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Madden NFL 15 highlights FnJimmy vs BatRastered

By: BatRastered Oct 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Some quick Madden 15 highlights.

FnJimmy and BatRastered sat down for a quick session of Madden NFL 15 ahead of our upcoming tournament at GameWorks. The result was predictable.

Here FnJimmy throws a pick 6 to BatRastered's #LOB

A quick 40 yard strike over FnJimmy's defense.


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New Bulletstorm Skillisode Volume 3

By: BatRastered Jan 28, 2011 | 11 Comments

Juggler, Gang Bang, and Burn revealed.

Which is your favorite?

Bulletstorm - Skillisode Volume 3 trailer


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Evil Ryu breakdown

By: JBadua Jan 23, 2011 | 14 Comments

A breakdown on Evil Ryu's health, normals, specials and ultras.

Overview by Adnan and MetallicA

Very interesting character but will be difficult to win with, combos are not so simple, but his damage is painful. I feel this character can zone out very well and can be played offensive and defensive.

Health (stamina)
Very low, around 800-850 (stun is also very low).

Focus Attack
Good distance (you can Kara Hard Punch focus for a longer distance).

Similar to Ryu's grab (you can Kara grab with Hard Punch for far distance).

Normal Moves

Light Punch

Feels like Ryu's Light Punch.
Can reset with Crouching Light Punch after Light Hurricane Kick.
Combos to: Crouching Light Punch, Standing Light Punch, Crouching Medium Punch, Standing Medium Punch, Standing Hard Punch, Crouching Light Kick, Standing Light Kick, Hurricane Kick, Shoryuken, Fireball and Light Kick Stomp.

Medium Punch

This move is too good, faster than Ryu's Medium Punch.
Crouching Medium Punch and Standing Medium Punch are both able to be Canceled.
Jumping Medium Punch has the same two hit juggle as Ryu (I was unable to Jumping Medium Punch, Ultra 1 — but Ultra 2 works).
Counter hit Crouching Medium Punch to Crouching Hard Kick sweep works.
Hit box of Standing Medium Punch looks great and can really blow up crouch teching.
Overhead looks just like Akuma's and you can Kara Super Demon with overhead.
Can reset with Crouching and Standing Medium Punch after Light Hurricane Kick.
Combos to: Crouching Light Punch, Standing Light Punch, Crouching Medium Punch, Standing Medium Punch, Standing Hard Punch, Crouching Light Kick, Standing Light Kick, Crouching Medium Kick, Hurricane Kick, Shoryuken, Fireball and Light Kick Stomp.

Hard Punch

Looks more like Akuma's Hard Punch.
Can reset with Standing Hard Punch after Light Hurricane Kick.
Great move to keep opponent from jumping.
Close up, breaks crouch teching and can cancel to teleport.
Jump in Hard Punch option select Hurricane Kick is very fast.
Combos to: Hurricane Kick, Shoryuken, Ultra 2, Fireball and Light Kick Stomp.

Light Kick

Same as Ryu's crouching and standing Light Kick.
Good fake option in trying to make your opponent jump.
Can cross over opponent.
Combos to: Crouching Light Kick, Standing Light Kick, Crouching Light Punch, Standing Light Punch, Hurricane Kick and Shoryuken.

Medium Kick

A little slower than Ryu's Crouching Medium Kick, but I think has a larger hitbox.
Crouching Medium Kick into Fireball comes out very fast and a great zoning tool.
Can cross over opponent, similar to Akuma.
Able to Dive Kick at top arc, like Akuma.
Can option select with Jumping Medium Kick, Shoryuken very well.
Combos to: Hurricane Kick, Fireball and Shoryuken.

Hard Kick

This move does big damage, but its recovery is horrendous.
Can't combo to Crouching Hard Kick from a normal unless counter hit.
Crouching Hard Kick after Light Hurricane Kick works but timing is different than Akuma's and might be character specific.

Special Moves

Hurricane Kick (quarter circle back + kick)

This move is fantastic and very, Very fast.
Seems to be quick on recovery.
Can't Hurricane Kick out in the air.
Light Hurricane Kick
Hits 1 time.
Can juggle to Shoryuken and various normals.
Light Hurricane Kick seems better at cross ups since Medium and Hard Punch push the opponent too far for another combo.
Cross up Hurricane Kick to Ultra 2 works.
Medium Hurricane Kick
Hits 2 times.
Similar to Hard Kick version but closer distance.
Hard Hurricane Kick
Hits up to 4 times and great at closing space.
Can reach almost full screen and is probably twice the speed of Ryu's Hurricane Kick.
EX Hurricane Kick
Think it was 5 hits.
This has a large hitbox.
Same as Ryu's and can juggle to Ultra 1.
Can Shoryuken after.

Shoryuken (Toward, Down, Down-Toward + Punch)

Need to find the Shoryuken with start-up invincibility.
Feels better than Ryu's Shoryuken and quick recovery and start-ups.
Can FADC after Light Hurricane Kick to Ultra 1 and 2 (WOW).
Light Punch Shoryuken
Hits once.
The start up on this move is very fast.
This move has much better recovery than Ryu's Shoryuken.
Can Light Punch Shoryuken, Ultra 1 without cancel.
Medium Punch Shoryuken
Hits twice.
You can throw out a Light Punch Fireball and then late Medium Punch Shoryuken at close distance showing fast start-up.
Feels like the better anti-air option for Evil Ryu, but not sure yet.
Hard Punch Shoryuken
Hits twice.
Feels like vanilla Shoryuken.
Very nice distance and can hit safe jumps.
EX Shoryuken
This move might have no invincibility, need to test it out later.
Good damage.

Fireball (quater circle toward + punch | half circle back + punch for red Fireball)

Fireballs feel a little faster then Ryu's fireballs.
Light Punch Fireball feels to have the fastest recovery, but then again Hard Punch is pretty good.
Red fireballs hit once, twice, and three times depending on the punch used.
Similar to Akuma's Fireball and slow start-up.
EX Fireball
Both versions of the Fireball can be used after Shoryuken FADC.
Much faster than Ryu's EX Fireball.
EX Red Fireball has large damage and fast start-up.

Kick Stomp (quarter circle toward + kick)

Another good crouching tech breaker.
All kicks armor break.
Light Kick Stomp having the fastest start up but closest distance.
Medium Kick Stomp between Light Kick and Hard Kick.
Hard Kick Stomp with the slowest start up but farther distance.
Can only combo into Light Kick Stomp.
EX Kick Stomp
High damage.
Quick start up and descent recovery.
Can overhead.

Teleport (Shoryuken or Reverse Shoryuken motion + 3 punches or 3 kicks)

Recovery seems slower then Akuma's.
Punches and kicks all vary on distance.
Punch teleport reaching the farthest distance.
Kick teleport reaching the shortest distance.


Ultra 1 (quarter circle toward 2x + 3 punches)

Good damage and similar to Ryu's.
Ultra an opponents Fireball works very weird, sometimes it would work and other times it would cancel it out (might depend on the incoming projectile).
Recovery is very bad.
You can hold the punches and charge the Ultra.
Shoryuken, FADC, Ultra 1 is possible.
Light Punch Shoryuken Ultra 1 is very nice without a cancel.
Jumping Medium Punch into Ultra 1 didn't work.

Ultra 2 (quarter circle toward 2x + 3 kicks)

Terrible recovery and might be only invincible on start-up.
This Ultra looks like Ken and Dudley's Super.
Damage is good, but sort of difficult to anti-air with.
Jumping Medium Punch, Ultra 2 works.
Low Medium Kick, EX Fireball, FADC, Ultra 2 works and is the full animation.
You can Shoryuken, FADC, Ultra 2.   Health 850, Stun 950

Numbers calculated from this video, 

In the 2nd round that starts @ 00:56.

Assuming normal Ryu's damage and stun rate for the used normals aren't changed in AE (which 99% they haven't), here's how I calculated the stun rate:

It begins at 1:06:

Combo 1: CH c.MP, c.MP, c.HK = 305 stun
Combo 2: CH j.HK, c.MP, c.MP, c.HK = 500 stun
j.MK = 100 stun
CH c.LK = 63 stun
Total = 968 stun to dizzy Evil Ryu, which means he has 950 stun rate

As for health, it was trickier to figure out because unlike stun, it gets scaled depending on your health, anyway here's what happened in the 2nd round up to when Evil Ryu got dizzied:

CH j.HP = 125 damage
Combo 1: c.MP(ch), c.MP, c.HK = 207 damage
Combo 2:,,, = 291 damage (288 damage on 850 health character)
j.MK = 67 damage (63 damage on 850 health character)
CH c.LK= 24 damage (23 damage on 850 health character)

Total = 714 - 706 damage scaled depending on the character's health (1000-850)

Anyway, let's say it took around 710 damage to get Evil Ryu's health to just outside the 2nd score circle under the health bar when he got dizzied (a screenshot), here are the results for doing a full Gief Ultra 1 + MP SPD (520 + scaled 190 SPD= 710 damage) on these characters that have different health ratings:

Health breakdown image

As you can see, Evil Ryu's health matches Akuma's 850 health for taking the same amount of damage.   Can't wait till AE hits console!


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Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Trailer

By: Arthvader Aug 24, 2012 | 6 Comments

With the Leviathan DLC coming next week, Bioware and EA decided to bring out a trailer.

Here's the Trailer:

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So I noticed this on Eventhubs today. There are two videos showcasing how to use a Stick-less Fight Stick. This is pretty interesting check it out.

Fight Sticks have been the go to choice for most fighting game enthusiast. Many will say that it’s because they like the feel of the original arcade feel. Others will say that it’s superior to the basic controller scheme. I for one have a Fight Stick, but I prefer to use the Xbox 360 controller (don’t ask me why) for fighting games. The Stick-less Fight Stick would be right up my alley, because for the longest time I played SF and Mortal Kombat using a keyboard.

This is highly interesting and I am looking forward to the possibility of these things taking off and maybe being sold regularly like the TE and SE Fight Sticks by Madcatz.  


Check out these two videos and let us know what you think.


Don't be a Jimmy!


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Borderlands 3 How Does Instanced Loot Work?

By: goukijones May 8, 2019 | 1 Comments

From the gameplay reveal stream May 2019.

I'll just want share my highlights from the hour long gameplay demo and playthrough that aired live on the internet.  The graphics and design of the game looks like you would imagine a top tier game should look like in 2019.  It's beautiful. It showed incredible looking fires and water.  Mechanical wise... this is where stuff gets interesting.  The addition of sliding at the end of a run and being able to vault up walls is going to add so much depth to the platforming aspect of Borderlands and the treasure hunting.  This is all shown early in the video.

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The Secret World Beta Impressions

By: jalexbrown May 13, 2012 | 3 Comments | Updated: May 13, 2012

Is The Secret World so great when it isn't secret anymore?

I just got done playing The Secret World (if the title of this article didn't give that away).  If you're not aware, it's a modern-day MMO about conspiracy theories and...that's really about all I know.  Basically every conspiracy theory you've ever heard is true.  There are three secret organizations of people - the Illuminati, the Templars, and the Dragons - that are in a constant state of contest.  It's actually an interesting idea for an MMO.  And to be honest, it doesn't completely fall apart in translation.

That said, once the veil of mystique is pulled some aspects of The Secret World starts to feel less impressive.  Combat isn't too terribly different from what you've seen in other MMOs.  Other than the fact that you can - and should - move while fighting (and casting), you're still basically building and spamming a rotation of abilities until the enemy or enemies drop dead.  There's no real sense of impact in the combat; there aren't even real animations of the enemy responding to the hit, so the only way to even know you've landed a blow is to watch the numbers and text over the enemy's head.  It's a forgettable combat system that, when book-ended by Tera and Guild Wars 2, feels more than a bit archaic.

Character development is one of the game's strongest points.  There are no classes in The Secret World; instead, you'll spend your time acquiring and spending AP (ability points) and SP (skill points) to develop your character.  In order to spend your AP, you have an ability wheel.  The wheel is broken into melee, ranged, and magic.  Melee is further broken down to blades, hammers, and fists; ranged is further broken into shotguns, pistols, and machine guns; magic is further broken into elemental magic, blood magic, and chaos magic.  Within each of these categories you have nodes, and each node contains a list of abilities (both active and passive) that increase in cost, each node ending with an elite ability.  The skill points are broken up in similar fashion but not in a wheel format.  It all sounds very confusing (and it is at first), but you'll quickly pick up on how it works and have no problems making the build you want.  And, in theory, you can grind to max AP and SP so you can have every single ability and skill maxed.  Of course you wont have to do so in order to be able to engage in the game's end-game content, but it's good to know your development isn't really capped.

Once you acquire the abilities, there's still a caveat: You can only have seven active and seven passive abilities available to you at one time.  Picking and choosing the right combination of active and passive abilities becomes something akin to a trading card game and can be incredibly addicting.  The developers have also offered some handy pre-designed templates (called decks) that you can use assuming you have all the necessary skills available to you.

The story and atmosphere are, to me, the game's best points though.  The first and only zone available during this beta weekend (Kingsmouth) is overrun with a zombie plague.  The small New England town has a realistic feel and vibe to it.  Just walking around in the thick fog with cars crashed and flaming or bellowing smoke, you actually feel like you're in a horror movie.  At times I actually found myself so caught up in the atmosphere that I jumped a little when something started attacking me.

The questing helps with keeping you immersed in the world.  There are very few of your traditional MMO-style quests where you go kill a certain number of something to loot a certain item.  Some quests are a twist on the common quests of fantasy MMOs, but they always have a little flavor that feels logical and consistent with the modern-day setting.  One quest, for instance, had me going around town grabbing security cameras from businesses so that I could place them in areas around town for the police sheriff.  The fact that there was a real logic to what I was doing and why I was doing it made the quest so much more enjoyable.

Instead of using a traditional gear system, The Secret World uses a talisman system for stat-modifying items.  You have seven specific talisman slots to equip, and these work like gear in other MMOs except that they're not visible on your character.  Your outfit is separate altogether and strictly cosmetic in nature.  Not only does this fit the flavor of the setting, but it allows every player to create their own style without being bound to a particular look based on their class or build.

Overall I had a lot of fun with the Secret World beta, although it's important to remember that it is a beta.  Things can and will go wrong.  There are bugs that need fixed.  There are design issues that should be addressed.  Much of what we saw animation-wise (if Funcom is to be believed) was placeholder art.  But from what I've seen so far, most of the gameplay is engaging and immersive and interesting.  So while I don't expect the final product to be a radically different game (and wouldn't honestly want it to be one), I do expect to see many more improvements made in the coming month leading up to the game's release on June 19th.

If you want to check out The Secret World for yourself, you can pre-order it from Funcom's site, Amazon, or your local Gamestop and enjoy the beta weekends that will occur every weekend until the game's launch.

I’m a vampire, remember. We invited stealth. *Blade

Featuring Avengers, X-Men, & Runaways. You get to create your own Marvel Superhero for this game and you even get a demon dog pet to accompany you on your adventure. Strategic combat is based on a card dealing system. You can level up your skills and teammates in your home base. Coming in February of 2022.

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SimCity Public Service Pictures presents How to Deal with Disasters. In SimCity you never know when disasters will strike!

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$1 Video game auction fund raiser

By: goukijones May 24, 2010 | 9 Comments

Help out with a bid. We're trying to raise some cash to get across the country to our new Office building. Thank you for your support. Tower is moving to a bigger Office building. So we decided to do a fund raising auction of some of our more unique items we still have around the Tower here. Like a Sega Genesis and Sega CD with 9 games and a Fight Stick! Also there are huge titles from our Nintendo Wii collection of games. The top 2 Jimmys who have the high bids on any Nintendo Wii game and leave a comment on this story will get a bonus Nintendo E3 2009 Lanyard. Halo Legends blu-ray in a Tin Case collector's edition. 2 Different versions of Final Fantasy XI which also include a special offer for Jimmys. Check out the links below.

All of the items have a $1 starting bid!!

Check out the Ebay store? Click here

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I mean, if it were rated it would be R.

When you mess with Ken and his girl, you are asking for trouble. But when Ken gets too violent, Barlog thinks it’s a good idea to put on his loaded boxing gloves and go at it with Ken. How do you think things will turn out for Barlog? You’ll have to watch and see. You will also ge; Ryu, Gouken, Vega, Sagat, & M. Bison. This is the most shocking representation of M. Bison you will ever see. Really, whoever is in charge of ironing shirts in Shadoloo should be fired. Psycho POWER!

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Borderlands 2 Axton the Commando build guide

By: BatRastered Mar 30, 2013 | 1 Comments

Axton has quickly moved up my list of favorite characters in BL2, his turret action skill is quite good on its own, but with the right skills and weapons you can do the work of two players by yourself.

First the Survival Tree, I'm not a big fan of this.

You can see the relative offensive weakness of this build at about 4:45 in the video I throw a turret on each side of a basic loader, and I still have to kill it myself. I don't recommend the turret without the rocket pods. :) If you had 3 more points you could get the Scorched Earth rocket pods too. So with the 11 levels coming April 2, that's what I'd suggest first. If I did this over, I'd probably go with the rockets over the longbow just for the damage boost, but mag-lock without longbow is not very useful and Battlefront (extra damage when the turret is out for all your guns and grenades) is just so damn useful that I can't really recommend either version of this build unless you get the level cap DLC and get all 3 this build falls apart.

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