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Parasite Eve returns in The 3rd Birthday

By: goukijones Feb 24, 2011 | 9 Comments

Here's a look at the new game - somewhat in the Parasite Eve world - I have no idea about this series. Looking mad Japanese though.

I saw this trailer today and thought some of you may have mentioned this game before on It looks like a reipuerto ass game, but still looking kinda fun. I'm not much for handheld gaming, but if I do buy a PSP to play "Taxes Ogra" as FnJimmy would say. Then maybe I would try this The 3rd Birthday out, if somebody sent it to me for free. WTF.


From YouTube:

The 3rd Birthday is an engrossing new chapter for Aya Brea, the main character in the hugely popular PARASITE EVE® series. Set in New York in 2012, Aya is mankind's last hope for survival against the powerful Twisted.

Combining all-action third-person shooter gameplay with rich character development, weapon customization, awesome missions and a gripping suspense-filled story, The 3rd Birthday delivers incredible visuals unmatched among portable games.

This is a complete walkthrough of the map and a little sample of some things you can do with Forge.

So Blood Gulch is reborn in so many different ways here. This is the new Forge World. Hemorrhage is huge and has multiple areas where you can Forge out a new map. There's really no way for me to explain it. Watch the video and watch as you go beyond the canyon. Listen to the nubfarm go crazy. JIMMY!


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GameWorks & Present The Smash 4 Monthly Ranked Tournaments

By: goukijones May 6, 2015 | 0 Comments | Updated: Jul 20, 2015

We will feature a different game every week. Whichever game is on tournament will be featured on stream. Tournaments will run in a timely manner. They will be for high-stakes players. Live stream provided by 5th Dimension LV. Pot bonus at player cap.

GameWorks & Present The Smash 4 Monthly Ranked Tournaments

Upcoming Smash 4 tournament dates:
June 16
July 21 *Special Rules have been added for our EVO Salty Runback Community Appreciation tournament.  **See update.
August 4 - Invitational

Guaranteed payout @ 32 players.  (32 player max.)
1st Place: $400
2nd Place: $120
3rd Place: $60
4th Place: $30
That’s a $130 pot bonus from

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This Week on Xbox Live 10-23-2012

By: Arthvader Oct 23, 2012 | 3 Comments

A list of what's to come this week on Xbox Live.

Welcome to another week of deals. Let's see what's out this week:

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KOF XIII pre-order bonus!

By: blazemanx Jul 29, 2011 | 16 Comments

take a look a what you get for pre ordering KOF XIII.

As far as i know this preorder is going on with Gamestop us/ca and Amazon us/ca. This is a pretty sweet deal seeing as the game is already 10 bucks cheaper than the standard new game price. KOF has always had good music and a 4 disc set spanning their 15 year history is amazing for KOF fans. I don't know if this is enough to make you go pre order but it is for me i love soundtracks that comes with games and it doesn't get much better than this. Also im going to leave you with the newest trailer to hype you up more i know im hype. Let us know what you think and don't be a jimmy.

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de bad shot

Portal 2 CO-OP!!!!!!

By: de bad shot Sep 12, 2010 | 6 Comments

thank god for you tube

      yo jimmys. i was just bord surfing around the good old you tube when i cam across this fucking epic video. enjoy



Megacon 2011 Picture Part Four

By: reipuerto Mar 31, 2011 | 3 Comments

We're almost home with the pictures! Can you find yourself?

What up Jimmies?

Will this third batch turn you into a cosplayer or make you want to attend these convention ever more?!

Tell and share us your favorite in this batch!

Don't forget, best viewed on Firefox or Chrome! >:D


In case you missed the first two batch of pictures and the video, check them out here;



A letter from goukijones

By: goukijones Jan 20, 2011 | 11 Comments

Post Masturbation Thoughts

Sitting in the dark waiting for the red light to flash. Then a bright red flicker flashes in the dark. It lasted for only half a second but the way it lit up the wall and lampshade above seemed like an eternity. Maybe it's that email I've been waiting for all day. Nope, just some nuab twitter ass spammer. Fuckin' Jimmys! Go follow FranktheNuab. I'm not one at all to say fuck life. But I joke about hanging myself with a wet towel. People ask me, why a wet towel? I heard once that if you strangle a person with a wet towel, it won't leave any marks. Yeah I get it, when I'm found, I'll still have a wet towel around my neck. Fuck man, I'm not gonna kill myself. As of right now this is all still hypothetical. 

There's also a bit about how I'm gonna play the iPad commercial music, while I hang myself with a wet towel. That fuckin' song drives me crazy and I couldn't think of anything else to have on in the background, to push myself over the edge. just wrapped up some awesome CES 2011 coverage and we've been PWNn the traffic ever since. AEE was a blast, finishing that video was certainly a load off. Or load out, get it? Load? I hope the Jimmys enjoy that video. I would like to make a personal vow to all of my Halo brothers, who are patiently waiting for PWNtober 2010. PWNtober is on the way, get ready for some serious RAIL TIME! Nublock!

Thank you to everyone who is reading, contributing and enjoying BatRastered and I are grateful for every post you make on any of our sites. So keep writing stories, leaving comments and sharing with your friends. Now lets go fuck 2011 in her sweet ass Jimmy! - There was something else written here, but the the paper looks like it got wet or something.

Thanks for reading.

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Halo and Me!

By: thewolf14 Aug 21, 2010 | 10 Comments

My OTHER contest Entry! I want to win... xD

I remember it clearly now.. The day was a cold day brisk sunday morning, in the middle of winter, My friend was staying at my house while his parents were on a business trip. He brought his Xbox Original over, He had 2 games, Halo and Halo 2.

I'd heard of these games as he had talked and rambled on the story and game play. He was a smart fellow, Carter was, Straight A's, Big house, Had lots of money, But me and him had been friends at pre-school when I had no idea of his wealth. But the day he brought over that Box of his, My life changed. The first game we played was Halo: Combat Evolved. I feel in love with it, The graphics were amazing at that time, I still remember his laughter at me as I opened my eyes widely as I played it, We weren't the richest family, so I never thought of buying a Xbox, I played my dads old Sega system and played Sonic the Hedgehog, Which was better then todays Sonic Games. As I played it, I felt the urge to have one, We played threw the campaign that night and moved onto local battles with each other on Blood Gulch, which quickly became my favorite map right away, He slid in Halo 2 after he slaughtered me in the Scorpion tank. So, that was when I was shocked.


The game play had become so much more diverse! Where these strange creatures carrying who we know as the Arbiter!? I soon fount out they were brutes, A new enemy along with Drones! As we played threw the first mission, I watched him pick up 2 SMGs up at once! It destroyed the Elite's and grunts it touched. I watched in awe all day as we beat the campaign. The next day he left for his house with his now returned parents. I waved goodbye from my house on the hill as he left. That day, I knew that I was now hooked, 2 or 3 Years went bye and it was now around September 15, 2007. I had been saving money for a Xbox threw that time, I had saved around 400-500 Dollars from 3 Years of work around the house. Then I heard of a new Console,(News doesn't travel far with me, I missed its release by 2 years, lol..) The Xbox 360, I jumped for joy when I also saw Halo 3's Release date.

"September 25!?"

I smiled threw the days that felt like years, I was going to get a 360 And Halo 3! I had pre-ordered the special Xbox 360 by then, I finally got it and I was speechless as I retured back into the world that Bungie had made, Master Chief was going to Finish the Fight this time, I just knew it! I had beaten the campaign on Heroic in 2 days. In the last 3 years or so, My family had bought a New computer and Wireless router, I went to the Gamestop and bought a 360 Wireless adapter, I was then open to the world of Halo 3's Multiplayer, The game just got 10x Better, It became my place to play in when I was bored.

Then, In 2009, ODST came out, On September 22nd I belive, I had bought and played it, Its Gameplay and firefight lasted me for 2 months, as I franticly crawled around New Mombasa in search for my squad. The new Halo 3 maps were awesome I might add, I still have it and play it regularly. 

I am not going to even talk about how much hours I spent beating and played Halo Wars, My addiction to Halo Wars was unhealthy...

Halo has affected my life in many ways, It has been a good friend to me threw my life, I've seen lots of good friends on Halo 3 and I'm happy to say it will be one of my favorite game and experiences in my life! I'm hoping Reach will be just as good and better then Halo 3..


There it is folks, How Halo has affected my life...

Just for good measures, Heres me in Halo 3!


Thanks for reading! Thumbs up :D!

LIVE from GameWorks Las Vegas, NV. December 9, 2014. 8PM. Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament.

Ultra Street Fighter IV

$10 Buy-in
$5 Entry

Capped at 16 entries.

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Dreamcast and PS2 Games Heading to PSN?

By: jalexbrown Sep 22, 2009 | 1 Comments

Are there going to be PS2 and Dreamcast games available on the PSN?

According to some supposed notes from a SCEA/Sega meeting, it was discussed between the two companies that there was interest in bringing PS2 and Dreamcast games to the PSN.  The notes hint at Sega providing SCEA with a list of Dreamcast games that they're interested in releasing, and Sony will decide which ones they want as exclusives.  Furthermore, SCEA allegedly agreed to provide heavier marketing support for games that Sega agreed to keep exclusive longer.  Also mentioned in the notes, SCEA is interested in selling all PS2 games on the PSN.  There's no specific definition of all, but I can't imagine it being a very literal all.  In either case, the notes do seem to suggest that in some capacity, the PS3 owners may be able to get their hands on certain PS2 and Dreamcast games via the PSN.


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6 Rejected Characters of MvC3

By: iorilamia Feb 27, 2011 | 6 Comments

Rejected joke characters with some clever move lists and description.

On they came up with a funny "6 Rejected Characters" list of MvC3. They include Morph from X-men, Tofu from Resident Evil 2, Aunt May Spiderman, Dustman from Megaman, Stanlee and Scrooge McDUCK! What makes it so hilarious are the movelists and character description, Aunt May is priceless. Take a peak at a couple of the pics below and follow the source for more :D 



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