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FnJimmy and BatRastered head to Hollywood to see what's up with the new Transformers MMO currently in development.

Team Gouki was invited to a party for the new Transformers MMO - Transformers Universe, to be launched some time in 2012. The party was at the same time as the Sony press conference, so GoukiJones couldn't attend. FnJimmy and I watched a stream of the Sony conference and showed up fashionably late to the party. We were told there was free booze.

FnJimmy and Optimus at E3 Transformers Universe Party
FnJimmy hearts Optimus

Given that E3 takes place at the LACC right in the heart of downtown L.A., attending a party in Hollywood meant a $30 cab ride (each way). This meant we had to have a bunch of free booze and hors d'oeuvres to make up for the trip. FnJimmy of course wouldn't eat anything because it had ingredients, so I made sure he got his fill of cleverly named drinks (there was an Autobotini and I can't really remember any other names as I had a dozen gin and tonics). I, on the other hand dined on lamb meatballs, mushroom flatbread pizza, and feta cheese stuffed pastry.

Oh yeah, the game... Well we didn't see anything of the game except for a teaser of a generic robot and the "2012" date. You can see it in FnJimmy's video here (warning, drunken rambling ahead):

There was a station set up to make your own transformer, unfortunately the customizations were somewhat limited because only the first three items in each section were unlocked. This meant that there were only 24 possible different combinations to choose, so everyone's looked pretty similar. FnJimmy and I printed ours out on expensive photo paper anyway.

Transformers MMO Autobot Base
We didn't see anything like this...

We were entertained by the band "Black Cherry" from the UK. They were awesome, I even spent some time talking to them between sets. FnJimmy was hit on by an attractive British girl because of his shirt. No action taken on his part. I don't actually remember this, so it's a good thing I tweeted it to remind me later. Here's another random tweet of the location, outside.

Transformers MMO Energon Cubes
Another random picture we didn't see...

After we'd had enough (which is to say, the band was done playing and the food was done being served) we finished our last drinks and headed back to the hotel, ready to kick off E3 with a massive hangover. Good thing we got some real breakfast the next day and not an egg salad sandwich... JIMMY!


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