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Ghost Recon Future Warrior

By: hoho23 Mar 26, 2010 | 1 Comments

Cloaking and Beta?

What do we have here? New Ghost Recon Future Soilder live action Trailer? Still not alot of info on this game yet, other than it will be set in the "near future" and might you might have the ability to cloak your "Ghost" I was a big fan of the last Two Recons on the 360. I wasn't too big on the originals but im excited for this game and some more upcoming news! And ohh yea there's gonna be a multiplayer beta in the summer!!!!! All you need is a copy of Spinter Cell Convitction to get in and thats it. (Similar to the Reach beta with ODST) But check the trailer out, its not in game but it is pretty sweet!


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