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Straight up jacked from Konami twitter:

KONAMI and Marvel Reach into the Retro Vault and Revive the Classic Side-Scrolling Arcade Brawler Just in Time for the Holiday Season

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., and Marvel Entertainment announced today that X-Men Arcade is coming to PlayStation®Network and Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft this year. Developed by Backbone Entertainment, this first ever home version of the popular 1992 cabinet arcade classic allows players to join their favorite X-Men characters in what is widely considered their first great video game appearance.

In X-Men Arcade, Cyclops, Colossus, Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Storm and Wolverine unite to use their special powers to save mankind from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and other terrible threats. Players will have to fight off hundreds of Sentinels, along with Super Villains such as Pyro, the Blob, Wendigo, Nimrod, the White Queen, Juggernaut and Mystique, as they battle their way to Island M to take down the Master of Magnetism, Magneto, and save Kitty Pryde and Professor Xavier.

X-Men Arcade brings the fun and excitement of the hit arcade game to next-generation consoles as players can engage in multiplayer action with 1-4 players supported locally and 1-6 players supported online. Online Drop-in multiplayer is activated, allowing anyone to jump in on the battle at any time. High-definition heads-up displays, menus and local/online leaderboards have also been integrated to track statistics and scores.

Players will be able to select the Custom Match Mode that will allow them to choose the kind of session they would like to join by setting the amount of players, difficulty and what level to start in to create a truly unique online experience. Players will also have the ability to select the Create Match Mode where they can establish themselves as the host and have the ability to control incoming players, number of players, difficulty setting, and starting level to have complete veto power over the match. For players looking for the ultimate X-Men challenge, multiple difficulty modes will also be available.

"Just like with our comics, Marvel has a rich history of great video games, and we're happy to play our part with Konami in reintroducing this classic to fans of all ages," said Seth Lehman, Vice President of Digital Licensing for Marvel. "Fans have been clamoring for X-Men Arcade to hit consoles for 18 years now, and we're confident they'll find this re-release was worth the wait. The game looks and plays exactly like we remember it - all without the added worries of being low on quarters when you're closing in on Magneto."

X-Men Arcade is slated to release in Fall 2010 for the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade. For assets and information on the game, please visit:

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Street Fighter IV: AE 2012 beta changes

By: BatRastered Sep 22, 2011 | 7 Comments

After the initial Alpha test, Capcom introduced more changes for the Beta which is now in location testing. Here's a (long) list of all the changes they made in between.

[Hadouken]: Damage has been increased from 60->70. Chip damage remains the same at 15.
[H. Shoryuken]: Changed to be a 1 hit move, from the previous 2 hits. Start up is 3F. A deep hit (from active 1F to 2F) deals 160 damage, a shallow hit (from active 3F and up) deals 60 damage. First 4F from startup are invincible. Also [H.Shoryuken] cannot be EX Focus Canceled anymore, regardless of hit or block, so the risk and reward has been increased.

[cr.HK]: Startup changed from 7F->8F. So [far LP] -> [far MP] -> [cr.HK] combo string will no longer work.
[far HK]: Startup changed from 12F->11F, recovery from 21F->18F. On hit it now gives +1F, and on block -3F. 
[Thunder Kick] (f+HK): Entire frame length of the feint version shortened from 27F->24F.

[EX Hyakuretsukyaku]: Distance the move covers until hit detection has been increased. Tough combos should be easier to connect with now.
[close HP]: Causes additional 1F guard stun on opponent. Push back distance from a hit has been decreased by about half. So [close HP] -> [H. Spinning Bird Kick] combo is now possible (290 damage, 400 stun). 
[H. Spinning Bird Kick]: Damage and stun adjusted to 200.
[Tenkukyaku] (MK during Kintekishu): Hit box enlarged downwards so it is easier to hit crouching opponents. 

[H. Hundred Hand Slap]: Hit box towards the end has been increased, allowing for easier full combo hits off a [cr.LP]. 
[EX Oicho Throw]: Stun damage increased from 100->150.
[Orochi Breaker]: Command has been simplified so it will be easier to use from now on.

[EX Vertical Roll]: Now causes knockdown on hit. However on block, Blanka will now land even closer to the opponent so the risk is greater.

[far HP]: Deals knockdown damage on hit.

[Flash Kick]: Deep hit now deals an additional +10 damage across the board: light 110, medium 130, heavy 140 damage. 
[Sonic Hurricane]: Damage distribution has been changed from the existing 150+15*4+90 to 90+30*4+90. Total damage has not changed, but [Flash Kick] -> [Sonic Hurricane] combo now does an additional 50 damage or so.
[Reverse Spin Kick]: Causes additional 1F of hit stun, leading to a total of +5F on hit.

[LP]: Causes additional 1F of hit stun, leading to a total of +2F on hit. So [LP] -> [EX Yoga Flame] combo now works.
[Yoga Blast]: On hit, light and medium version recovery has been reduced by 10F, heavy version recovery has been reduced by 5F. 

[Dirty Bull]: Command has been simplified so it will be easier to use from now on.

[Bloody High Claw]: Hit properties have been adjusted. For example, the Ultra will now combo properly after a [Cosmic Heel] (df+HK).
[EX Sky High Claw]: Hit box has been enlarged downwards, making it easier to connect the whole thing.

[cr.MP]: Hit box has been enlarged towards Sagat’s base, fixing a problem that caused it to whiff against certain crouching opponents.

[HK]: Damage from a shallow hit increased from 80->90.

[Air Burning Kick]: Damage reduced from 100->90.

[Big Bang Typhoon]: Adjusted move properties so that opponents won’t drop out early after an air hit.
[Target Combo]: Hit box of the 2nd hit has been enlarged downwards, making it easier to hit crouching opponents.
[EX Galactic Tornado]: Opponents who are hit by the suction part of the move now gain an additional 7F of stun. It will consume a lot of meter, but by performing an [EX Focus Cancel] afterwards, Rufus will now be at a maximum +8F. This will allow for new combo opportunities. 

El Fuerte
[EX Guacamole Leg Throw]: El Fuerte’s stun after landing has been reduced by 3F, making it 10F total.

[Breathless]: Removed throw invincibility from the lunge to hit detection period. It still has throw invincibility from startup to lunge period.

[Shoryuken]: Excluding the EX version, when the 2nd hit is blocked, opponent guard stun has been reduced by 2F. Seth is now -3F when doing [Shoryuken (2nd hit blocked)] -> [EX Focus Cancel] -> [Forward Dash].

No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

[Sakotsukudaki] (f+MP): Hit box enlarged downwards, active frames changed to 4F. Hit stop and guard stop time has been changed from medium attack length to heavy attack length. Hittable area has been reduced, making it easier to dodge crouching attacks.
[Forbidden Shoryuken]: Startup greatly reduced from 11F->3F, which makes it easier to combo and counterattack with.
[far MP]: Deals additional 1F of hit stun, and is now special/super cancelable. Thus [far MP] -> [M. Senkugoshoha] combo is now possible.
[far HP]: Active hit frames changed from 3F->5F.
[close HK]: Active hit frames of first part changed from 2F->5F.
[Denjin Hadouken]: Lever rotations needed to speed up the move have been reduced.

[Quick Spin Knuckle]: Push back distance on block has been reduced, and follow ups from Cammy such as [cr.LK], etc, are now considered to be a true block string.

Fei Long
[Engekishu] (f+HK): 2nd hit is now super cancelable; however total move damage has been decreased from 150->130.

[Sakura Otoshi]: Changed difficulty of command input, and adjusted it so that the move will not come out from button releases.

[EX Soul Reflect]: Move is invincible to projectiles until frame 7, and shot reflection occurs from frame 5. This makes it easier to instantly reflect projectiles. 
[Soul Satellite]: Fixed a glitch that caused the EX version to come out when doing the command input and holding up-left on the controller.

[EX Jyasen]: Opponent stun is +1F if the hit right before the last hit connects. Thus [FADC] afterwards gives Gen a max +8F. 
[Lv1 Focus Attack]: Properties have been changed based on which stance Gen is in.
    •    [Mantis Style]: Forward dash after a hit gives even frames to both players.
    •    [Crane Style]: Forward dash after a block gives even frames to both players.
[EX Oga]: Damage increased from 100->150. Variation of the move [Far Kick] during EX is now faster, and a hit allows for further combo opportunities.
[Crane Style cr.MK]: Now +1F on hit, -1F on block. Hittable area has been reduced.

No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

[EX Condor Dive]: On hit, the move retains projectile invincibility until end of recovery.
[Heavy Shoulder] (d+MP): Can now be done from a vertical jump.
[Condor Spire]: Simplified command has been changed back to what it is in the current SSFIV AE.
[Raging Slash]: Command has been simplified further, so it is easier to execute now.

Dee Jay
[close HK]: If the first hit connects it forces the opponent to stand, and the 2nd hit is now super cancelable. Move is now -2F on block.

[Wall Jump]: Can now attack earlier after the initial jump off the wall.
[Bushin Hasoken]: Hit box on the last part is enlarged, making it easier to connect the full Super Combo. 
[Bushin Muso Renge]: Command has been simplified further, so it is easier to execute now.

No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

[Bonsho Kick]: Push back distance after hit has been reduced, and on counter-hit it is easier to follow up with combos.
[Yoroitoshi]: Command has been simplified further, so it is easier to execute now.

No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

[Jet Upper]: Startup of light and medium versions changed from 6F to 5F, heavy version changed from 4F to 3F.
[Short Swing Blow]: On hit, medium and heavy versions do additional 2F of hit stun, giving Dudley +2F total.
[Ducking Upper]: Startup changed back to what it is in existing SSFIV AE.
[cr.MK]: Startup changed from 10F->8F and active frames lengthened from 5F->6F, making it a better poking tool.
[Rolling Thunder]: First hit will not connect against airborne opponents, but from 2nd hit onwards there is additional hit detection against airborne opponents.

[Jaguar Kick]: Hittable area of light and medium versions has been enlarged. Hittable area of heavy version remains the same, but damage has been reduced from 140->130.
[close MK]: Properties have been changed back to what it is in existing SSFIV AE.

No additional changes since the “SSFIV AE Ver.2012 Alpha” location test.

[Senpusha]: Hit stun has been adjusted so [FADC] after light version gives +6F on the first hit, +3F on the second. Medium and heavy versions gives +6F for either hit, and EX gives +3F on first hit and +8F on second hit. 
[close MP]: Startup changed from 5F->3F, making it easier to connect combos up close.

[Zenpo Tenshin]: Startup of light, medium, heavy versions changed from 11F->10F.
[LK]: Block stun increased by 1F, giving total +2 on block.
[Target Combo 3]: 2nd hit is now super cancelable.

[EX Tourou Zan]: Will not come out on button releases.
[Byakko Soshouda]: Only during [Seiei Enbu], total move frames have been changed back to what they are in the current SSFIV AE.
[Target Combo 3]: 3rd hit is now causes knockdown, and is super cancelable.
[Back Step]: Special cancel timing towards the end is changed from frame 24 to frame 26. 

Evil Ryu
[cr.HK]: Startup changed from 6F->7F, damage from 90->100, active frames from 2F->3F.
[H. Shoryuken]: First hit damage changed from 90->100, for a total of 160.

[Air Hadou Dash]: Can now be canceled into Ultra Combo I [Metsu Gouzanku] on hit or block.
[L. or H. Air Hadou Dash]: Hit box size has been enlarged. 
[EX Air Tatsumaki Zankukyaku]: Falling trajectory changed to become vertical when canceled from [L. or M. Air Hadou Dash]. Damage changed to 140, stun to 200, and move is now only 1 hit. 
[Air Raging Demon]: Modified so that it will only hit airborne opponents, and can be used in combos. Damage has been reduced from 370->320. Normal [Raging Demon] is still a throw.
[M. Demon Slash]: Active projectile invincibility frames increased from 16F->19F. 

Some Spanish website got some info from some German magazine about a new Sim City. These images are amazing. We'll know more hopefully with an official announcement at GDC.

My history with Sim City. It was one of first PC games I ever remember playing back in school. That and Camren San Diego. I hated that shit. I was always on the other side of the planet from her and Jimmys were mocking me. Anyway, building cities. I love to build stuff. I still play Sim City 4. Rush Hour. I was worried that there would never be another Sim City. One, because EA loves to butcher everything. Maxis is still alive, don't worry and these new images show something amazing. 

Outstanding isn't it? Make sure you HYPE up Sim City V in the catalog. I did.

If you want more information, check out the story source and use the Google Translate. Don't be a Jimmy!

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XBLA DOTW: Tower Defense games!

By: genxsis83 Jan 10, 2012 | 3 Comments

Great deals this week on xbox live for Gold Members.

Strategy fans will be pleased to hear that Deal of the Week this week, January 10-16, includes up to 50% off some of the top Tower Defense games available on XBLA:
Defense Grid – was 800 MSP, now 400 MSP
Orcs Must Die! – was 1200 MSP, now 600 MSP
Dungeon Defenders – was 1200 MSP, now 800 MSP
South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! – was 800 MSP, now 400 MSP
Definitely recommend Dungeon Defenders!!
I will be picking up Orcs Must Die!!!

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Worst Games #1

By: jalexbrown Sep 23, 2009 | 10 Comments

I'm going to do a new editorial segment called Worst Games, which is me ranting about some of the worst games I've ever played. Each article will cover a game and tell why I hated it so much.

So when I decided that I wanted to do this Worst Games series of articles, I had to rummage through all the games I've played and decide which games I think were the absolute worst ones.  Now, for the first segment, I thought I'd start with a game that I really have a hard time saying I can't stand, because it comes from one of my all-time favorite franchises.

I'm a Final Fantasy nerd; I own almost every Final Fantasy game made to date, and if there's a black sheep in the franchise, it's Final Fantasy X-2.  The casual fans may not know what I'm talking about, but I think the more dedicated Final Fantasy fans already know why I hate this game so much.

It starts with Final Fantasy X.  I enjoyed Final Fantasy X; it wasn't one of the best in the series, but it was a respectable title nonetheless.  The story dragged on in places, but the overall experience wasn't bad at all.  In other words, it didn't need a direct sequel.  Square-Enix, however, decided that it did need a sequel, so we got Final Fantasy X-2.  When you pop this game in the first time, you're greeted with what could perhaps be the most cheesy, most annoying opening sequence Square has ever delivered.  Picture Yuna, Rikku, and a new girl named Payne as three wanna-be Britney Spears singers, and you've got the opening sequence.  I'm not making that up; I really, really wish I was, though.

I've got to be honest; the concept alone made me not play too much of this game.  Maybe the gameplay is great, but the concept is too damn stupid for me to feel compelled to play it.  I do know the game is more open-ended and non-linear.  What stupid designer thought Final Fantasy needed to be open-ended?  C'mon...when I'm playing Final Fantasy, I want to be compelled by the story to the point that I don't mind it being linear.  If the story is so terrible that they had to open up the gameplay to make it compelling...well, that says something bad about it.

Oh yeah...and did I mention that Yuna has guns now?  How did it happen that the most powerful summoner in Final Fantasy X end up needed freaking guns in X-2?  She's a summoner for pete's sake; she doesn't need guns!

Anyways, my animosity towards this game is starting to show, so I guess I'll wrap it up.  The concept sucks, Square decided to jack the great Final Fantasy gameplay all around to make the game open ended, and...well...the game stars not one, not two, but three chicks.  Not trying to be sexist, but there doesn't seem to be a decision in this game that was good.

I don't think there was gameplay shown, but it could look like the cartoon with FF3 style fighting. No clue though. Still this could be fun. Hopefully somebody is taking this serious.

Inside the GameWorks restaurant on the Main Stage.

So don't worry, same deal as before.  6-11PM inside GameWorks in Town Square Las Vegas, NV.  Now, we will be in the restaurant along side people eating dinner.  We will definitely be the main attraction starting next week.

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Explore the systems you'll use to build exactly the character you want to play as you explore Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online

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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown releasing on June 6th for XBLA

By: genxsis83 May 15, 2012 | 5 Comments

Long anticipated highly skilled fighter finally coming to XBLA and PSN

I have been waiting for this.  I have been a fan of the Virtua Fighter series in the past but since it got

highly technical I have been out of the loop.  A fairly decent price and easy digital download might

be just enough for me to get back in ^^


Anyone else hyped about this?

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Mario Kart 8 Highlights: November 2014

By: Arthvader Apr 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

A series of 6 Highlight videos from November 2014 (During the time of the 1st DLC pack)

Hello, and welcome back to my Mario Kart 8 Highlights segment. With the new DLC pack recently released, I've decided to share 6 highlights during the time the first DLC pack was out during the month of November. I hope you do enjoy these.

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ModNation Racers check my stats

By: goukijones May 25, 2010 | 3 Comments

I'm racing like the beta just ended yesterday. I'm officially starting the racing group. Go to my profile to get my PSN ID.

I couldn't get this game out of the package fast enough. First of all I got it @bestbuy for $26.74. Stolen! How? You are asking yourself right now. Well I had $35 in coupons from games like Final Fantasy XIII and Mass Effect 2 and whatever games I've purchased from Best Buy over the last couple of months.

ModNation Racers is an absolute blast. Old school Mario Kart racing all the way. That's the bottom line to be loving this game so much. It feels so much like Mario Kart 64 which is my favorite Mario Kart of all time!  The sliding in the kart now is updated with being able to boost while you slide and that makes yuo go even faster. You can put a shield up that will block most enemy weapons locked on to you. You can sideswipe Jimmys and do stunts when you fly high through the air. @batrastered ... Yes, it still takes a while for it to load up the races, but it is totally worth every second once they load. Shit, I've managed to write half this story waiting for it to load up. I don't care, it's great for me to have it on, sit in a XP lobby and while I'm waiting for races to load up, I'm working on the computer. Pwn! Still getting booted from races and still getting booted from just the servers in the ModSpot. That sucks, I hope that improves because today is the first day and hopefully the servers ARE busy. No custom controls or what I could find so far. The menus are very confusing. I can't even party up with my friends yet, somebody help me. From what it looks like so far is that there is a real money shop in game to buy mods for your kart or your Jimmy. Jimmy don't like paying for DLC! The only free DLC I got was a Sack Boy nubfarm skin mod and cardboard kart. Garbage! I wanted the Drake! Waiting this entire story now for a race. I don't care, I love the thrill. C'mon start up another!!! Oh by the way still ... SERIOUSLY DAMAGING SCREEN BURN EFFECT. sad face.

Don't be a Jimmy! *for more information on the racing group leave a comment on this story.

Sometimes I don't want to post a summary.

GoukiJones had been racing against Barbara for multiple tracks. Started off w/ 8 people in the room, got down to 3 - ran a few at 3 - then that guy left. It was just GoukiJones VS Barbara ... watch the race to see how GoukiJones gaffles Barbara right at the end. #dontbeajimmy

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