Community Blog: what place do you walk into that you can't leave without buying?

hoho23 Posted by: hoho23 Aug 4, 2010 | 10 comments
Tagged: accessories best-buy
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I can't go into a best buy with out buying something. everytime i walk in there i end up coming out close to broke and with something in my hands.

Somthing about Best Buy i dont know if the air filters are laced with crack or they have a magnets nside my wallet but i cant go a week without stepping inside a BB store and not walk out empty handed. Jimmy will tell you me and him would go a few times a week when he was in Miami and we would leave with shit we probably didnt need, made no sense. but i do love that store and there warranty's on most items are second to none! anyone have a place they go to that has half there yearly pay?


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