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Challenge Lobbies for Mw2 On the Ps3 / Your opinions?

By: pwny Oct 15, 2010 | 10 Comments

Challenge lobbies have been big this past month or so and for those who might not know what a challenge lobby does... it basically unlocks everything with you just going in the lobby and entering some codes.

Of course, people are gonna want you to pay like twenty bucks just to get in one, and OF COURSE some people aren't gonna want to pay it and that leads to some annoying things.

- It unlocks everything without you even actually having to do the challenges.

- Those who design these challenge lobbies make a lot of money.

- There's these things called "infections", and from what my brother told me is that once you get in the lobby, you get "infected" (they wear off once you turn off the console)and that gives you: Aimbot/laser to your guns/speed running/low gravity/no reload...and you could use these in private matches as well.

- If you're lucky, you'll get into them for free, and these lobbies could be really fun.


- There's always scams.

- People ask and beg so much to get in for free.

- Say you're in a challenge lobby... don't be surprised if your stalked and begged to.

- You can't just go in one of these lobbies and expect to get your way around and not pay. The owner of the lobby HAS to verify you first. (These are when the scams take place) So if you're not verified, all you can do is sit and watch only if the owner is nice enough not to kick you out.

Some videos on these challenge lobbies:

This guy already seems annoyed. Lol.

Then there are some pretty cool, creative ones.


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