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SmexyMillz uploaded some pretty cool videos showcasing all of the assist moves for ever character in the game. Also the videos shows some cool tricks as well. Check it out.

What do you think of the assists in the game? Have you noticed any cheap ones yet? Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

Source: SmexyMillz Youtube Channel

Team Gouki sat down for a few rounds of good ole fashioned cops and robbers. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit style. Bonus commentary.

ThaBrad was MIA, allegedly one of his mods was blocking him from getting online. And Cindy? Oh Cindy was having another Endless Battle with his FightStick.

The Racers: ErikEstrada and FnJimmy
The Cops: goukijones and BatRastered
0:52 No arrows on the map, just dots.
2:48 FnJimmy disappears right in front of me.
3:07 FnJimmy playing possu, like a bitch.
3:27 Race Shutdown!

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A-Cho brings us KOF13!

By: iorilamia Dec 31, 2010 | 9 Comments

A-Cho, busting out the KOF Jimmy!

A-Cho has been bringing us direct feed ssf4:AE videos along with GuiltyGear, now they have 2 KOF13 videos both 30 min +. I'm still bummed about because it feels like this is never coming to home console (its been so long...and still no word), so any gameplay gets me excited! Especially since this has commentary, enjoy and leave a comment! (And its not just a bunch of K' and Raiden, we got variety!)


-Also, what the fuck up is with Yuri and King's top busting off and exposing their bra's when they get defeated? T_T-

Youtube channel here :



It's the exact same footage we've seen before. Except now it just looks like somebody is actually playing the game. Check it out for an amazing display of gameplay. The video is full of surprises.

BTW this has nothing to do with me being homeboys with Ted Price.

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Rockstar games has released the first "gameplay" trailer of L.A. Noire. A crime game that has a familiar look to it.

When I say familiar I mean Red Dead Redemption familiar. The faces and eyeballs look just like RDR and the game appears to run on the same engine. The entire preview is done with the in-game engine and there is no CG. I really respect developers that show off their game with trailers like this and don't shove a bunch of CG down our throat that doesn't actually show the game off. *cough* Dragon Age */cough.* So are we ready for a RDR style game set in the 1940's Los Angeles? I think so. I'm hoping this is not overkill from RDR and I won't be complaining that L.A. Noire is just RDR 30 years in the future. Although you don't see a HUD in the preview and none of the shooting or crime scene investigating is revealed, you get the picture. Just watch.

Exclusive: hands-on with SF3oe. BatRastered and GoukiJones share their takes on the different screen settings, training modes, tournament brackets & more. Gameplay footage & dialogue from our time with Third Strike. 2 Exclusive videos.

I received a code late Friday afternoon and plugged it in right away. I only have a few moments with the game at that time here are some of my notes. Followed by the rest of what happened with SF3oe over the weekend.

Street Fighter III Online Edition During Embargo
It’s been a long time since I’ve played Street Fighter III and it’s been an even longer time since I’ve played it with a stick. I was terrible with Dudley’s Uppercut Super. My Dudley was PRO once. I played the arcade mode and lost to Makoto and Necro. I fought Necro 3 times and then a gave up. I’m terrible. The graphics are great and the gameplay is the EXACT same, without a doubt this is a sweet game to have for any fighting game fan. That pretty much wraps it up I guess.

The training feature is just like Marvel VS Capcom 3 and I love that. I did a few with Dudley and Hugo, who is also my boy. Some seemed impossible, but after about 45 minutes of doing low roundhouse, half circle back LP, EX Jet Uppercut, into regular jet uppercut juggle. Wow! Cool. This type of training is what made MvC3 so interesting to me at first. Now I love it. Can’t wait to try out the SF3 training mode more later.

Tonight (Saturday) I took the game over to Choke's estate. Choke, BatRastered, FnJimmy, Nififf and Chuck Deez were all there. Put a good few hours into the game tonight as well, just straight up playing versus. Everybody seemed to be loving the 3's. We all agreed that the controls were very tight and it was funny watching people trying to pull off supers. Frustration was all through out the room. Don't be a Jimmy.

BatRastered and I just filmed a video review. We thought, what better way to review the game, then to let you see what we're seeing. An guess what, we're seeing some really cool stuff. The tournament mode is cool. Online?! Double bonus. RANDOM! Holy shit, unPWNeevable there is random is Street Fighter III. Honestly I'm not that hype about that, a feature like that should be obvious. But I know it excites a lot of the Jimmys.

Here's the video 

GoukiJones VS BatRastered Exhibition Championship


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Final Fantasy XIV Drunken hands on

By: goukijones Jun 26, 2010 | 5 Comments

FNJimmy and I got a little private time with Final Fantasy XIV in 3D, with my best friend Jack Daniels.

FNJimmy and I got into the private hands on room of Final Fantasy XIV. I played it in 3D and let me just say it looks absolutely amazing. The problem with 3D gaming of course (and this isn’t the only time you’re going to hear me say this) I don’t want to have a $5000 dollar set up to play it. The glasses and 3D on screen were not abrasive at all. Although I don’t know how I would feel after playing Final Fantasy for XIV umpteen hours.

As far as the actual gameplay of Final Fantasy XIV it was just like Final Fantasy XI, I’m afraid that this game may just be a graphical update. I ran through the town and saw the shops and few NPC’s all very familiar to anyone that has played FFXI. When I got out into the field with a group to fight some enemies, again felt just like FFXI.

Final Fantasy XIV or Star Wars The Old Republic? The variables here would be release dates, friends online, monthly pricing, and system. I don’t know when either game is coming out for sure, but I’ll be giving both a try when they are released. I think my friends online are gonna be split. Whoever has the cheaper service is just gonna receive bonus points.  As far as systems go, I know I’ll be starting either one on the PC so I guess that does matter. Here’s a short clip of FNJimmy and myself hands on with Jack Daniels errrrrrrr Final Fantasy XIV.

This is a video that has been circulating the net about the difference between the alpha and beta versions of Final Fantasy XIV. Hello?! WTF? When the game is actually released,  we won’t be playing either version, so who cares? The graphics are nice though.

This is the North American E3 2010 Trailer. Makes my nipples hard Jimmy.

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8 minutes of more SF x Tekken Gameplay!

By: iorilamia Apr 13, 2011 | 6 Comments

More gameplay of th eagerly waited fighter!

Uploaded by (who is also a great Killzone 3 contributor), brings up 8 minutes of Sf X Tekken. Lots of interesting combos shown. You can still see how some things look a bit awkward, game still has a ways to go. Enjoy.


King is lookiing especialy nice. Did a gnarly leg-grab counter on Ryu's air tatsu. The dramatic camera angles on the throws are cool, but could get a bit annoying. Let us know what you think in comments below, jimmy.


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Wakfu Gameplay Video Series

By: goukijones Apr 14, 2011 | 7 Comments

Check out this funny AND awesome Wakfu -Rockstar Gameplay Video Series style- video.

Wakfu is an online MMO with turn base strategy combat and a full on living world. I played the beta and it has a lot of potentiel. If I told you Square Enix was publishing it, I understand if you would turn away. But they are only publishing it, some French Jimmys made the game. This is not Final Fantasy in any way. Check out this beta review.

WAKFU Game Overview Trailer

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MvC3 Match Bochan Vs Seth Killian Using GH Guitar Controllers!

By: SpeedBrkr Feb 12, 2011 | 10 Comments

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 match with Bochan Vs Seth Killian using Guitar Hero Guitar Controllers at Capcom offices.

Check out this Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 match with Bochan Vs Seth Killian using Guitar Hero Guitar Controllers at Capcom offices!

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Mortal Kombat - Rain Gamplay Trailer

By: blazemanx Jul 11, 2011 | 5 Comments

The purple ninja has arrived!!!

Rain looks really solid i love the whole weather theme going on. He never stood out to me in the other mortal kombat games but he looks like a real threat in this one. I like his x-ray move and his fatality. He will be available for download july 19th will you make it rain? Let us know and dont be a jimmy.

A couple more Marvel vs Capcom Videos showing off C. Viper and Storm. Plus character artwork.

 BatRastered has a couple more videos posted here:

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