Florida Supercon June 18, 2010

By reipuerto — May 28, 2010
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Who wouldn’t cosplay?

OF course you would! Anime and video games find a good median of this arts. Anime Convention are your answer for this! While South Florida gets some of the best convention it can create with the fans, there’s a new one that is coming right around the corner. That is Florida Super Con(FLC)!

A convention usually cover Comic Book, anime, Video Games, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. This one is no exception. From the broad range of Comic Book artist like, Jose Delbo, Tommy Castillo, and Jason Latour just to name a few.

FSC will have live musical performance from Less than Jake, Robbed by a Flute(personal favorite), S.S. Hanami and many more.

Also incredible appearance of the Soup Nazi this year! That’s right! The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, Larry Thomas, also known for his role on, but not limited to, Austin Powers, Postal, A Fist Full of Quarters, Spaced Out, and The Warehouse job. Also, for a special guest appearance, the man with a badass name, Richard RoundTree! Also known as Shaft! Can YA dig it?
And one of my personal favorite guest, Yaya Han. With over nine years of cosplaying experience, you’ll look up to her skills and have the desire to cosplay yourself.

Each day will have multiple events such as FSC Karaoke, Cosplay meet up, anime viewing rooms, a MASSIVE exhibition room, photo shooting, video games, guest panel, and a whole ton more! I’m stoked, and you should too! See you there!

Check out Florida Super Con at;




Don’t forget to checkout Robbed by a Flute


And Yaya Yan too!



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