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Cupquake got visitation to Avalanche studios recently & got to play Disney Infinity Toy Box. Check out this full gameplay demo video. Then explain to me what it is about.

Thanks for watching. I don't know about that game tho. WTF is it about? Just placing shit? Anyway, Cupquake is cool. She also does cooking stuff. Which I've been saying for years is a great idea. This chick got it all figured out. She just did a video on baking some Super Meat Boy cookies. Check that out on her YouTube.

Make sure you check out her homepage.

Raychul Moore, long time friend of recently visited San Diego Comic-Con. She has a few great stories to tell from the event. From random Jimmys hating on the Booker DeWitt gender swap & of course the 12 year nuabs I mentioned.

Me? I don't know how I feel about the gender swap stuff, but that's 1 of her gimmicks & that's fine. She's easily the most popular girl I know who is doing that. A little weird yeah, but she makes it work. My only thing is like the Drake, she did Drake from Uncharted a few years back. She had on the same thing he did, long sleeve shirt & jeans. That's definitely more of a personal thing, she wasn't trying to appeal to any sex there. What am I talking about at this point? The Booker DeWitt was definitely sexier, but she explains why in the video below. Plus there's the whole story about the 12 year olds & Cammy's butt. 

Thanks for watching. Who are your favorite nerd girls? Leave her name in the comments for me. ;-)


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