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Written by: TheWiz (x)

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Mortal Kombat: Kratos Reveal Trailer

By: thewiz Dec 11, 2010 | 10 Comments

MK Trailer from VGA awards

A new Mortal Kombat trailer just popped up today officially revealing Kratos from God of War! Keep in mind that this is just a CG video, so don't expect any gameplay, but it's still bad ass either way. Enjoy!

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How to prepare for a tournament by Seth Killian

By: TheWiz Dec 7, 2010 | 7 Comments

S-Kill shares his tips that are very simple but most people forget them.

1) Stay hydrated. Drink as much as you can--even more than you think you want. It really helps with the stress and maintaining a good physical balance. I'd suggest resting up, but that can be really hard, while you can always drink some more water. You should eat something, but keep it light. You don't want to be lightheaded, but hungry > full.

2) Practice your core stuff. You basically need your mechanics to be at the place where you don't need to think about them, and they are automatic. If you haven't done that, you create a huge amount of extra stress when you're in the match, and it prevents you from playing the best mind-games you can if your attention is split. Being confident in your mechanics also really helps overall with motivation--I could always mentally deal with losing or being outplayed, but it was devastating to me to know that I could have won, or actually outplayed someone, but I beat myself by not playing to my ability.

3) Stay in the moment. Practice ahead of the tournament, but be focused on your current match--don't think about who you have to face next in the bracket before you've beaten your current opponent. Give them that respect and you won't get caught sleeping.

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Guy(SSFIV) videos

By: thewiz Dec 6, 2010 | 10 Comments

If you want to see a high level Guy player then you should look at these videos below.

This was held at HADOCON 12/11/10 at NorCal. He finished 7th. Nice to see a guy player who finished in Top 8

This was held at afroshoto invitational. It's a 8 player invite. He finished in 3rd place behind Mike Ross and Justin Wong.


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