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Metal Gear Dash

By: Daisymare Feb 22, 2012 | 5 Comments

Rainbow Dash as Solid Snake trying to sneak into a facility under heavy guard.

This is for all you Metal Gear Solid fans and My Little Pony fans that I know are hidding amongst the ranks of hardcore gamers.




Welcome to The Jungle Tester!

By: reipuerto Nov 29, 2010 | 12 Comments

It's finally here!

Come one, come all! Get a chance to test drive The Jungle!

The Jungle is a new portable gaming machince from Panasonic.

It takes the shap of a small laptop for online gamers on the go.


Just follow the link below and you could be one of the very first gamers to play it!

And don't forget to like and follow them on and Twitter @thejungle respectively!

Good luck gamers!

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Making Of Beyond: Two Souls - Visual Arts

By: kuroukage Sep 5, 2013 | 2 Comments

Beyond: Two Souls uses motion capture everywhere, and it results in one beautiful game. How did Quantic Dream do it?

Find out how they did it by watching this video of course!

Yesterday Team Gouki (BatRastered & GoukiJones, because FnJimmy & anybody else we know with Borderlands 2 was MIA) played thru the new DLC, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. What does it do for a level 50 character? Better or worse than the Priate DLC?

Oh this is going to be all about blithering & blathering. First of all, it was way better than the Pirate DLC. The Pirate DLC felt weak & very dry & very lacking in content of anything interesting at all. The crystal stuff or whatever (I never got 1) was the worst addition. You needed this special (PINK?) currency only dropped from a raid boss you could only fight once a day. Now maybe I was a little Borderlands'd out at that point, since I had 2 level 50 characters & have felt like I have ran thru the main story 6 or 7 times. I was bored. I recently started over again in FF12 & have almost 80 hours in the last 3 weeks. I've also been mixing in Halo 4 & have a level 41 Spartan. BatRastered has done nothing but play Borderlands 2. He has 3 or 4 level 50 characters & a ton of shit. He played a little Halo, he can tell you all that in his review.

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We discuss Generations 1 Fighting Game Tournament at Insert Coins & other ridiculousness from the world of Video Games. There is also some FSW chatter. How terrible is EA with releasing games? Just ask GoukiJones about Sim City ...

Thanks for watching. Vote, comment & share. 

This high quality never before seen footage is now available to download or stream. Free & Paid Versions. If you plunk down enough dollas, you get a best 2-outta-3 set against the man himself, Chris G. Watch it right now on!

I watched this live & let me tell you, it was amazing. Watching two masterminds trying to out think each other at such a rapid pace. Amazing. I could only imagine what it must be like to be able to hear Justin & Yipes in the back ground of this version. Justin is my favorite commentator. Getting to listen to him talk about Marvel is a rare treat.

Shout out to Gootecks for putting such an amazing package together. You can watch a free version if you get a car insurance quote or download Media Player Classic. Yeah I don't even know what the fuck that is. Some old ass shit. The "Play Chris G" package is $25 bucks. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal. You also get a private stream with him & Yipes. Now that's excellent communication between the West coast & East coast. A lot of work going into that. 

Again, Gootecks has out done himself with this content package. If you're not watching Gootalks, you're missing out. There was an entire discussion about how this package would work. It's amazing to see it complete now. Looking forward to see what these Jimmys come up with in the future.

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My top 5 favorite RPG villains

By: blazemanx Jul 2, 2011 | 16 Comments

here are my top 5 favorite RPG villains.

As you all know im a RPG fanatic and i have played and beaten many many RPG games. In every RPG game there is a hero but you can't have a hero without a villain. Some villains are dull and don't really seem worth the the hero's time. Then there are those that stand out from the crowd in terms of evilness, look and personality. Trust me i have a big list of awesome villains that i like but i decided to only put down 5. It was hard to pick these 5 out of the bunch but i managed to do it. So without further delay here are my top 5 favorite RPG villains.


Yeager is a villain from tales of vesperia and a pretty cool one to be honest. What really caught my attention with yeager was his german accent. He would add ya at the end of his sentences as if he was asking a question. You know what i mean just imagine it lol. In addition to his cool voice he was a BADASS fighter he was one of the hardest bosses in the game. Tales of vesperia has these secret missions where you complete a goal during boss fights and his secret mission was BY FAR the hardest. Another thing that adds to yeagers appeal is that further in the game after you have defeated him for good you learn more about him. You learn that he was not as evil as you thought he was, he had a little good in him too. I really would love to see yeager in another tales game but i guess that won't happen since he is killed in the game. I think there should be more villains with german accents it just adds a extra cool factor.

Dist the reaper

Dist is from tales of the abyss and is one of the six god generals. Dist is by far the most hilarious villain i have ever seen but in a good way. He is indeed evil but totally comical at the same time weather its intentional or not i have no idea. For starters he has one of if not the best evil psycho laughs ever. He calls others savages and thinks of him self as the most beautiful person alive. He even talks about how his name is beautiful, talk about conceited. He never actually fights he uses machines to do his dirty work and he is a mechanical genius but he just can't fight. He is old friends with one of the main party members and the dialog between the two is comedy gold. When you foil his plans he tells you how he will write it down in his revenge journal. I think there should be more villains like him he adds a frown as well as a smile to your face.

Lezard Valeth

Lezard is from valkyrie profile 1 and 2 he is a genius mage who seeks power beyond that of human kind. Although he was in both games the valkyrie profile 2 version of him is why i like him so much. He was actually a team mate for most of the game until his true motives was revealed and he ended being the final boss of the game. He outsmarts the party and other villains to become a god and create his own dimension so its safe to say that he is a total badass. He is voiced by the same voice actor who voices dist the reaper but trust me he sounds nothing like him. He has a badass deep voice and when he does magic and cast spells he sounds truly epic. There aren't many villains that can out smart gods and become a god him self, lezard truly is a villain to be reckoned with.

Luca Blight

Luca is from suikoden 2 and trust me he is one sick bastard. He is indeed one of the most evil villains you will ever come across in any game. While he was destroying a town he made a woman get on her hands and knees and bark like a dog if she wanted to live. She did what he said then with an evil grin he struck her down with his sword and laughed as if was nothing. He had no regard for human life he was truly a monster. Another thing that adds to him being a great villain is the actually battle with him in the game. It took THREE DIFFERENT TEAMS of SIX to slow him down but even then he was not finished. After you use 18 different characters to beat him he is hit by a barrage of arrows but with arrows sticking out of his body he was STILL not finished. You then had to face him one on one in a duel and that was no walk in the park. It took all that to defeat this man he was truly a hardcore villain and there should be more like him to really give the player a reason to hate one of the antagonist.


Duke is the main villain from tales of vesperia. Duke was an important figure in the great war in which humans and the Entelexeia (mystical creatures) fought. He fought alongside the Entelexeia Elucifer so that humans and the Entelexeia could live in peace. Although they were victorious, some humans no longer trusted the Entelexeia and executed Elucifer. After this betrayal, Duke lost all faith in humanity and cut all ties with them becoming somewhat of a recluse. He only appeared when he felt it was necessary for the protection of the world and the Entelexeia. Duke is one of those complex villains where he has good intentions but his method to achieve his goal is too extreme. He intended to trade all human life on earth in order to save it. He cared more about the earth it self than those who inhabit it. He survives the final battle and helps the heros save the earth their way. He was a guy you wanted to hate but couldn't i like complex villains like that.

There are many more villains that i have come to like and im sure some of you have too. So let us know some of your favorite villains and don't be a jimmy.


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Pro-Trolling in Battlefield 3. Video & Xbox Live messages. HATE

By: goukijones Jan 28, 2012 | 4 Comments | Updated: Jan 30, 2012

Some may say it's trolling, but GoukiJones relocates constantly staying 1 step of his Nemesis. Of course there was some hate mail soon after the match from the Jimmy. The video has been time stamped with highlights for your viewing pleasure. #dontbeajimmy

I like to time stamp some highlights and this game in particular is a classic time stamper. Mostly for my homeboy GSO Lockheld. Sarcasm there, I've never met the guy or played with him online. Great sport though. I sent him a GG message afterwards, here are his two responses below. 

Followed up with ...

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New gameplay footage from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

In this new gameplay walkthrough narrated by game director Ashraf Ismail, experience the strategy, weapons and rewards of conquering and capturing forts in Assassin's Creed 4.

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From Scrub > Competence > Confidence > Authority

By: InfestedOreo Dec 6, 2010 | 6 Comments

How to become great at street fighter 4 or anything else for that matter.

For any gamers out there who want to improve their skill level, just take a listen to what I have to say will ya? Don't be ignorant. Just listen.

If you want to become better, you have to PRACTICE. I mean REALLY practice. Practice until you've perfected your art, your skill, your combo, your moves. Find every situation where you can utilize your character better, your strategy more effectively and your tactics delivered more efficiently.

I know. I know. You say "I can never beat Daigo or "Insert Pro Gamer Here"? Do you need some CONFIDENCE? Well confidence, my friend, is derived from COMPETENCE!

I repeat:


Become proficient with your game. Develop a clear strategy. Practice every day to utilize your combos better and better. Learn shortcuts. Learn new moves. Associate yourself with like minded players AND experts in the field. Don't forget the experts. They have a wealth of information. If you can't associate with them. Watch their replays, their videos, commentaries, interviews, etc. They're expertise is invaluable. And most of all commit yourself to go the distance and to consistent execution. GO ALL THE WAY. 

As in to COMPETE! 



Some brief history about me:

Street Fighter 4:

When I started off in Street Fighter 4 Vanilla, looking back from today, I was worse than scrub. I was plain bad. I knew NOTHING about frames, OS, Plink, FADC, etc. I only knew how to throw fireballs, dragon punches and hurricane kicks with proficiency and general fundamentals of the game. That got me only so far.

StarCraft 2 Beta:

When I played it in Beta, I lost. ALOT. In fact I lost to almost all of my friends. Yeah i was horrible. When SC2 finally released, i picked up the game, did my initial placement matches. I RANKED BRONZE. OMG what a noob! Of course the game was new but damn! I considered myself to be a great player IN GENERAL. Sorry that doesn't work.


Super Street Fighter 4:

Although I don't compete in professional events, I've played enough games and practice enough to KNOW that i possess an above average skill level in the game I would be deemed a worthy opponent. My friends that used to play the game religiously and already had serious problems beating me. I prevailed from a small time ranked noob to Rank A (at least in Vanilla) until i ran out of time in Super. With a few exceptions, I still have my days and I'm always learning and watching replays... but trust me.. I'm quite good.

Starcraft 2:

Today, I'm ranked Diamond. At one point I was ranked 2 in my division, however after not playing enough games, my points went down and I suffered on the leaderboards. However, the point goes to show that I started from the bottom and rose pretty high to the top with commitment and dedication. Today, I beat ALL of my friends. I rarely lose from any of my friends. I'm considered a top gamer by all my colleagues and coworkers.

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Assassin's Creed 2 : coming Nov 17 Jimmys

By: bmorenmiami Oct 30, 2009 | 2 Comments

Assassin's creed 2 coming out Nov 17 looks good!

Assassin's Creed 2: Looking good!

On November 17, 2009 Assassin's Creed 2 will be hitting store shelves.  According to several news outlets we should be in for a treat.  We're talking a whole slew of goodies including custom armor, hundreds of new weapons, whore houses, an entire renaissance period village created in painstaking detail.  Did I mention the whore houses?

Yeah, Yeah I know I had your attention at "whore house", but the game is supposed to be greatly improved.  Less frame rate drops in all versions (I'll believe it when I see it concerning the pc version), and a new cool looking 3d effect.

The new weapons are supposed to be kick ass....there is a sledgehammer folks.  Just imagine slamming a Jimmy in the head with a friggin sledge hammer and watching the brains seep out !  I think I just wet myself!  To get all the new weapons you'll have to buy them... that means your character has a very good reason to pick pockets and rob people in this game!  And there is supposed to be money hidden everywhere in this game.

Check back here at and we'll have a vlog about the game soon as we get our dirty lil hands on one.   I can't freakin wait Jimmy!

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Will Dead Space 2 be Another Resident Evil 5?

By: PaladinJin Jan 24, 2011 | 13 Comments

Zombies and Monsters + Guns to kill them = Fun! Zombies and Monsters + A Peashooter or simply nothing = Horror!

I am very excited for Dead Space 2. I loved the first game, beat it on Impossible mode, read the Dead Space: Martyr book and the Dead Space Comic they have out, not to mention play the DLC game that's out, but when i played the Demo for Dead Space 2... I had fun. I don't agree with EVERYTHING pertaining to the video, such as the multiplayer, but bsically everything else i am for:


Now, i know that fun is generally the main feeling you get when you play a game, but i mean... Horror games are supposed to make you crap your pants! I understand that it IS a demo and perhaps the developers just tweaked your guns so you were a very powerful badass, but i think that having the power to fight back is what KILLS a horror game.

I'm comparing Dead Space 2 to Resident Evi 5 because RE 5 was fun. There was NOTHING scary about RE 5. I had upgraded guns and rocket launchers and shotguns and was kicking ass and taking names. Dead Space, i was screaming for my life and running away like a little girl. It's because i couldn't really DO anything to the monsters in DS. The fact that i COULD blow off the enemy's arm off but not have enough ammo for the next 14 Necromorphs drove me into fear. I'm really really hoping that even though Isaac now has the weapons to kill necromorphs, that he still dies in about 2 hits. I think that would compensate a lot. And because the levels are now huge open areas, i am looking forward to creatures flying at me in all directions.

I guess what i'm really tyring to get at is: Giving Isaac power will cut deeply into the heart of a horror game and make it into just a gory creepy game, but fun and that, to me, is a bad thing. Do you guys agree with what i'm trying to say here? Because i want to play a horror game for the terror and creepiness. And i admit, a bit of the fun but leaning more towards the fear.

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