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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel announced

By: BatRastered Apr 9 (8 days ago) | 10 Views | 3 Comments

A sequel to the first game and a prequel to the second game = pre-sequel. Playable claptrap and we finally get an ice element!

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel takes place between the first and second games in the series. Witness Handsome Jack's rise to power as you play as Athena, Wilhelm, The Sheriff, or Claptrap.

So it looks like Borderlands is not immune to the "ship it off to another studio for a quick follow up while you work on the next-next version" disease. Obviously I'm not a fan of this, but the stuff in the video looks alright and it's on PC so it's next-gen for me. No love for PS4/XBone users is a surprise though. 

The game will be released "later" in 2014.


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Mario Kart 8 New Courses and Items Trailer

By: BatRastered Apr 3 (14 days ago) | 7 Views | 1 Comments

A quick look at some of the new items and courses in the upcoming Mario Kart 8 for the Wii-U.

Dat Rainbow Road, Jimmy! Also, the piranha plant weapon looks cool. I'd really like to see some actual gameplay footage though, you know from the player perspective with HUD, etc. Who am I kidding, we'll still probably just play MK64.


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Ultra Street Fighter IV Decapre Trailer

By: BatRastered Mar 16, 2014 | 21 Views | 1 Comments | Updated: Mar 16, 2014

Capcom has released the 5th and final new character for Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Read full story...

A three minute look at the new patch for FFXIV coming March 27.

I can't wait to see what level of weapons and gear we'll be getting in this patch.

A new letter from the producer details FFXIV's upcoming glamour system and lets slip the release date of the new 2.2 patch.

Set your calendar for March 27. Well, probably the day after since it will likely be an all-day maintenance roll-out. That's the date we can expect the new 2.2 patch entitled "Through the Maelstrom" for Final Fantasy XIV to drop.

The glamour system will allow you to take any piece of gear and have it look like any equal or lower level piece of gear for that same slot that you have. Take a look...

Glamour system

Here she is going to make the Allagan caster robe look like the Crimson robe attained in CT. She's using some sort of catalyst called a "Glamour Prism".

If you're just picking this game up, join us on Malboro server and hit us up in the comments to join our FC. Don't forget to check out our starter guide.

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