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Bungie looking for beta testers doesn't say exactly what for, but who knows what the future holds for Bungie and Activision. You better sign up Jimmy.

Bungietweets just dropped this "bombshell" out of nowhere. Personally I don't know what title it could be for. They haven't even announced anything. Maybe it's for future Halo Reach map packs or gametypes. Or maybe it's that new MMO they're working on with Activision (officially unannounced.) Anyway here's the tweet and here's the link to the page with the instructions to make sure you are signed up for Bungie's next beta test. Thanks for reading. Don't be a Jimmy.

It seems always that Nintendo may sacrifice graphics for what is actually happening in the game. I don't even know if that makes any sense. Check out this trailer for Tank! Tank! Tank! and tell me what you think.

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Backwards & then forwards. 150cc. Which 1 of us couldn't make it thru the night? Who will come out on top? Guess what ... it's not FnJimmy!

Final Score:

GoukiJones: 47

Choke: 46

CoryO: 37

BatRastered: 36

FnJimmy: 13

Thanks for watching. 

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Arthvader Previews: Street Fighter X Tekken

By: Arthvader Sep 26, 2011 | 3 Comments

My preview for Street Fighter X Tekken. Here are my reasons why I think this game will rock.

With Street Fighter X Tekken getting better with new info being brought up, I could say that I'm getting all hyped up for this. Let's look at what has been revealed thus far.



I don't know what the story is about, but it seems to involve a mysterious meteor that has crashed landed in the Antarctic. Hidden within this meteorite is a strange, but mysterious box-shaped objet called "Pandora", which it is beyond human comprehension. It cannot be opened by any conventional means, but when it detects violent confrontations, it'll give off a strong response.



One good thing about this game is that it's going to feel similar  to that of Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. There will be new game mechanics added. Here's what they are:

  • This game will have a fast-paced tag-team fighting system.
  • By borrowing the concept of Tekken Tag Tournament, if one character of a team is KO'd, the round is then over. Also, unlike Tekken Tag Tournament, characters won't be recovering life while in the sidelines.
  • A three-tier super meter. it'll cost 2 meters to use Supers while it'll cost 1 meter to do Tag Cancels and EX moves.
  • Tag Cancels can be used to switch out characters while in a combo, or to get an injured fighter out of harms way. It can also be used while laying on the ground to avoid wake-up attacks and to tag a fresh player in.
  • Cross Arts: a move that allows for both members of the team to pull off both their supers.
  • Cross Assault: dubbed SfXT's "Centerpiece", This will allow both team members to be on screen at the same time, allowing for crazy custom combos.


Here's a video showing the mechanics in action:


including all what you see in the video, at TGS, the following modes and mechanics were added in this game:

  • 2-on-2 dual battle: allows four players to participate in 2-on-2 battles.
  • Scramble: a 2-on-2 battle mode in which all four characters are on the screen at the same time.
  • Briefing Room: you can call this an online training mode, where you and a friend can practice moves and combos together, whether it's against each other, or as a team.
  • Pandora: a new game mechanic in which it sacrifices your partner in battle for a short, but powerful boost. Players can activate Pandora when one of the characters on the team is below 25% health, and pressing "down, down, MP+MK". While in Pandora mode, the cross gauge will be filled to maximum capacity, allowing the player to use Supers and EX moves infinitely. There is a catch, however: if the player dosen't defeat the opponent within the time limit, that player will instantly lose the round. As Seth Killian would say it: "It's not a comback mechanic, but rather a unholy high-stakes gamble."
  • Gem System: a new mechanic in which players game give their characters different attributes by setting up gems prior to the battle. So, let's say we have two ryu players. they might use the same character, but based on what gems they set up, you can have two totally different gameplay styles.



I kinda enjoyed some of the music that is currently heard through the trailers and gameplay footages so far. I recognized two of Heihachi's theme remixed in different levels, which I thought was cool. the Cross Arts theme is cool as well, depending on who does the Cross Art. Let's hope for some more good tracks to be added in.




The graphics look good for this game. It's going to use the same graphics engine used in both Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. This gives Capcom a chance to give the Tekken characters to be re-imagined in SFIV's highly acclaimed art style, all while having their unique characteristics intact.


Aside from the characters, the stages in this game looks awesome as well. not only that, you'll have various cameo appearances of characters from both capcom and namco franchises in the background.


Final Verdict HYPED!!!!!


Before I go, here's some recorded footage from Capcom Unity during a live streaming event back in August:





Leave your comments in the bottom, and Don't be a Jimmy!!!! GET HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Check my other previews:

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Nintendo's stock has dropped

By: DragonKiss83 Jun 9, 2011 | 5 Comments

E3 just hurt Nintendo


So here's how it goes.  Nintendo shows us the Wii U, the next day thier stock drops 5 percent.  The next day it drops another 5 percent.  For those of you who struggle with math that's a 10 percent drop in just 2 days.  The stock hasn't been this low since before the Wii 5 years ago.  

I personally lost faith in nintendo when they made the N64, I hated that thing.  I got my start with games back on the NES and still love it.  Then the SNES had some incredible games.  But the N64 had a control that I didn't like and a ton of kids games.  So I became a Sony guy.  But they still own the rights to some great characters.  So for years I've joked that they need to just stick to games and forget these consoles that I'm not a fan of.  But I'ld rather have to play a Wii than lose the characters completely.

And I am sure that investors were looking for something big out of E3, but the Wii U just wasn't what they wanted.  This doesn't really hurt the company but it might serve as a wake-up call.  The 3DS has not done anywhere near as well as they expected.  What do you think about this?  Is there someway for Nintendo to win you back?  Or are you not bothered by any of this?


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3DS Blow out! A handheld preview

By: reipuerto Jan 11, 2011 | 11 Comments

The 3DS is a beast!!

What up you Jimmies? Rei here with your Nintendo news! Any news! So listen, read, up!

First thing first, this will change the way we handheld games(both better and worse lol)! The 3DS will have eight games at the launch, in Japan, and here they are with their yen value and my assumtion value of it;

Nintendogs & Cats ¥4,800 (+$50)

Winning Eleven Soccer 3D ¥5,800 (+$60)

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ¥4,800 (+$50)

Samurai Warriors: Chronicle ¥6,090 (+$65)

Puzzle Bobble 3D ¥4,980 (+$55)

Ridge Racer 3D ¥6,090 (+$65)

Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs 3D ¥5,040 (+$52)

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle ¥5,980 (+$62)

And what a line up! Ridge Racer 3D and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition will be my pick. So you might be asking, "Jimmy! How much ya nub?!" Well, with no pinpoint price, I'm calling it at $250. Yup.

But let's be realistic. The Yen is stronger than the dollar, so those games would really cost between $30 and $40. And with the system at your hands, you can play a max of 8hrs with no 3D on and low light.... But it's "3D" so around 4hrs max. Not bad but could've been WWWAAAYYYY better. Just take a look at both Resident Evil: The Mercenaries and Dead or Alive Dimension respectfully;

With graphic that look GREAT on a handheld, this little monster will be a force to be dealt with! Just watch this small preview of their expected line up!

The 3DS will also have eight, 8, gigs of cartridge! That's more than SIX, 6, times the amount of umd from the PSP(1.8gigs)! Oh yeah! Graphics and gameplay in the palm of your hand!
if you don't like those choices of games, you can download old classic game too! Just like that dusty Wii you have being used as a night stand, it can download games from the Gameboy and Gameboy Color catalog! That way, you can see how far we have came....

Take a look at some sexy pictures too!

So, are you guys excited too? Let us know, down below!

Breaking News: PlayStation 3 Online Patch Deployed. XBOX 360 Patch No Longer Scheduled for Release

From Konami:

PlayStation 3 Online Patch Deployed. XBOX 360 Patch No Longer Scheduled for Release

Today, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced that while a PlayStation®3 online title update for Silent Hill HD Collection has been deployed for download via PlayStation®Network, plans for an XBOX®360 title update have been cancelled due to technical issues and resources.

Understanding the issues some users are experiencing, KONAMI issued a title update for Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3), which fixed frame rate issues as well as audio-synching and other reported issues. KONAMI apologizes to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the XBOX 360 sku.

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Mass Effect 3 delayed until 2012

By: BatRastered May 5, 2011 | 7 Comments

According to ME3's Facebook page, don't expect ME3 until the first quarter of 2012

We're still a month from E3, but already we've got our first major release date "adjustment" of the season. I fully expect to see a   few more of these "TBA 2011" games slip into next year. This is a little dissapointing, but the last Mass Effect slipped into January too, so not entirely unexpected.


Well I haven't played Halo in a week or so. You can thank most of that to Sim City. Hell I was even on the Halo Wars for a few hours last week. I'll be back on the Halo for sure in April when the Castle Map Pack is released.

I still love the Halo, don't get me wrong. I just love the Sim City a lot more right now, plus, I've been playing the Sim City since I was like 5 years old. I gotta check my Halo stats. >.>

Thanks for watching. Vote, comment & share. Don't be a Jimmy!

It might not be until 2013 or something, but Bethesda may have begun or is just getting started on a Fallout MMO. Read this press release about the lawsuit.

This just came over from Bethesda and I thought you Jimmys might like to read it. This letter is pretty interesting, it describes a lot of the lawsuit and turmoil over a Fallout MMO. Good news is that Bethesda owns ALL of the rights now and they can make one if they want.

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Let me ramble about a game I totally blew up for 80+ hours and then 1 day, totally forgot about it.

Fast travel ruined the game for me. I found no sense of adventure or journey when I could just warp to wherever I wanted to go. Granted there's some adventuring out, but you're never too far from any civilization and if you're on a house or a rock, you're unstoppable. Without fast travel though, you'd be doing a lot of walking. Hey, then at least it would feel as massive as it looks.

The graphics are just fine. Pretty solid draw rate and there could be a lot of magical explosions and dragon fire breath happening on the screen at the same time. The Xbox 360 has peaked for sure.

The leveling up is one of the my favorite things about Skyrim. I think it is a brilliant system. You need to level up individual stats to level up overall. Lockpicking, archery, enchanting, there's like 20 different minor classes you can level. Each one of those classes has different perks you can level up. I leveled up one handed weapons, duel wielding style. I would murder stuff. That got boring. Magic seems to be the most difficult to start to level, but high level stuff is PWNn.

I started the game on normal and that may have been the major contributing reason to why I didn't enjoy the Skyrim. Dragons didn't stand a chance against my companion and whatever random animal I would take control of in the area. I could just watch. My character was way over powered after level 10. I don't know how much different it would have been on the next higher difficulty, but I wonder. I probably would have just had to play a little slower. Speaking of trying to slowdown my gameplay, there were times where I stopped leveling up. When I finally did it at one point, just to get my health bars replenished, I went up 4 levels. I also leveled my smithing to 100, just to make dragon armor. Then I didn't even wear it because it slowed me down and made a lot of noise. My Jimmy ass companion had the sweetest armor now.

There's a ton of stuff to do in Skyrim and you can walk into any direction you like to find adventure. Then you can just warp back. Enjoy the load screens. What killed the Skyrim for me was when the patch was released recently that said it was going to fix all sorts of things. I never installed Skyrim to the HDD because everyone said it would crash more if it was. I read the patch would fix things, like the draw rate, the dragons not decomposing or passing souls. I never had any of those issues, UNTIL after I installed the game and downloaded the patch. I've got a huge problem with these major game companies that don't test game properly, that don't have servers prepped for the public, that can't patch their games correctly and immediately. I give Skyrim a Rent it!



Serious Sam 3: BFE launch trailer

By: BatRastered Nov 22, 2011 | 3 Comments

This video shows a game that looks like what a modern day Duke Nukem should've looked like. It's PC only though, so console shooter fans will be disappointed.

Serious Sam 3: BFE is available now on Steam.

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