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Akira The Don's rap homage for Red Dead Redemption is AWESOME

By: iorilamia Mar 12, 2011 | 3 Comments

Don't you love it when muscicians people play the same games you do? Or better yet, create a song for that game?

UK rapper "Akira The Don" has created a rap song about how much his experiences with RDR. On his album ATD25,  track 12 is titled " Lord I Miss ( Red Dead Redemption) ". It is his own music with a little bit of one of the remixed version of a official RDR song. You can listen to it here http://soundcloud.com/akira-the-don/red-dead-redemption

Rockstar also tweeted him with " We deeply appreciate the love, Mr. the Don – and as for missing Red Dead, we’d be remiss not to ask: Have you tried Undead Nightmare?

His Reply:


Awesome. Leave a comment below on what you guys think about the song. It isn't too creative because it is just stuff you do in RDR, but it flows and sounds nice.







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