Community SSFIV Character Roster finally confirmed?

By crimson relic — December 22, 2009
Tags: super-street-fighter-iv

Upcoming Famitsu info is leaked.

A website( has leaked some SSFIV info by way of a summary on the next Famitsu magazine in Japan.

Translated, the text tells that the game is dated for an April 1st release in Japan at the pricetag of 3980 yen, about $40 here. It also reveals the last of the unconfirmed characters for SSFIV to, in fact, be Dudley, Makato, Ibuki and Hakan just as the original leaked list read.

One new piece of information was revealed as well...another new character only known as a "Shadow". The shadow came along with a reference of Sonic Booms. Could this be Charlie coming back? No one knows until some real scans come.

Check back here at, as we will have them as soon as they are available.

Here is the character roster as it stands.



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