along with randoms. TeamSpooky livestreamed it and uploaded hours AND HOURS of gameplay onto their youtube channel. Unfortunately their was a 5 game streak until it ends. Their were many commentators, such as Spooky himself, Akuma, Cen, Hu and Sabin; they definately trolled up the place and left hilarious commentary, a long with some nice tips and info on AE, heres some vids and a link below to the youtube.


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Mass Effect 3 Keeps Pumping Out Free DLC

By: goukijones Oct 4, 2012 | 2 Comments

On October 9, New Maps, New Guns & New Characters all for free. From Bioware.

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MLP FIM EVO 2012 Off-screen Gameplay

By: goukijones Jul 11, 2012 | 3 Comments

Unfortunately I didn't get to play myself, but I did get a little bit on tape for all the Bronies.

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This video contains an in-depth explanation about the infinite TAC, how they work and how to do them. Is it a broken glitch in the game or not?

Skip tp 27:30 in the video to watch about the infinite TAC combos.

Shout out to Mike Ross, get well soon whitey

Cross Counter was pretty bad with out Mike Ross last night. It's bad enough without Gootecks. Inbetween the shows last night (CC and DrSubZero) the Jimmy that runs that program over there said;

"We lost Gootecks and now we lost Mike Ross."

That to me sounded like Mike Ross was gone from this show too. Later on I found out Mike Ross is actually in the hospital disquised as a white guy. So who knows what is going on.

The Jimmy(Renic?) on the left is pretty terrible in this. 0 Personality is coming out of his grill. The dude from the other Cross Counter Asia show is alright and he had great questions during the demo part in the video below.

So what did you think? Can you do this? I got one with Hsien-ko already. Vote, Comment and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!

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