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“He” wears a BLUE tunic…

3D Dot Game Heroes is a new game from Silicon Studio, and being published by Altus and FROMSOFTWARE, the same people that brought the brilliant game, Demon’s Souls.

The story involves of a 2D kingdom called Dotnia(pronounced Dot-knee-a) that was threaten by an evil that stole six magical orbs. A hero wielding a shield and sword had slayed the beast and brought peace to the kingdom. But you know evil never sleeps ... and neither does a hero! In the “new 3D era” the evil returns and the kingdom needs a hero once again!

But what makes this a real heroes tale is the fact you can create your own hero. You can make anyone with a detailed 3D perimeter. SO you can already see the many Link, Megaman, Dante, Kid Incurs, and many more. I can even imagine the penis men that online will bring. The game will give tribute to the classic with it’s loading screen and Zelda gameplay.

3D Dot Game Heroes is a game developed by Silicon Studio and published by FromSoftware, Atlus, and SouthPeak games, and dated to be released in North America on May 11th, 2010 exclusive on the Playstaion 3 and retails at $39.99 USD. Find it cheaper?!  

3d dot game heroes
3D Dot Game Heroes on sale free shipping


With this price, you Jimmys better not cheap out!

3D Dot Game Heroes

3 Stories

Release Date: May 11, 2010

Buy it! 40 % - Rent it! 40 % - Flush it! 20 %

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