News: DiveKick gets kickstarted - Wants $30K to get game out the door.

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Today the DiveKick developers announced a KickStarter program to bring the game to a PC near you.

You can donate to the project here.

The deadline is August 1st 2012. If the contributions get up to 30k the game will ship. (Via download code) Speaking of download code, everyone that contributes at least $10 to the cause will receive a free dlc code when the game is released. So for $10 right now you can pre-order Divekick.

I've seen the total go up $400 since I've been watching. Good luck to you guys working on this game, I think it is a great idea and you most certainly will be successful. 

The hype machine continues.

BONUS! For $3000

Contributors who pledge $3000 will receive rewards #1-5, and will be able to work directly with the developers to create a character based on their own design or likeness to be playable in the finished game. Final approval on said designs are up to us, of course, as we want to release as balanced a game as possible, but we are willing to work very hard to develop a character that you are proud to call your own.

Now I have to start a kickstarter to get our Jimmy ass mascot into this game. I've already got all his moves figured out, you guessed it, he's the most worthless character on the list.

Would you support me supporting DiveKick, just to get FnJimmy in the game?

I've pre-ordered and I'm an official backer for DiveKick. Vote, Comment and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!


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