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Weekly training sessions for Las Vegas Street Fighter IV players focused on getting better. If you plan to compete at EVO, this is a place to be. If you can deal with MNO's bullshit & dat WHITE RAGE!

From the Facebook of the Las Vegas Fukkaboi Gang©:

Starting next Friday (Nov 1) I'll be hosting a weekly Street Fighter 4 focused gathering at my house 6PM-1AM. The initial goal of the sessions will be to train up anyone who is seriously interested in traveling for the upcoming Evo season. I have some space for BYOC if people want to play other games, but know that they will not be the priority. There is a stream, and eventually there will be a Ranbat/Rankings/Small weekly tournament of some sorts for the first hour or two of the meetup. For now I'd like to keep it to casuals to gauge interest.

The sessions will be focused on SF4 as the main game, but will also utilize older versions of SF to help anyone who wants to improve their overall game. Currently I have 1 PS3 and 2 Xbox AE setups, and head to head cabs for ST/Alpha/etc.

If you are interested please send me a Facebook message and I'll give you the address. It's in the same area as Gemini, so if you could make Friday nights at Gem you can make it here.

No Jimmys allowed. I'm sure this guy would appreciate people not stealing his car or walking off with his Jacuzzi. If you'd like to be screened to see if you are not a Jimmy, you have to contact the LVFG© on Facebook.

Thanks for reading. 

Unfortunately for us it's the same night as our Podcast, Mario Kart & sometime FSW house shows. We'll try to make it over when we can. Don't be a Jimmy!

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