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Gouki Street Fighter Tournament Grand Finals & Interview w/ frq filipinoman

By: goukijones Jan 26 (2 days ago) | 118 Views | 0 Comments

Jan24, 2015. Recorded live from GameWorks Las Vegas, NV.

Thank you to all the players that traveled from out of state to join us on Saturday.  Here's a replay of the Grand Finals match.  Gustavo VS frq filipinoman.  We'll be adding more matches to our YouTube channel this week.

Interview w/ USF4 Gustavo VS frq filipinoman

Thank you to KulticLV for all the commentary & excellent interview work.

Here's a tweet from frq filipinoman stylin' on Vegas.



We have no scheduled tournaments coming up.  We have no venue for Saturdays.  If you know a business or a restaurant that is interested in letting us host a Street Fighter tournament please contact me. 

You can still catch us every Tuesday @ GameWorks in Town Square Las Vegas, NV. #FMIWT 6-11 in the GameWorks restaurant.

Thank you all for coming out to the tournament.  Check out our next major in May.  LVL UP EXPO over $10k in cash & prizes!

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Halo 5 Recap

By: IBachI Jan 22 (6 days ago) | 7 Views | 2 Comments

Clips! Halo 5 PAWNAGE!

Check out some of my highlights that capped the euphoric high that was the Halo 5 beta release.  Enjoy!

LVL UP EXPO is in Las Vegas, NV - May 30-31. Buy your tickets now Over $10,000 in cash & prizes!

Ultra Street Fighter IV 1v1

  • $1000 Pot bonus.  Grand prize Playstation 4.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 Buy-in
  • System: Xbox 360

Super Smash Bros. 1v1

  • $1000 Pot bonus.  Grand prize WiiU Bundle.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 Buy-in
  • System: Nintendo WiiU

Super Smash Bros. World War Amiibo

  • Grand prize TBA.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 buy-in.
  • System: Nintendo WiiU
  • 2 Mins. 2 Stock. Items on high.  Random stage selection.  1v1 Double Elimination.
  • Cash prize is based off of entries. 100% of the buy-in = 1st Place 80% 2nd Place 20%

Mario Kart 8 Ride or Die #4

  • $500 Pot bonus.  Grand prize TBA.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 Buy-in
  • 4 racers per station. 150cc. VS Race. Frantic Mode. Custom Karts. *Not all characters, karts & accessories available on all systems.
  • Single elimination.  Top 2 racers from each group will advance. The final four will compete for cash & prizes.
  • Course selections will be released the day of the tournament.  DLC tracks included.

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 1v1

  • $250 Pot Bonus.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 Buy-in
  • System: Xbox 360

Guilty Gear Xrd 1v1

  • Grand prize Playstation 4.  LVL UP EXPO trophy.
  • $10 Buy-in
  • System: Playstation 4
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Gouki & Eightarc partner up for a Street Fighter tournament Jan24 2015

By: goukijones Jan 21 (7 days ago) | 27 Views | 0 Comments

Use this coupon code to save $10 or $15 on orders more than $50/$100! Shout outs to Eightarc.

We're going to be giving away some Eightarc fightsticks during our Vegas Violence 2 tournament this Saturday.  1 raffle ticket per paid entry.


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#FMIWT USF4 Main Event Tabasco Sawce VS Burst Jan20 2015

By: goukijones Jan 21 (7 days ago) | 23 Views | 0 Comments

Every Tuesday LIVE from GameWorks in Las Vegas, NV presents For Me It Was Tuesdays. Free FGC Casuals from 6-11PM. Live stream on via the @5thdimension

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