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3DS and Netflix, the future is insane

By: iorilamia Mar 2, 2011 | 6 Comments

Even more reasons to get stoked on 3DS

Good ole' Reggie Fils announced that 3DS will be able to stream videos via Netflix. Also the 3DS will support 3D movie trailers. Your data goes back and fourth from your Wii to your 3DS and vice versa and you will be able to watch movies on both systems simultaneously. Also some streaming content will be available from a Nintendo short-form service. As bad ass nice that sounds theirs another bonus! Nintendo has a partnership with AT&T allowing 3DS owners to have free access to over 10,000 Wi-fi spots around the world. Features will be added in May.


Well damn. Every piece of news that comes out for the 3DS makes me want to buy one more and more. I'm trying to save money here video game industry!  What do you guys think of this, especially the ones who are already getting a 3DS ? I wonder what is next, Wii has Opera browser, what will 3DS have.( or already has?)

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