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Written by: Arthvader (x)

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This Week on Xbox Live 9-25-2012

By: Arthvader Sep 25, 2012 | 4 Comments

A List of what's to come this week on Xbox Live.

welcome back. Let's see what available this week on Xbox Live:

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Arthvader Fights Presents: Super Street Fighter II HD Remix

By: Arthvader Aug 11, 2011 | 3 Comments

some of my earliest battles from 2009 with some friends

Back in October of 2009, Me and a couple of my friends decided to have a recording session in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. It was a fun time for us, going all out with what characters we liked to use. for me, I pretty much used Chun-Li throughout the session. Also, after the second video, I pretty much was out of the set (as I had to meet up with some else during that time.)  As with all the videos put here on, I did not upload these. this set of videos were uploaded to youtube by youtube user The Legend of Renegade, who goes by the xbl gamertag MixerProductions. and now, on to the videoes:





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This Week on Xbox Live 1-8-2013

By: Arthvader Jan 8, 2013 | 1 Comments

A list of what to come this week on Xbox Live.

It's been a while since I last wrote one of these stories (The last couple of weeks had pretty much nothing to write about, from the EA deal of the week last week, to pretty much nothing available the previous week). Let's see what coming out this week:

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Another Day, another set of Ranked Matches in Street Fighter III Third Strike. Featuring more Chun-Li action.

Welcome again to another installment of Arthvader Fights. This time around, I've decided to do some ranked matches with chun-li. I hope you enjoy watching these matches as I have been playing them.

These matches were fought and uploaded on 11-19-2012

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Borderlands 2 Creature Slaughter Dome DLC Trailer

By: Arthvader Aug 28, 2012 | 3 Comments

just a couple of weeks before it's release, gearbox brought out a new trailer showing off the GameStop exclusive Creature Slaughter Dome Pre-order bonus.

Enjoy the Trailer:

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Borderlands 2 Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt DLC Launch Trailer

By: Arthvader Jan 15, 2013 | 1 Comments

Gearbox has released a new launch trailer for the recently released Borderlands 2 DLC, Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. Watch the trailer here.

Heres' the video

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Chuck's Happy Zombie Massacre

By: Arthvader Oct 18, 2010 | 6 Comments

It's funny

So, I was looking at some vids on youtube when i found this one particular video. It was funny the first time i watched it. I'll go ahead and set the video here. Go watch Chuck kill Zombies to proper music. Believe me, you'll like it:



I like the Dead Rising series of games by CAPCOM. when i played the first one, I like how you could gain experience just by taking photos of people, zombies, and psychopaths whenever you have the chance, which is why I say Frank West is cool (after all, he  covered wars before). Dead Rising 2, though, swapped out the photographing and Frank West for something newer: Combo Weapons, and a new protagonist, Chuck Greene. you could make almost many different combinations of weapons using whatever weapons and items you find laying around (and somehow put it all together with what else, Duct Tape). then, with those new weapons, Chuck could gain more experience. This video, when i watched it the first time, ended up being funny for me, just because of the music that was used in this video. I can't wait for when Dead Rising 2: Case: West comes out. Frank West and Chuck Greene,  Photojournalist and Mr. Duct Tape any weapons together, will be working toghether in this installment.

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Metrocon 2010 Pics

By: Arthvader Aug 31, 2010 | 7 Comments

If you liked my Chibi-Pa pics, here's my pics from Metrocon 2010, which took place a month before Chibi-Pa. Enjoy!

If you can't see the pics, here's the link:

The link above works if you can't see the slideshow.

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Arthvader Reviews: Guardian Heroes

By: Arthvader Feb 9, 2012 | 3 Comments

Is this cult classic game from Treasure worth your 800 points? Find out in this review.

Praised for being one of the best game on the Sega Saturn, Guardian Heroes has been brought over to the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 12, 2011. Is this game worth the 800 Microsoft points ($10)? Let's find out in this review.


     This game has a total of four different modes:

  • Story Mode: In this mode, you could play alone, or with a friend to form a two-man group. Depending on what choices you make throughout the story, the game's stages, story, and ending will change. Also, in the case of two people playing, they will both share the same pool of credits.
  • Versus Mode: You can have up to 4 players locally, or a total of 12 people on Xbox Live can battle each other in this mode using any of the characters that have been unlocked in the Story Mode. Players can choose to fight in teams, or in a free-for-all in death matches or Point Matches.
  • Training Mode: This mode is your general mode to practice your skills in the game.
  • Arcade Mode: This mode serves as an endurance challenge, as you are pitted against wave after wave of endless opponents. As you level up in this mode, your stats will improve randomly, allowing you to survive longer until you are defeated.

     The game can be played with it's original gameplay mechanic, or a more, refined mechanic which they called "remix". both has their own unique purposes. when it comes to the fighting, you are able to switch between three plains (or as I should say, lines). That way, if you were getting ambushed by a group of enemies, you can switch to another line to avoid being attacked. Each character also has a  unique set of skills and spells that they could use. of course, using spells will cost MP. You'll be able to gain experience by attacking, using spells, making decisions in the Story mode, etc... to level up. As you clear levels in story mode, you can add attribute points to any stats based on how many levels you gained. Of course, the levels will reset after you beat the game, or if you were to get a game over.


     When it comes to the sounds for the game, it remains unchanged. Composed by Hideki Matsutake and Nazo Suzuki, the music in the game is a combination of electronically composed tracks with electric guitar and saxophones, which is in my opinion, rather unique. Here's a track from the game for you to hear (and by far one of my favorite tracks in the game):



     In terms of graphics, They did a really great job. the game has been reformatted from it's original scale to a 16:9 aspect ratio, thus expanding the playing field. The game offers both the classic and "remix" graphics mode, both of which runs in high definition with an updated user interface in both. With the remix graphics, they apply a hqx-like upscaling filter along with a pencil-shade effect on the sprites (which I think it's cool), true alpha blending, applies to the backgrounds bilinear filtering, and spells effects and character portraits are redrawn.

Final Words:

     All in all, I feel that this is definitely worth the money. It's a fun game to play with a friend locally, and also a blast if you can find a lot of people online to go into a 12-person battle to the death. Other that that, I give this game a verdict of BUY IT!!!

Final Verdict: BUY IT!

Leave your comments in the bottom, and don't be a Jimmy!

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First batch of Castlevania Harmony of Despair DLC arrives

By: Arthvader Sep 29, 2010 | 4 Comments

Yes, it finally arrived

Chapter 7: Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire has been released on  the XBL Marketplace. if you have the game, pick it up ASAP. costs 400 MSP. now if only they get the characters out by the end of the month. here's the link to the XBL Marketplace with Castlevania HD:

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This week on xbox live 5-29-12

By: Arthvader May 29, 2012 | 3 Comments

A list of what's coming to Xbox live this week.

I'm back with a list of what you can expect to see this week on Xbox Live:

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It's time for some Night Warriors action w/ Donovan in this segment of Arthvader Fights.

Welcome once again to another installment of Arthvader Fights. Today, We're going back to Darkstalkers Resurrection, but instead of Darkstalkers 3, I figured I switch things around and went to have matches in Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge. In the following five matches in this segment, I decided to use Donovan, who I decided to start learning as my first character in this game. I hope you enjoy watching these matches as much as I do in fighting in them.

These matches happened on 3-14-2013, uploaded on 3-15-2013:

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