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Crimson Relic Posted by: Crimson Relic Apr 20, 2010 | 4 comments
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A trailer has hit the internet that confirms the rumor that Marvel vs Capcom 3 is in production.

So here it is. We see Iron Man, The Hulk, Wolverine, Ryu, Morrigan and Chris Redfield. It's all just a scripted sequence, but right at the end we see the only snippet of actual gameplay as Ryu throws out a huge hadoken. Looks like the graphics are going to look a bit better than TvC, but not quite SFIV level.

This was the info that Capcom gave out to the public:

• The game is set for a spring 2011 release date on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

• Right now the development team is looking at having about 30 characters — or so — in the roster.

• Seth Killian said that fans can expect "a healthy dose of new blood" when it comes to fighter selection.

• It's a 3-on-3 tag team fighting game, players build their own squads and uses Assists as well. Very similar to MvC2.

• The title uses an advanced version of Capcom's MT Framework, which powered Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2.

• MvC3 has aerial combos, hyper combos and other original gameplay systems.

• The game is officially titled Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

• The goal is to get 100 pieces of music in the game, that includes old favorites, new tracks and remixes. The 'Take You For A Ride' song won't be returning, at least, it's not planned right now.

• There are no plans for an arcade, PC or Wii version.

• The team behind this wants this game to have a strong storyline.

• Development started on MvC3 in the summer of 2008.



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