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Smaller brick, and your face can't be removed.

Major Nelson tweetup e3 2010 001

Hey guys! The Gouki Team went out to eat a pizza joint when Major Nelson was there to show off Mircosoft's new Xbox 360 Slim! With the attention attached to him, I was able to ask Albert Panello a few question about the new Xbox 360 Slim.

Major Nelson tweetup e3 2010 002

Rei: Can you swap faceplates on the new 360 Slim?
Albert Panello: No. You won't be about to swap out for new faceplates.

R: Are there anyother color than black they you are making?
A: Not right now. We're going with black for now.

What I also noticed is that the power brick is smaller and the 360 Slim is 14% smaller than the original.

Major Nelson tweetup e3 2010 003

But check out the pictures and badass video, here, only on!


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