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Written by: Sheepsmuggler (x)

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Super Street Fighter 4 Endless with Wolfkrone

By: sheepsmuggler Jun 3, 2011 | 4 Comments

Cinderkin and I ran into Wolfkrone in endless battle. See how we matched up agaisnt him!!!

Cinerkin and I ran Into Wolfkrone  in endless battle here are three  matches we recorded. He is currently the top player In the US so check it out !

(sorry for the video quality still working out the kinks with my video card)

Saddio(Dee-Jay) vs Wolfkrone(Cviper)


Cinderkin(Rose) vs WolfKrone(Cviper)

Sheepsmuggler(cammy) vs Wolfkrone(Cviper)

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Sonic fan remake???

By: Sheepsmuggler Oct 23, 2010 | 6 Comments

Sonic 2 remake, using Sonic 4 engine. AMAZING!

So I found this online today apparently its only a day or 2 old, its a fan made sonic 2 game which personaly I think is way better then sonic 4. Heres the free demo for the PC just DL and launch. (A lot easier to play with 360 controller)


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Final Fantasy VII Acapella ?!

By: sheepsmuggler Jun 4, 2011 | 4 Comments

One Winged angel Acapella !!! Any FF7 will love.

I just found this video, dont ask how though. You might laugh at first but this guy does some serious work on one of the best songs from this game. If you are a Final Fantasy VII fan you will like this. Check it out !!



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Playstation android phone!

By: sheepsmuggler Dec 4, 2010 | 7 Comments

Exactly what the title is you read it right.

Well it looks like it  is official i have seen screenshots of this phone before now video thanks to

looks cool check the link for all the info so far still no confirmed carrier though. Hope its VZW.

second link is just screen shots pretty much same basic info.


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Newegg Wanfest (prizes if your good at games!)

By: sheepsmuggler Nov 18, 2010 | 5 Comments

Gaming tournament with product prizing. Super Street Fighter!

Pretty cool found it this morning , tournament held for the games listed below prizes inlcude products with upto $3500 for first place, Mostly computer parts , looks like league of legends tournament started yesterdy 11/17/10

check the link out below for how to compete , full prize list, rules , ect.....

  • Counterstrike (pc)
  • League of legends(pc)
  • Super Street Fighter 4 (360)
  • Madden 11 (360)
  • Starcraft 2(pc)
  • Call of duty Black ops (pc and xbox)
  • Prizes include $700 in prizes for first place for Super Street fighter 4, Starcraft 2, and Madden 11.
  • Counterstrike and  League of legends for first place are $3500.
  • COD Blackops are $2800 in product prizing.


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