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Criterion is making the new Burnout ... I mean Most Wanted

Godzilla is Back!

Well the Nissan GT R at least.

We all new EA was planning another Need for Speed and I wasn't Hyped.  After seeing this I'm still not exactly hyped but I'll be considering it.  I loved the Burnout games and if that is the direction this is taking it could be fun.  The graphics look pretty good.  And well racing isn't exactly ground breaking, you have sims and arcade style and for a good game you need to find some middle ground.  

They say against friends, now if this is just the autolog no big deal, but if we can run through town with friends tearing stuff up it'll be great.  Hot Pursuit already let us run from cops as a group so this sounds like the right way to go.

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Metal Slug 2 PSN Review

By: jalexbrown Nov 29, 2011 | 6 Comments

Jalexbrown reviews Metal Slug 2, available on PSN.

I sort of remember Metal Slug from my childhood.  I used to go to the arcade and play it, but it was notoriously difficult and I could never get passed the first level.  Even with a friend, the game was still pretty brutal.  So now here we are.  SNK has released Metal Slug 2 on PSN, so I decided to try it out.  So was it a trip down memory lane?  Read on to find out.

The concept of Metal Slug 2 is fairly simple: You choose one of four characters and run through six missions; your objective is to shoot everything that moves and save everything that doesn’t.  This was an arcade game, you must remember, so complexity was naturally not its strong suit.  The good news is that fun is its strong suit, because Metal Slug 2 is still a blast to play.  Maybe it’s just because I’ve grown older, but I feel that Metal Slug 2 is slightly easier than its predecessor.  That’s not to say it isn’t difficult, however, because you get two lives per credit and four credits to complete the game.  It’s worth noting that contact with an enemy isn’t immediate damage; only melee attacks and projectiles actually hurt you.  But trust me when I say there are plenty of projectiles, so don’t let that make you feel too safe.

(Keep shooting until there's nothing left.)

As you progress through the game you can pick up different guns that will last the duration of your current life.  These will start to feel crucial after a while, and you’ll find yourself frantically trying to make sure you don’t miss a single power-up item.   There are also vehicles you can ride from time to time, and they’re the most useful things of all.  Hopping into a vehicle usually means quick to instant death for all things around you.  They might be a little overpowered in my opinion, but they’re sure as hell a lot of fun to use.

The controls in Metal Gear 2 feel responsive and smooth.  You can shoot in any direction (although you have to be jumping to shoot downward) including diagonals, so the shooting feels a lot less restrictive than in a game like Contra or most shoot-‘em-up games of the time.  I didn’t notice any input delay either, which is pretty nice since I’ve gotten used to a slight amount of delay any time I’m playing something that’s emulated.

One thing worth noting is that this is a port of Metal Slug 2 and not Metal Slug X, so it suffers from horrible slowdown even when it doesn’t seem like there’s any reason for it.  It’s not at all uncommon to see the frame rates drop down into single digits for fairly long stretches of time.  Metal Slug X has long since eliminated this issue, so it makes me wonder why SNK decided to port the inferior version of the game.  Nevertheless I did discover an option in the menu (not the game menu, but the first SNK menu) that would speed up the CPU emulation; this made the game run a little bit faster than what might feel standard, but it’s much better than having to deal with the incredible slowdown with it turned off.

The graphics in Metal Slug 2 are surprisingly pleasing to the eye in a retro sort of way.  They’re definitely pixilated, but it’s all sort of charming and nostalgic if you have fond memories of these kinds of games from days gone by.  There are options to smooth and enhance them slightly if you’d like, but I kept them off and enjoyed the charm.

(Pixilated goodness.)

The music and sound is what you’d expect from an arcade game of the era.  The music fits the mood of the game pretty well even if it does end up feeling a bit repetitive in later levels, guns sound satisfying in a staticy sort of way, and it never gets old hearing enemies wail their death screams.

Playing with another person is going to add a lot to this game.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a single online game; I’m not sure if it’s because of poor matchmaking or a lack of players.  In lieu of an online match I decided to call a buddy over to join me.  It was a blast getting together and mindlessly gunning down soldiers until our thumbs cramped.  It really solidified the arcade-esque experience of the original, and I’d highly recommend you find at least one person to sit down on your couch with you and go through the game.  You’ll have a lot of laughs at each others’ stupid moments and enjoy friendly trash-talk when your buddy steals the power-up you were after.

Overall I found Metal Slug 2 to be quite enjoyable.  Sure it has its flaws, but they’re all covered up in a fabulous layer of arcade goodness that’s hard to resist.  It’s good alone, better online (if I could find a game), and pretty much a gem with a buddy.  If you can afford the $8.99 price tag, pick up Metal Slug 2 and take a pleasant trip back to the old-day arcades – no dingy smell included.

(I'd like to thank Goukijones and for giving me my copy of Metal Slug 2 for review.)   

GoukiJones & BatRastered sat down to play the Syndicate demo released on XBL this week. The video has been edited for your enjoyment. You will get a good look at a lot of the weapons and combat.

The demo lasted about an hour. My Xbox froze at one point. We died twice and had to reset as well. Other than that it was a pretty bad experience. Somewhat of a cross between Borderlands/Battlefield with a little bit of Deus EX thrown in. BatRastered referred to it as a poor mans Deus EX. Deus EX wasn't a well put together game, but it was still a lot of fun. Syndicate however is no where near Borderlands or Battlefield. Watch us play through the demo below.

Did you play this demo? Leave your comments below. Are you buying this game on release? I'm gonna want to read your review. 

Vote, Comment & Share. Don't be a Jimmy!

BatRastered & GoukiJones unboxing a new gaming router from D-Link.

We're going to test this out tonight. Full set up. BatRastered will let you know how it goes in his review. Watch for it. Don't be a Jimmy!

Thanks for watching. 

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Mortal Kombat Demo

By: DragonKiss83 Mar 3, 2011 | 12 Comments

It's comming..

On March 8th Playstation Plus members will get it.  The rest of it will see it a week later.  Xbox users will get it after that.  You can look forward to playing as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena and Johnny cage.  You'll be doing it in the Pit and Living Forest.  Get ready for some kombat.

I haven't opened ONE of the free packs I've collected in Halo Wars 2 since the game was released.

Halo Wars 2 is great.  I love it, I'm on my way to level 50.  Since the game was released I have completely skipped playing Blitz.  I haven't played once.  The last time was during the Blitz Beta earlier this year.  In Halo Wars 2, you get card packs for just playing the game (mulitplayer, campaign, blitz, etc).  You can buy them too, but you can also earn them.  That's nice.  I've earned over 99+ regular packs, including all the special packs for playing in the beta, Forge and even Kinsano packs will be included in this mass opening.

One thing I'd like to note.  I made this video the DAY Kinsano was released.  PRO-TIP if you're a Blitz player and are waiting for a specific character, then HOLD your packs.  I was getting Kinsano cards immediately throughout out all the packs.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below.  If you are playing the Halo Wars 2, hmu on XBL.  Don't be a Jimmy!


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XCOM FPS Becomes a Squad-Based Shooter? New Title?!

By: Cinderkin Apr 24, 2013 | 3 Comments | Updated: Apr 26, 2013

2K Marin has confirmed that the XCOM game once thought to be cancelled is being changed to a different game with a different title. Check it out!

According to XCOM developers 2K Marin, the new XCOM game is being rebranded as something new and different. Claiming the XCOM universe is expanding.

Read full story...



Dragon Ball Online MMO

By: goukijones Sep 25, 2009 | 11 Comments

Jimmy! This one is for you. A online Dragon Ball world.

The real Jimmy, FnJimmy called me a few weeks and told me about an online Dragon Ball game. I searched the internet real quick and couldn't find anything. He said he saw a game play trailer. I didn't believe him. He hallucinates. 

Then today it happens. CoryO sends me a link to this ...

You can read more at this site

Looks like the first beta has ended already and that the game is in Japanese. Come on now! Dragon Ball is worldwide Jimmy!

$249 and 30 titles before June... Oh, and SSF4 at launch!

At a press conference today, Reggie Fils-Aime announced that the Nintendo 3DS would be released in America on March 27 at a price point of $249.

Even more interesting... Super Street Fighter IV is a launch title. We here at are excited about that. It looks amazing.

Reggie has promised us 30 titles available before E3.

Who's buying this? Let us know in the comments.


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Mortal Kombat Demo Impressions

By: Cinderkin Mar 9, 2011 | 20 Comments

The demo is just around the corner for the PS3 and Xbox 360 jimmys will be getting it soon after that. But is it worth the download? Has Mortal Kombat truly gone back to it's roots and become a good fighting game again or is it time to bury this classic.

I got my hands on the demo last night and I played it for a little over an hour. Mortal Kombat has always been about the gore and violence. The original 3 (MK, MKII, and UMK3) were some of the best fighting games around. Which is saying a lot with games like Street Fighter II, Fatal Fury, and Samurai Showdown to compete with. We all know Mortal Kombat has fallen off with it's latest release Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, which was a teen rated game, and offered no real fatalities or gore.

Well NetherRealms Studio and Warner Brothers have brought Mortal Kombat back to life and the demo proves it. The demo lets you choose from Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Mileena, and Sub-Zero. It offers 1-2 players and the traditional Arcade Ladder, where you fight one opponent after another until you defeat Shao Khan at the top. Although the demo only allows you to fight 4 out of the 10 opponents in the ladder it is more than enough to get the feeling of the game. Classic stages like The Pit II and The Living Forest return for the demo, and they are looking better than ever. Everything you remember about these stages are there and brought to life with the new 3D graphics. You can even see other characters from the recent games fighting on the other side of the pit. I noticed Frost and Kenji fighting it out, but a game that just looks nice isn't everything. How well does it play?

The new Mortal Kombat has gone back to it's roots with 2D gameplay and it has paid off big time. The controls are fluid and respond better then they ever have in a Mortal Kombat game. The combos are there and they work well. At first the game will feel slow and clunky, due to playing so much SSF4 and MvC3, but onces you play a few matches you'll feel right at home. The game now has a new Special Meter bar at the bottom of the screen ala SSF4, where you can build meter and perform enhanced special moves (EX Moves), combo breakers, and now the new X-Ray moves (Ultras). The enhanced special moves are just stronger versions with added differences to make them better. Take Sub-Zero's Ice Ball, if you enhance the move, then it becomes an Ice Beam and can't be jumped over. X-Ray moves are new to the series and are not only cool to look at, but they are great for huge damage. Although they can be blocked fairly easy, in just my short time with the demo I found a ton of ways to combo into the X-Ray moves for massive damage.

How well do the characters play in regards to there original counter parts? Almost exactly like they did before. The characters look amazing and play like they should play. Scorpion has his classic Spear move, Sub-Zero has his Ice Ball, and Johnny Cage still packs a Nut-Punch move. Speaking of the Nut-Punch, back in the day you couldn't perform this move on female characters. Johnny would just do the splits when fighting a female, and unless Mileena's secret is out of the bag, this move can now be performed on females. From what I've played so far, it seems that Johnny Cage is a beginner character, he has fast and easy combos while only doing little damage. I got 7 Flawless Victories with him during my ladder run on Hard. Sub-Zero and Mileena are advanced characters, their combos aren't as easy, but do more damage. So far I'm really liking Johnny Cage and Scorpion. In the demo each fighter gets 1 fatality and a stage fatality for the Pit II, and the full game has a minimum of 2 fatalities per character and I think every stage has a fatality.

Overall I love what they have done with Mortal Kombat. They brought back one of my favorite franchises and it looks and feels better than ever. I was worried that the gameplay wouldn't live up and I would have to say goodbye to Mortal Kombat, but now all of my fears have gone out the window. I can't wait for this game when it drops April 19th. Anyone else who was worried about the gameplay fear not. Go pre order this game it's going to be amazing. Everything you remember about Mortal Kombat and more. FINISH HIM!!!!

Check out this new Trailer from the demo:

Bottom Line Demo: Must Play!

Be sure to check back in April for the Review of the full game. Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

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Becoming An Effective Gamer

By: starlordtitus May 28, 2011 | 11 Comments

In this story, we discuss the do's and don'ts about becoming and effective gamer without sacrificing every day life.

There is a common misconception that a player should play hours upon hours upon hours to become a great player. While for the most part, constantly doing something will increase your ability in it, there are some common sense things to consider when becoming a great player. First and foremost, one needs to understand the controls of a game. Most players mash buttons at the beginning to see what does what. But the options menu is key to learning exactly what you can do with your controller. Next and very important is execution and timing. Certain actions can have a certain amount of timing when executing a move. Usually listed in a move list. It is quite important to pay attention to the timing of your moves because even the smallest mistimed action can cost you severely.

A video game will also have patterns. Enemies will have attack and movement routines. Understanding them fully, can help you to anticipate your enemies and plan a solution for your next move. Observe the computer. Nothing is more helpful that simple observation. Assuming an enemies attack patterns can forfeit your life in a game. But with observation, one will gather information and see things for how they truly are. Next, is preparation. Health packs, weapons, ammo, whatever the game, always be prepared going into a situation. Reload your gun after a fight. Check your sword to ensure it's upgraded, did your refill your magic? Victory favors preparation. Ensure your success with it.

Video games in themselves will have actions to do and not to do in-game. But what about out of game? It is severely important that before you play any game that you are well rested and well fed. This cannot be stressed enough. It is true that many of us stay up late playing video games. If we lose, we're only that much more determined to get back in an kick some asprin(Editors Note: WTF?) xD But when playing competitively against a human player, whether online or in person, it is suggested that you are fully revitalized. One without sleep for example will start to think with a mind set of "I can do this regardless....". But the fact of the matter is that when one is low on sleep, his reaction time is diminished to a certain degree. The body will slow down the heart rate and deprive the brain of a little oxygen to force the body to sleep, causing us to yawn, breathing in air to keep our bodies awake. But a lack of sleep will restrict our thinking. Planned attack patterns can reduce in amount, morale determination can become lazy and free of care. We will either justify why we are not doing well, or we will be more susceptible to emotion, such as anger or sadness, possibly even apathy. And when one is playing to win, you will need to be in tip top shape! Hunger can also play a diminishing factor, causing one to be anxious and miscalculate.  Forcing impatience and punishable moves. Therefore, it is always important to eat and sleep to be healthy for playing as well as consume healthy foods that will give you the nutrients to operate at full ability.

Next is the amount spent playing video games.  Training to become great, spending  large amounts of time on a game can be a double edged sword. Practicing any one thing will always make you better at it, but keep in mind that staying in a seated postion or laying down for long periods of time can have a negative effect on the body. Staying in once postition for too long can restrict circulation of the blood in your body as well as having the potential to squeeze organs if left unchecked. One grows weak when he does nothing but move his fingers. In addition, the body was made to move. Cardio movement allows for our blood to pump the nutrients in our body to move about quicker to supply our organs,muscles and such with the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins to fuel and enhance our systems to function effectively. Exercise is quite important to a gamer. One may appreciate his ability in a game, but may also despise his big belly in the mirror for the lack of exercise.

Finally, a gamer should always experience different players. Everyone has his or her own unique gaming and fighting style. They will know tactics and tricks that you may not know and vice versa. Experiencing different gamers will not only gain you knowledge, but  friends as well. You can always look on Youtube to witness great skill, but to know the player in person makes it all the worth while. I myself have met BRAWL's best, MewtwoKing, and Flash Metroid from Street Fighter tournaments. Players will usually be open to teaching you new and better techniques. They can have a very positive effect on a gamer's gaming career as well as one growing in personality. The truly important thing about becoming an effective gamer is eventually being able to pass on your knowledge to the next generation. Teaching and helping them to become great at any games they play. It is after all the fundamental foundation of our civilization to bring about a brighter future for our children, and if one decides to share the experience of greatness in video games, it might as well be done by the master gamer, you.

This is a picture of myself and friends at an arcade in Orlando for a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament >xD

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Sony announces merger with Micrsoft!

By: iguapo Apr 1, 2010 | 2 Comments

Sony to defer to Microsofts's XBOX

At 1pm eastern standard time a behind closed door meeting of Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and Sony CEO Howard Stringer concluded after about 2 hours time. Although what was said is not 100% sure what is known is that Sony will sell Its right to the PS3 to Microsoft! Coupled by the loss of many "Exclusive" rights of games, and the Xbox live community being so much better then Sony's. The PS3 has struggled since its release. The XBOX and Wii systems proved too much for Sony to compete with. The exact details of the deal are not known, but what we do know is that Microsoft will receieve the rights to BLUE RAY TECHNOLOGY and the last of PS3's exclusive games. ie God of War, Metal Gear, Little big Planet Etc Etc. Sony decided this was necessary to survive in the video gaming world. Along with this deal Sony cannot launch a new system for 5 years! Although they may develop one. This is huge news and gives way to a future Xbox with a blue ray player, making it perhaps the perfect video gaming system! Perhaps in PROJECT NATAL?

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