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Story Image's 2010 Video Game Receipts

By: goukijones Apr 15, 2011 | 9 Comments

This is a list of every video game purchased in 2010. Have a look of exactly how much we spent on gaming.

We recently did the taxes and thought it would be a good idea to share with you all of our video game receipts from last year. Below you will find the date of purchase, where we purchased the game and the price we paid. Followed by a monthly total and a grand total at the end of the page. How much did we spend on video games last year?

Almost every game we purchased from Kmart was less that $45. That's a great average and we saved a ton at Kmart last year. You could save a lot of money at Best Buy if you are part of their Reward Zone Gamers Club. We got Gran Turismo there for less than $15. Not that it was worth $10. We also prefer Amazon, with features like $0.99 Release Day Delivery and New Releases being less than retail, you can't go wrong with those savings.

2010 Video Game Receipts

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Miami to have their first ever super major comic con. Team Gouki will be in attendance. 2/26/2011-2/27/2011

Bravo Team Gouki will be attending the first ever Miami Comic Con presented by Wizard World. Meet your favorite Jimmys, goukijones, reipuerto, and the ever lovable prettymiwa.

Snap a picture with goukijones and win 1600 MSP or $20 in PSN deniro. Upload it to Twitter with the hashtags #gouki and #wizardworld. Drawing will be Sunday night. Don't be a Jimmy!

Make sure you follow @goukijones @reipuerto and @prettymiwa for all of the show updates and of course check back here for exclusive pictures and videos.

Show info:

MIAMI COMIC CON FEBRUARY 26-27, 2011SAT-SUN Miami Airport Convention Center (MACC)

Event Hours:
Saturday, Feb. 26 - 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday, Feb. 27 - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

For more information and tickets check out the Wizard World official website.

See you this weekend!


Story Image

Jimmy of the Month May 2011

By: goukijones May 28, 2011 | 24 Comments

So it's time we pick a winner for the biggest Jimmy this month. Lets start with some user awards first.

Here are some random user shouts outs. Thanks for everyone contributing on

Most viewed user story - blazemanx - 2425 views in the last 30 days.

Best reviewer - Cinderkin for review 2 games that involved racing and dirt.

Best commentary - Kof2012

Best new user - starlordtitus

Most sexiest story - reipuerto

Other big hit user story

grey walrus - over 1700 views

iorilamia - over 500 views

Again big shout to everyone on Keep comin' back. We got some great stuff we're gonna do in the future and we are very lucky and very appreciative of all you enjoying the site right now.

And finally ...

Jimmy of the Month goes to blazemanx

Blazemanx has been all over the inter reppin' and that is awesome. He's on the twitter, he's on the facebook, he was one of the first user to hit us up over on the new site. 

Thanks blazemanx, you truly are a world class Jimmy. Now go pick a shirt or a game from our shop and leave it in the comments below. Somebody will email you eventually on what to do next.

Kevin Butler returns to promote Killzone 3 and the new PS3 Move Sharpshooter.

Want to learn more about the PS3 Move Sharpshooter and other options for guns to use with your Playstaion 3, check out: Killzone 3 Gun peripherals galore, which will you choose?

Kevin Butler PS3 Commercial PS Move sharp shooter

Featuring: Daddy's little helper

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Is the SMART engine in Brink the future of FPS

By: goukijones Aug 25, 2010 | 9 Comments

Is Splash Damage going to change everything with Brink and their new engine called "SMART" ???

I first heard of Brink about a year ago. I saw the teaser for it and thought the concept of the island and the to factions feuding sounded cool. The teaser said it was coming out in Spring 2010. LOL. It's cool, good games take time. I always say delay it until it's perfect. Unless you're Gran Turismo 5, which I don't even know what the fuck they are doing anymore. Now there are karts ... wait getting off target.

Brink has had me juiced ever since I saw this video late last year. I told BatRastered that this is "the video that has me totally into this game." At this point last year we were Borderlands fiends. BatRastered way more than me. It was kind of hard for me to talk about a game that was so similar to Borderlands at first glance. I didn't think that, at all. When I saw the SMART engine working, I thought that we could do some really cool stuff with that. Check it out, Paul Wedgwood the Game Director playing in this video.

Now the first time a lot of people saw Brink was the CG trailer they released. I knew what was behind that trailer and if they were trying to say that is what it's going to be like when it comes out. Cool. Of course people were like "Yeah right, there's no way it'll be anything like that." Well I hope after watching the first video you understand why I think it will play like that. It's Hardcore Parkour FPS = HPFPS. WOW!

Finally it was time for E3 and I knew Brink was going to be there. It was one my E3 most wanted list top 10. Getting to play would really set my opinion straight. When E3 came around and I was on the floor talking with Ed Stern and actually playing Brink. I forgot about the Parkour stuff. I didn't get to see it all in the E3 Demo. I realzed this when I came home later that week. I didn't even see the jumping and sliding stuff. I thought. That was the gameplay element I was most interested about. Bongoboy had me going so fast through the demo; changin' classes, accepting missions, shooting Jimmys. It was cool though.

These next 3 videos are just straight forward gameplay and they are incredible. Warning God mode activated. First video = Zzzzz. The second video shows off some more slick jumping in combat and what some of the specific chracters classes do. The third video shows planting a bomb and defending an area the developer was trying to breach. To create a shortcut for his teammates.  Awesome stuff there. Looks very exciting.

By now you understand where I'm going with the combat and "Moving and shooting" concept that, Technical Game Designer, Aubrey Hesselgren speaks of in this next video. Brink is do out in January, right before my birthday. I hope it's going to be a good one. With videos like these coming out as we get closer, I am constantly walking around with a stiffy thinking about the SMART engine! C'mon! Sticky baum to ya garill!

Thrilled yet?

See more on the Bethesda Softworks official Youtube channel.

Just surfing through video game channels on youtube and I found this video from SouthPeak Interactive. Two Worlds II Sordahon's Journey - #4.

I found this video on the SouthPeak Games youtube channel where you can also see the rest of the series. I have not played either of the Two Worlds games, but I'm familiar with them and the concept. This video has a couple of quick cuts that are funny and is willing to make fun of itself. At 2:15 "Sordahon" just starts swinging his "club" wildly. Hilarious. SouthPeak Games also referred to as SouthPeak Interactive publishes Two Worlds II.

Don't be a Jimmy.

Video of me playing Halo 3: ODST @ E3 2009 exclusive gameplay footage from E3 2009 playing Halo 3: ODST for the first time.

Mad Catz has released parts to change your FightStick so it is compatible for Mortal Kombat. The Top Panel includes a new button layout and new artwork. A separate bundle includes new buttons. Opening your FightStick will void your warranty.

MadCatz just announced the Combat FightStick Top Panel. Obviously there are some licensing issues, because MadCatz is really trying to tell you this panel is for use with Mortal Kombat, without actually saying Mortal Kombat. That's cool right? Check out the new lay out:

Combat FightStick top panel 002

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Check out the winner of the first ever Mascot Art Contest. There are some honorable mentions and a bonus prize. Check out the new shirts and order one! Don't be a Jimmy!

Grand Prize Winner MilkyPink 

Thumbs Up Jimmy!

Thumbs Up Jimmy

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This is from those same Jimmys that brought those wicked COD live action shooter vids. Now you are really playing with power.

Real Life Mario Kart!

From YouTube: A harsh, gritty look at the world of Mario Kart in real life. Red shells mean business.

Make sure you check out this YouTube Channel freddiew for more great videos.



Suggestion Box

By: goukijones Jun 30, 2011 | 17 Comments

We're getting ready to do a massive update to and we want to know what you guys want on the site.

We're getting ready to do a massive update to and we want to know what you guys want on the site. Now is your chance to suggest a feature or option that you've always wanted on Front page, while writing a story, catalog pages, your profiles. Everything is fair game. 

If you can't explain a few simple English words, it's probably too complicated.

Here's some ideas we've been kicking around just give you Jimmys a taste.

  • The PricePWNr is going to be implemented a lot more throughout the site. We've recently added GameStop to the PricePWNr and we want to save you Jimmys money on video games.
  • Video only stories.
  • Favorite stories.
  • Member, updated, exclusive, etc. Story color codes or something, still working this out. Something that by just looking at the story you know, who wrote it and what it's a bout.

So that's just a few of our ideas, let hear what you Jimmys want. I don't care what it is, the crazier the better and we'll discuss it during our meeting. 

Don't be a Jimmy!




Team Gouki on Crysis 2 get Briefed son!

By: goukijones Jan 25, 2011 | 19 Comments

Play with Team Gouki tonight on Crysis 2.

Sometime tonight (1/25/2011) after 9pm pst goukijones will send out some invites to party up on Xbox Live and get into some of the Crysis 2 multiplayer action. It's 6v6 and I hope there are private rooms. I expect spots to fill up, first come first served, unless you're a Jimmy or a Kof2012. lol.

Now get briefed on what's gonna happen. I'm filming some games tonight for a review. Don't be a Jimmy!

Crysis 2 - Multiplayer Demo Briefing

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