Tomb Raider: Underwold/Bionic Commando

By fnjimmy — March 8, 2010
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The original Jimmy is back with some takes on two old ass games. Jimmy!

Well this week I played and finish Both Tomb Raider for Xbox and Bionic Commando for PS3 and let me tell you the only thing that these two have in common is camera angles, CAMERA ANGLES! What do I mean well they're both good games but good dame it when it comes to important parts in the game like boss battles and puzzle solving the camera doesn't help if you move an inch to where you really need to see the angle changes and you have to hold the joystick in the direction you want it to go, but sometimes that doesn't help.

Like in fighting a boss they're not going to sit there and wait while your trying to either get a good shot at them or just trying to find where the hell they are it's annoying and purely frustrating. To me that is the second most important part to a great video game, #1 being the actual game play. Nonetheless they're both good and worth renting, but Tomb Raider got the extra level DLC to buy, but I had enough of that game that it is not worth 800 Microsoft points to get, but if you're a fan of it that one is your choice. Bionic Commando on the other hand has free DLC but only if you want to play as the original character from Nintendo. So that my take, talk to you next time, whenever that is.


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