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Tonight is the night nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnuab!

Thanks for watching you can watch the LIVE podcast tonight on ... whenever nubfarm FnJimmy decides to show up. I will Tweet some sort of notification. Follow me on da Twitta @GoukiJones

FnJimmy pays $100's of dollars a month for porn subscriptions. Doesn't want to go to Adult Expo for free.

I don't know what's wrong with FnJimmy. He must be in love with the penis. He hasn't been watching porn all of these years for the women, it's been all about the dude's wood. 

Don't be a Jimmy!

The podcast airs LIVE on every Friday night sometime after 9PM PT. Thanks for watching.

FnJimmy recollects a Black Friday he wasn't even at. Plus other video game news & random FnJimmy nonsense.

Wait this happened before the podcast ...

Read full story...

GoukiJones & crew discuss how terrible FnJimmy is, along with the week in games. Thanks for watching.

Thanks for watching. You can tune in live to every Friday night (sometime after 9pm) for the LIVE Gouki podcast & Mario Kart NSFW.

With the PlayStation 4 dropping today & us trying to unload 3 of them ... here's a look back on last weeks podcast as we discuss whether to BUY or SELL?

That fuckin' Jimmy!

Ubisoft falling apart this year. FFXIV still going strong & FnJimmy still dumb as hell. Special guest this week Cory0, the only man capable of covering Choke's absence.

Thanks for watching.



REPLAY: Podcast #102

By: goukijones Oct 28, 2013 | 0 Comments

Our weekly review of our weekly video gaming. No Choke this week so PrettyMiwa is here to take his place. WTF is Kario Mart?

Thanks for watching.

Watch LIVE every Friday night sometime after 9PM on - Don't be a Jimmy!

Podcast #100. That's like a lot right? To the MILLIONS... of our fans around the world. Thank you very much for your support these last 15 years. We're super glad you guys & gals enjoy our content.

WOW! Can anybody else follow what FnJimmy is talking about? This guys is a proper nuab. Special thanks to Cory O for coming over & being a guest this night. 

Remember you can download the podcast audio every Saturday. PODCAST LINKS

Don't be a Jimmy!

A bunch of reh-tards sitting around a horrible audio set up to record a podcast. I hear an echo? Man I can't get this live streaming together. We need a proper set up for 2014. Don't be a Jimmmy! Enjoy the show.

Thanks for watching. 

To get 1 of those badass nice NEW Gouki vinyl shirts from customistic. Paypal [email protected] 37.99. Includes shipping! Make sure you put the address you want me to send the shirt to in the email & info you put into Paypal. Don't be a Jimmy!

Jimmy is mad that Choke is a no show. GoukiJones can't stop playing, talking, telling any Jimmy that will listen about the Final Fantasy. Plus 2 big swerves coming for EVO next year.

Don't be a Jimmy! Too bad about EVO, the price will definitely be the same if not more next year. Look out for Microsoft to be pushing for the KI hard. No more time for comments ... I gotta get back on the Final Fantasy. 

We talk about PAX Prime. The GameStop Expo & of course GoukiJones can't shut up about FFXIV. Plus check out all of the swag we got from the last 2 conventions.

Don't be a Jimmy!

Thanks for watching. 

This here rack o'nuabs discuss when the FFXIV servers will break. These idiots have know idea what they are talking about. Plus other news, like Gamescom. Uplay & Splinter Cell. FnJimmy is dumb.

So yeah, not even close with the servers crashing problem. They went down first 8AM on Saturday & again at 1:30PM. The Duty Finder has completely crashed & players can't finish quests or enter dungeons. They have a fix they say & I assume that's what they are doing now with this server downtime. 

Thanks for watching. 

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