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Old school Halo 2 pro sniper & star of the "Sniper Master 2" video from Halo 3, Big Merkle returns. Merkalicious86 shows off his skills with the beam rifle & dmr getting back to back triple kills.

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Packages to this event sold out instantly! But just what is #FyterFest ?!

What is this really?

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Crimson Relic

SSFIV Interview with Seth Killian

By: Crimson Relic Feb 26, 2010 | 1 Comments

A brand new interview with Seth Killian, answers some pretty good questions about Super Street Fighter 4.

First of all thank you for this great opportunity seth, i know you are a very busy man.

1- My first question will be about the state of SSF4 right now, how complete is the game at this stage?

Development on SSFIV has recently been completed.

2- How much did the game change since the latest fight club ?

Of course the three new SFIII fighters are big, but otherwise tweaks to the entire cast were ongoing up until the final build.  There aren’t radical changes to the characters you’ve seen already, although even small changes can be significant. Just as an example, Juri’s dodge (QCF away + P) causes her to fly in one of 3 directions if you attack her during the move.   In the builds we’ve shown so far, she absorbed the damage from the hit (as in a Focus Attack, or like Gouken’s counter move) before dodging.  This has been changed to allow her to dodge the hit without taking damage from the first hit.  That doesn’t make her a totally different character, but it does make the move a lot more viable, and changes her strategy a lot in certain situations.  Every change in the game has an impact.  

3- You guys have recently announced the 3s characters, a move that certainly pleased the sf3 purist, what was the reason behind including sf3 characters and what made you guys decide which 3 ?

The 3S characters were added based on a combination of their popularity with fans and their contributions to a diversity in fighting style.  Ibuki and Makoto have a pretty unique style, and while you could say “Dudley is also a boxer,” his playstyle is totally different from Balrog’s, so we were excited to add him as well.  He’s just cool.  

4- was it difficult to include these characters since they came from a game with a different play system?

I certainly thought it would be.  Integrating them turned out to be more a matter of subtle tweaks than a need to reinvent them, so I’m happy to say that their personalities came through very clearly.  3S fans should feel right at home, and they’ll probably rack up a lot of wins—Dudley, Makoto, and Ibuki are beasts.

5- A lot of people complained about Dudley’s english VA in ssf4, what does Capcom think about this?

I’m not involved with any of the voice recording work, and while 3S Dudley certainly has some of the games most memorable lines, all of the new voices in SSFIV grew on me pretty quickly.  After you’ve been playing it for a while, the characters just sound like themselves.  I find myself saying the new lines like “Keep it classy” a lot in casual conversation, even though pretty much nobody knows what I’m talking about.  

6- What can you tell us about the old SF4 characters, how different are they from sf4 in terms of balance?

The addition of 10 new characters, new moves, and two Ultras for everyone obviously has a giant impact on the overall balance, so in a lot of ways it’s apples and oranges.  There will definitely be some shakeups in the overall rankings from SFIV.  

7- Does that mean that all characters have been rebalanced or just some?

Every character in the game was rebalanced over the course of development.  You can’t think about balancing in terms of just some characters, as changes to any one affect their matchups against the entire cast.  In the end, some have wound up being very close to their SFIV incarnations, while others are pretty different, and some (like Chun Li) can play in a very different style just because of their new Ultra combo.  So while Chun Li didn’t get a ton of specific changes to her moves, if you’re up against a Chun Li playing Ultra #2 (Kikkosho), you have to play in a totally different way.

8- So Sagat is not going to be as dominating as he is now in sf4?

Sagat is still powerful—his techniques all still work, but I would say he’s going to face a lot of stiff competition from the returning cast and the newcomers.  While he has more options in Super SFIV than he did in Super, he also has more tough matchups, and his ability for massive comebacks isn’t as strong.  In SFIV, he could be essentially dominated for the entire match, and then make a huge comeback from one hit or even a trade.  In Super SFIV, he’ll need to play well the entire match to win consistently.

9- Are all characters receiving new moves in ssf4 or just a few ?

Apart from the new Ultra combos for everyone and the new characters, just a few returning characters got other new moves.  That said, changes to existing moves can also create a brand new role for an old move.  It’s easy to understand this just by looking at SFIV Ryu—he didn’t get any moves you haven’t seen in previous SF games, but you’d get killed if you tried to play him the same way you had in earlier games.

10- One major complain i see online is about the motions shortcuts and how they mess up some of the inputs and timing. Does SSF4 still has the input shortcuts and if so can we disable them in an option maybe?

We’ve discussed a change, but nothing has been altered yet.  We do know that input shortcuts have bothered a particular range of traditionalist players (which would include me) in some specific situations.  The intention with shortcuts was to make some of the difficult motions more accessible, so a good effect of the shortcuts is to help newbs and help to get more people playing, and it’s definitely easier to pull off these moves than it was in the older games.  On the other end of the spectrum, the very best players are able to play around the shortcuts and not let it affect their game.  For some people in between those guys, who have been playing for a long time and can pull off a shoryuken in their sleep, the shortcuts can sometimes cause trouble. The fate of shortcuts is still TBD.  

11- What is the possibility of SSF4 getting a patch balance post release?

We’re confident in the balancing work, but of course the competitive community of players will have the last word on the results.  A patch is possible, but we’re not planning on one apart from the free Tournament Mode DLC update.

12- One area that has not been discussed yet is the netcode. does SSF4 has the same netcode as sf4 or is a completely different code?

The backend has been reworked extensively, primarily to accommodate all the new online modes (player lobbies, tournaments, etc.), but it will function along the same core principles.  We have added a greater degree of control in your matchmaking preferences, so it’s easier to find the best quality connections when you’re online, and I think that will also make an important difference.  I don’t play online yet regularly (outside of our tests), but the reports from the press who have review copies (and play each other online) are that it’s gotten even better.

13- SSF4 has only 4 new different stages, and while they are all a welcomed addiiton to the game, i can’t help but feel that 4 stages are a low number. Could SSF4 be getting additional stages via DLC ? and is it technically possible?

There’s also a new version of Seth’s stage, so I’d put the number closer to 5, but I hear you.  I understand that players always want more of a good thing, but keep in mind that the team has been working extremely hard to complete the game on schedule.  Stages are important, but with all of the new modes, characters, balance, bonus stages, and more, there’s a lot to get done in order to make the Super SFIV package as great as we can make it.  Many of the core group rarely even leave their desks—the team has been working extremely hard so please understand that.  I’d also add that the new stages aren’t just new–they’re pretty great.  The African eclipse is my favorite SFIV stage ever. There are no plans for DLC stages right now, although we have tried to create the backend hooks to make changes.

14- speaking of DLC is capcom planning more DLC contents besides the announced free tournament mode and Alt Costumes?

The costumes and the free tournament mode are the only plans for additional content right now.  

15- One thing we have heard from Ono san, is that SF4 was not built to receive online updates and expansions and that was one reason why ssf4 is a stand alone game. Is SSF4 being built the same way or will it be possible for the title to be updated later on to become ssf4 hyper turbo remix via an online expansion  ?

This should be technically possible, though there are currently no plans for anything like that.

16- A welcomed addition to SSF4 is the re-done animated prologues and endings by studio gonzo. will the old animated sequences done by studio 4C for sf4 still be included on the ssf4 disc ?

All the animated sequences have been redone.  It’s a new story, so the SFIV sequences are meant for the SFIV story, and the new SSFIV sequences tell the Super story.

17- Will there be an option this time around to play all prologues and endings in a sequence rather than clicking on each one by itself?

Interesting idea.  I’ve actually been playing the game itself so much that I don’t know off-hand, but not that I recall.

18- Xbox 360 owners in Japan will be treated to a downloadable SSF4 anime movie focusing on Juri, will we get that same movie in NA and EU, and if so, is it going to be exclusive to xbox 360 as well?

The X360 exclusivity is only for the Japanese territory. There hasn’t been a decision made yet on how the anime movie will be used outside of Japan.

19- Since the box art for SSF4 has been revealed, a large number of fans (including me) have requested the boxart to be changed and match the excellent Japanese boxart. Knowing that this happened with sf4, can we expect Capcom to listen to us fanboys one more time ?

The marketing department certainly spent a lot of time looking at all the feedback.  We’ll see shortly which direction they take as a result, but rest assured that they’re aware of the reaction.  

20- SF4 will be making its way to the portable realm by having an iphone port. what are the chances of a future sf4 or ssf4 psp version ?

If it were solely up to the team, I’m sure SFIV would be on every platform imaginable.  Those kinds of decisions are made by the strategy group, however, which has to take into account the port dev costs and time investment vs likely profits.

21- Last question, we were told on several occasions that people who kept their sf4 copy will be treated to a bonus when they purchase SSF4, can we get a hint on what this bonus might be?

The marketing team would probably kill me for letting that out of the bag, but I’ll say it looks pretty cool.  

Thank you Seth.  



Goukijones, BatRastered, Choke, and FnJimmy talk about DLC for AE and BF3, already being at the first temple on Skyward Sword and the WWE12 debacle.

BatRastered is playing SSFIVAE2012, FnJimmy is already at the first temple in Skyward Sword and BF3 continues to be the game of choice during PWNfest wednesdays.

Download MP3

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Story Image

Oni and Akuma-My Mains In Arcade Edition

By: starlordtitus Jun 8, 2011 | 5 Comments

Arcade Edition is out and everyone has chosen their character. This explains why I decided to stick with Akuma but make Oni my main.

We all waited anxiously for Arcade Edition only just yesterday night. I myself caught the wind late about the east coast getting the download until 5am and was expecting to just come out until 12am xD I basically just went to sleep. But some hours later I woke up at 8am (mainly because I was too excited to sleep) and made the download. My brother who mainly plays with me was up, took his shower, and was ready to play and test out Evil Ryu. We went to VS mode and then Training. We immediately noticed the incredible fun of playing with Oni and Evil Ryu. My brother who was used to playing Ryu suddenly felt more like he was more powerful because he pull out 3 hit red fireball without having to Ex it. He was able to narrowly dodge a devastating Ultra when he teleported out of the way.THIS was the Ryu he was hoping for, a powerfully epic looking Ryu that could do things like Akuma, his dreaded adversary that I kept using haha



But soon my brother disovered he would need a defense that would rival his offense Evil Ryu clearly had far less health than Ryu. It was at that point that I was beginning to the enjoy the extra health that Oni had as compared to Akuma. Having played Akuma for so long, mastering the Vortex and agressively chasing down opponents while watching my health all the time was sometimes stressful. I wanted to play smart but I also wanted to just get in and wreak havoc and to a degree, Oni's extra health allows me to do it. Along the fact that both Oni and Evil sound and look like epic gods, their unique move sets  make them fun as hell! I was immeditely in tuned to Oni from that point on. Now, it's true that Yun and Yang  are respectively powerful characters themselves, as there will most like likely be a lot of Fei Longs and Yuns at tournaments, but I what I want to do is not be another player that uses a hight tier character for the sake of winning, I did that once a long time ago with Sagat in vanilla (was fun by the way xD). No, I want to the player known as the Oni player! I've always had a high affinity for suggested powerfully characters in games and animes, but with video games and their balances those characters are not always represented to be as strong as the story suggests. Therefore, I'm taking Oni to the top. That is my goal as tourny player, no matter the hardship, it is my achievement to unlock.

As such, to really be an Oni player, I've decided to mack out in the fashion. Fight stick, t-shirt with Oni's Raging Demon symbol on the back, etc. Here is the theme song of Oni.

Here is a video of a decent Oni player, one I plan to surpass. While the end of the video is not to my liking, the first 85% of the video shows just how EPIC Oni can be. And when I go to CEO and EVO in the upcoming years, I want to hear in the crowd "GAAAAADAAAMN ONI IS GODLIKE" That would make my dream come true :)

Community Video

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Stahl Arms Multiplayer video revealed for Killzone 3

By: iorilamia Mar 2, 2011 | 8 Comments

New gameplay footage from upcoming DLC!

In my earlier story ,(click link for level details) Killzone 3 will have a new map pack called Steel Rain. It features 2 maps, Stahl Arms and The Junkyard. After releasing a video for Junkyard last week they now give us a video for Stahl Arms! Check out the video below and leave a comment on what you think! I'm loving these 2 levels, and for $5 im definately getting the map pack.



Video Uploaded by




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Mortal Kombat: The Name is Cage, Johnny Cage!

By: Cinderkin Dec 18, 2010 | 9 Comments

Wanna know how the Mortal Kombat Development Team feels about Johnny Cage? Well check out this awesome video clip.

Those were $5000 sunglasses asshole! By the way, Johnny Cage has the best Win Pose EVER!


Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy.

Recorded LIVE from GameWorks in Las Vegas, NV. Hosted by Stream by 5thDimension

Brackets & Rankings

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Story Image

Podcast #100 spectacular preview

By: BatRastered Oct 11, 2013 | 0 Comments | Updated: Oct 12, 2013

A preview of tonight's podcast.

The rundown, subject to change.

Podcast #100 Oct 11, 2013 100 episodes
BF4 open beta weekend.
Borderlands $100k loot hunt
HitBox tournament
FFXIV update, patch coming

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Community Review

grey walrus

Review: Adventure Island

By: grey walrus Feb 12, 2011 | 8 Comments

I got to thinking about that story that somebody posted a while back asking what our first gaming addiction was. I answered Spyro the dragon, but quickly realized I was wrong.

This was my first gaming addiction, and I decided to review it even though probably none of you guys have every played it or ever will. 


Let's start with the box-art.


Just look at this. How awesome does this game look? When I was a kid I would look at the cartridge see this, and have no hesitation in popping that sucker in. And as is the case in a lot of NES games the only story you're going to get from this game is either from the box-art or from the instruction manual. You play as this little guy with a tomahawk on a quest to save your beloved from...some crazy dinosaur thing. 


Music/Sound effects: Back in the days of the NES we didn't quite have the fully orchestrated music that we have in games today, but we had some 8-bit goodness. This game is no exception. I love all of the music in this game. (What I heard of it at least) The title screen and the first stage being the most memorable for me. 



Gameplay: Adventure Island is a pretty typical platformer. You just keep running to the right dodging/defeating enemies and obstacles until you can't possbly run anymore. Instead of a health bar you have a hunger bar. You gradually get hungrier and hungrier as you continue through the level or trip over rocks. To prevent starving to death you collect various pieces of fruits such as apples, bananas, and melons. Much like the origianal mario bros, the gameplay is extremely addicting. 



Graphics: Being a game from the NES the graphics in Adventure Island are nothing to write back home about now, but back in the day I thought they looked pretty good. Better than Mario Bros. With a game this outdated in such a department I don't really have much to say. Some people don't like sprites at all some people can't stand anything even slightly out-dated. In my opinon the graphics are still good for the game that they represent. 


Difficulty: Unfortunately the screen depicted above is one that I never got to see. This game is ball bustingly hard. I only ever managed to beat the first or second boss. I'm not even too sure how many there are. I challenge everyone here to get to the end of this game. That being said though this game has tons of replayability. I still come back to it from time to time to see how much I've improved. If you've never played it and happen upon a copy of it. Check it out. 

Final Verdict:  BUY IT! This is one of my favorite NES games of all time, and never leaves me dissapointed. even if I've never beaten it. 


Story Image

The Redemption FnJimmy VS GoukiJones FT5 SF4

By: goukijones Mar 24, 2013 | 2 Comments

#FMIWT Can FnJimmy redeem himself after such a devastating loss last week?

The ultimate grudge match is FnJimmy Vs GoukiJones. It has been so for almost 20 years. Don't be a Jimmy! ;-)

Vote, comment & share. Thanks for watching. 

Battlefield 4 is half off, plus save 3 whole dollars on SimCity DLC.

Pro tip, visit to get a $10 coupon first.

Then visit the Origin store and take advantage of their black friday deals Jimmy!

Battlefield 4 for $29 or $35 for the deluxe version (one free DLC and some bonus outfits).

Dragon Age: Origins for $5

FIFA 14 for $28

NFS: Rivals for $35

Take 10 more bucks off of one of those if you use that coupon too! #dealsjimmy

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