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An under appreciated game from back in the day is making its come back!

What up Jimmys!? Let's get right to it.

What is Deus Ex? It's a cyber-punk style, role playing hybrid, first person shooter set in the future. This is the third game in the in the series but it is a prequel to the original Deus Ex.

The build that I was shown was six hours into the game. The developer also stated that this build had unlimited ammo and infinite health. Cheater.. It shows a living, breathing world, and just whipping out a weapon, not to shoot, will alarm the civilians around you. The main character wasn’t looking too presentable. He had a trench coat. Color light brown. The developer starts walking and heads to a bar. The streets are lively and serve a purpose. People were walking some were saying important dialog to assist you on your story.  Once inside the bar, he initiated a conversation with the bar tender. His face seemed half burned but the detail was real nice. There was a moral choice that made him want details extracted from him. One was aggressive and the other passive but with no answer. He choose to be passive and leave with nothing. He explored the bar more to overhear a conversation of two NPCs. They mentioned about the guy that he was looking for had lost his PDA. He searched around to find it on the bathroom floor. He hacked it and got a code to enter in the back door. Once inside, he proceeded to sneak inside. On cover, the camera goes into third person a la Gears/RainbowSix style. One guard was there so he waited till his back was turned and knocked him out. Upon knocking him out, the action goes to third person view for the stun/kill. Then he dragged the body in first person view, to the corner.  Then around another corridor, two guards were dumb enough to stand with their back side to him, so they were put to sleep. The demo ended shortly after saying this part was only the stealth part. The next section would be more action oriented.

The next section started out with the main character getting out of the sewer. This time, he was in full body armor. He looks around with happens to look like a bay in New York, around Manhattan. There were a bay of bad guys securing the place and he quickly took cover and started to make his way to the far right. The developer started to say that you can beat the whole game without killing anyone but this was not the case here. His body suit was powered up so he picked up a crate and pulled it out if its fence placement to reveal a hole. He went in. Now there was a small room in front of him. He then activated his x-ray vision to see a good radius of the bad guys. He snuck inside via the window and killed the dude dumb enough to be sleeping on the job. He deactivated the alarm system and proceeded to head out to the opposed side. He takes cover behind some crates and spots a dude. The bad guy is on top of the crate. He takes out his silencer and head shots the back of his head. He then super jumps on top to spot two more Jimmies talking about getting paid and what not. Again, he jumps down to execute both of them. He makes his way to the back of the bay and avoids a good amount of guards. He then climbs a later and heads to the right to view a glass top with two guards exchanging Pokemon cards. Kidding, they’re just talking. He jumps down to break the glass and kills them. That room was filled with bad guys and he took them out. Cheater… Then a big boss (?) mechanical creature broke through the wall like the Kool-aid man. He ran behind some wooden boxes and the thing’s heavy machine guns destroyed them all. He saw a conveniently placed rocket launcher around a suit case. The weapons were customizable because, not only did he say so but, the rocket launcher had a heat seeker feature that made the fight rather quick. It then goes into a cinematic cutscene of him jumping out of a wall. He lands alright and then being confronted with an even taller guy than himself. He force pushed the crap out of him and changed his hand into a Gatling gun and was about to shoot when the scene goes black. Wooooo!!!

I honestly had mixed feelings about the game. It seems to borrow elements from other genres, even though the game series is longer than the others. But Square Enix’s hand is definitely in this. The cutscenes are AMAZING! Insane detail to it. I could even count the hair on the dude’s chin! Something to look forward to!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Release Date: Aug 23, 2011

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