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Mega Man Universe Canceled!

By: Cinderkin Mar 31, 2011 | 8 Comments

The new Mega-Man Universe game, which was scheduled to release later this year has been effectively canceled.

Capcom has issued an apology to the fans waiting for the game on the Mega-Man Universe official Japanese Blog. It was scheduled to release later this year on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. The retro-styled platformer was filled with remade Mega Man 2 levels, customizable characters (including the Mega-Man from the North American Mega Man 1 box art) and user-created levels.

According to Capcom Mega-Man Universe was canceled due to "Various Circumstances". This could be due to what happened in Japan, or from Mega-Man creator Keiji Inafune leaving the company in October. Hopefully more info will surface.

Tell us what you think about the bad news in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

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Cancels, delays & PSN problems due to the disasters in Japan

By: iorilamia Mar 14, 2011 | 13 Comments

As expected, some games will have complications after the Tsunami and Earthquake. - UPDATED-

Most of you may know what happened in Japan, it was truly horrifying and continues to leave many of problems. Ofcourse this leads to news about what happens to some games.

DISASTER REPORT 4 by Irem for the PS3 was cancelled after the events in Japan. The game actually starts with a massive earthquake and you must help people out. Ofcourse this would be a extremely touchy subject to anyone ; too soon. With that being said, the company simply cancelled the game without reason and apologized to fans awaiting.


MOTORSTORM 3 Japan release has gone from the 17nth of this month to TBA. "Various Circumstances" are the reason of delay. But ontop of that, Sony's repair and information center has been halted because some services work from Miyagi Prefecture which was damaged in the Earthquake. PSN will still work, but minor issues may occur like content updates not showing or problems connecting.

FINAL FANTASY XI AND XIV are unavailable this week. Square Enix shut the services down to reduce power consumption due to many energy shortages. Because of the stop, April service for final Fantasy XI will be FREE. After the first week of suspension, more info will be posted on whether they will continue having it offline or not for XXXXX ammount of time.

METAL GEAR SOLID ONLINE is also being suspended, by Konami. This is another attempt to cut back on power. The restart date is still not known for the servers.

YAKUZA 4 was supposed to be released March 17. Sega announced that it is now TBA for " various reasons"

Many wishes to Japan on getting back on their feet, it's going to take a lot, but it will happen :) Leave your comments and thoughts below.



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