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Harada to announce more characters for Tekken Tag 2 at E3

By: Arthvader May 7, 2012 | 3 Comments

A quick announcement from Harada regarding TTT 2.

     Yesturday, Katsuhiro Harada, Producer at Namco, has announced through Twitter, that we can expect to see some new characters being revealed for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at E3 this year. Even though there are no exact details as to who will be added or how many will be added, we will at least know when they will be revealed.

Here's the post found on Harada's Twitter:!/Harada_TEKKEN/status/199198991202779136

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I Challenged a Thunder God... and lost (a lot)

By: Arthvader May 16, 2011 | 9 Comments

My Mortal Kombat online experience with Cinderkin = fun and lots of epic fails

So, earlier today, I went and challenged Cinderkin to a couple of bouts of Mortal Kombat. Cinderkin hasn't played this game for at least the past 2-3 weeks, and yet it doesn't matter, as he kept decimating me with one character:

Yes, Raiden. I myself used at least 5-6 different characters, still losing in all my matches (my closest chance to win was during Johnny Cage vs Raiden, battle 2). All I could say is this, Cinderkin, you are by far one of the best MK opponents I have fought to this point. Your Raiden is god-like, and to show respect, I'll add some thunder god pics, sprites, and vids here (spanning most of the MK games):


  MK1        MK2




Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks


MK vs. DCU


Raiden's Fatalities (Mortal Kombat (2011))


Leave your comments below, and Don't be a Jimmy (like me, who lost to the best here on


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Get Fable II for free

By: Arthvader Oct 16, 2010 | 18 Comments

for a limited time only

Seeing as how Fable III is coming in a couple of weeks, It seems that people who dosen't already have Fable II can get it for free for their xbox 360.

All you have to do is follow this link:

all you have to do is scroll down on this page, and click "Download to Xbox 360", and the game will be all yours.
Do note, that it might not work for some people.


I myself have never actually tried any of the fables games before, Fable 1 or Fable 2. Seeing this offer made me want to give this game an actual chance to see how it is. Maybe in a week, i'll give a review to describe my thoughts in Fable II.


Here's the source:

I could confirm this.  I actually got my hands on Fable II for free myself.



It looks as if it changed from being a full 7 gigs ver. to a 2 gig ver., splitting the game into 5 episodes. you can download the first episode for free, but then if you want to continue, it'll cost you Microsoft points for the other episodes.



With the new  update, it seems that the free game is no more.

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Wal-Mart to host Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Tournaments

By: Arthvader Nov 6, 2011 | 2 Comments

You heard it right. Tournament to be held on the 7th of November.

Normally I'm not a Call of Duty person. but for those of you interested, Wal-Mart is going to host a tournament for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on November 7th, starting at 8PM. Based on my sources (both internet and personal sources withing the store), the tournament is going to be consisting of Solo SpecOps Survival rounds, in which it pretty much makes the tournament be determined by time.


Follow the link to see if your wal-mart is hosting the tournament:


So, what are you waiting for?  go to your local wal-mart (if it's listed here), and sign-up. I already signed up myself at my store.


Leave your comments on the bottom, and don't be a Jimmy!!!



Check out these other stories by me:

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This Week on Xbox Live 9-25-2012

By: Arthvader Sep 25, 2012 | 4 Comments

A List of what's to come this week on Xbox Live.

welcome back. Let's see what available this week on Xbox Live:

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This Week on Xbox Live 9-4-2012

By: Arthvader Sep 4, 2012 | 4 Comments

A List of what's to come this week on Xbox Live

New Week, New Deals. Let's see what will be out this week:

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First batch of Castlevania Harmony of Despair DLC arrives

By: Arthvader Sep 29, 2010 | 4 Comments

Yes, it finally arrived

Chapter 7: Beauty, Desire, Situation Dire has been released on  the XBL Marketplace. if you have the game, pick it up ASAP. costs 400 MSP. now if only they get the characters out by the end of the month. here's the link to the XBL Marketplace with Castlevania HD:

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Katsuhiro Harada declared new Street Fighter Producer

By: Arthvader Apr 1, 2012 | 4 Comments

Capcom has decided on Ono's replacement

     With Yoshinori Ono temporary leaving his position as Street Fighter Producer due to his current health condition, Capcom was working hard to find a replacement while Ono recovers. Today, they announced that Katsuhiro Harada will be taking over as the new producer of the Street Fighter series. He'll be doing this position while keeping his current position as Tekken's Producer. Expect him go to Capcom wearing his signature karate Gi from time to time.

What will his first decision be for the Series? to make the next big Street Fighter game feel more like a Tekken game, he said in an interview. He hopes to bring out a game in the Street Fighter series that both fans and veterans will appreciate in the coming future. He also want to let everyone know that until Ono has recovered and takes his position back, He'll has his Zaibatsu men take control of the day-to-day operations of the company.

Will this move make Street Fighter better, or will Katsuhiro cause the doom of the Street Fighter franchise?


Let me know what you think? Leave your comments in the bottom. Vote, and Don't be a Jimmy!

Trailers for the next entries in the castlevania: Lords of Shadow saga has appeared at E3.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate E3 Trailer:

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Basis of story: Taking place 25 years after the events of the original Lords of Shadow, Players will take the role of Trevor Belmont, Simon Belmont, and two other characters as you play through Dracula's Castle, going through the different eras, all of which will end in a climax that leads up to Lords of Shadow 2.

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Chuck's Happy Zombie Massacre

By: Arthvader Oct 18, 2010 | 6 Comments

It's funny

So, I was looking at some vids on youtube when i found this one particular video. It was funny the first time i watched it. I'll go ahead and set the video here. Go watch Chuck kill Zombies to proper music. Believe me, you'll like it:



I like the Dead Rising series of games by CAPCOM. when i played the first one, I like how you could gain experience just by taking photos of people, zombies, and psychopaths whenever you have the chance, which is why I say Frank West is cool (after all, he  covered wars before). Dead Rising 2, though, swapped out the photographing and Frank West for something newer: Combo Weapons, and a new protagonist, Chuck Greene. you could make almost many different combinations of weapons using whatever weapons and items you find laying around (and somehow put it all together with what else, Duct Tape). then, with those new weapons, Chuck could gain more experience. This video, when i watched it the first time, ended up being funny for me, just because of the music that was used in this video. I can't wait for when Dead Rising 2: Case: West comes out. Frank West and Chuck Greene,  Photojournalist and Mr. Duct Tape any weapons together, will be working toghether in this installment.

Back with more matches. This time featuring the raging demon himself, Akuma, A.K.A., GOUKI!!!

Once again, I've returned with more ranked matches from Street Fighter III: Third Strike. I decided to use the character whose name is the embodiment of this site, Gouki (Akuma in the US). Expect to see some great matches here.


These Matches were uploaded on October 20, 2012:

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Borderlands 2 Creature Slaughter Dome DLC Trailer

By: Arthvader Aug 28, 2012 | 3 Comments

just a couple of weeks before it's release, gearbox brought out a new trailer showing off the GameStop exclusive Creature Slaughter Dome Pre-order bonus.

Enjoy the Trailer:

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