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As if people playing World of Warcraft didn't already waste a lot of there's a new way!

You know World of Warcraft...the one game that everyone's playing, the one that enabled Blizzard to buy a sixteenth yacht?  Did you ever think that the World of Warcraft addicts needed yet another way to spend more time getting their fix?  If so, I have some news for you!


Razer, the company that has created a few other World of Warcraft themed PC peripherals (at a ridiculous price point), announced earlier this month that they're prototyping a new gamer-themed netbook called the Switchblade.  The Switchblade's specs are unknown, but Razer did show off a dynamic keyboard that is quite interesting; essentially every key is a tiny touch screen, and games will include templates that will give the keys a custom look for different games.  If you're playing World of Warcraft, for instance, your keyboard keys will actually show the spell icon to which it's binded.  If that's not a cool idea, I don't know what it is - and if it sounds expensive, I'm guessing you're going to be right.


Although the Razer seems the perfect gift idea for any World of Warcraft player, it's not just a World of Warcraft machine; it's a full-fledged gaming laptop in a netbook form factor.  Since the specs aren't revealed, we're yet to be able to conclude if the Switchblade will really be able to compete with true gaming laptops such as the Acer Republic of Gamer series (unlikely, but hey, anything's possible).


For more information, check out this video (which includes interviews with a couple people):




What do you think?  If you're a World of Warcraft player, will you be buying this?  Have you bought any of Razer's other (overpriced) peripherals?  And most importantly, does the Switchblade have the potential to create a whole new segment specifically for gamers within the netbook market?

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The World of Borecraft

By: papabear420 Apr 8, 2010 | 5 Comments

World of Warcraft, it's the closest you can come to watching paint dry.

Hey fam, what's going on? I've missed you guys. I went to Atlanta and did a few shows.  Then the week after that I took my kids to the state fare and enjoyed free entrance for the kids and even discount tickets for me and the wife. Then went in and spent like $300 bucks on, well basically on crap. Pure crap.

Well let me explain why I'm calling World of Warcraft a bore. I felt that I couldn't talk about something unless I tried it out for myself. So on the advice of a close friend IGuapo, I got the 10 day trial and got started in a world of 11 million dorks and adventures. After carefully giving life to an Org or Ork what ever the hell that things name is,  named him "iamwetoddit" and got started off on a quest to kill some pigs.  About half way through I realized that I would rather teabag a piranna tank. All your doing is running and running and running. If there's 11 million people running around in this World of Dorkcraft the only thing that gives me peace of mind is that there safe at home and not getting beat up in a ally somewhere by a level 11 thug, The only muscles these guys must have are all focused on the 3 fingers on their left hands and the pointer finger on the right. 

If you really want to have some fun, check out Blur. This game is like Mario Cart for adults.  I'm having so much fun with this demo. It's a kick ass multiplayer game that I can't wait to pick up. Might even bring some of my used games to Gamestop so they could knock a cool $3.42 off my bill. GOD I HATE THAT PLACE.

So to cut it short. Turn on your XBox and download Blur, and if your more into the World of Warcraft just grab your balls and put them in the nearest door jam and smash them.  YOU SHOULD NOT PROCREATE....


Cuidate mi Jente.... 


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Confessions of a WOW-AHOLIC

By: iguapo Apr 6, 2010 | 4 Comments

The sad confessions of an addict, that doesn't want to quit...

Aw shit...I did it again, its 6am and I'm still up. My eyes are bloodshot, my nose is running, my hands are shaking...The only thing that will make me feel good is just one more its not cocaine, or heroine, something that would be less addictive then what I'm on! It's World of Warcraft, and the one more hit that I'm craving is to run one more dungeon, or level up.

Ok so I'm not that bad, but I can say with no shame that this game is almost like having a second job, or some may call it an addiction. I say nay! to all the haters and shit talkers! WOW is one of the coolest and fun games that I have ever played in my life. Why is that you may ask? Well...

First of all the game starts out very simple and then grows as you do. The main premise of the game is to create a character and to level him/her through various quests, and accomplishments. Later on you can run dungeons or raids (A dungeon with 10/25 people.) Why run these? For the precious LOOT! Oh how we love getting a new piece of armor or a new weapon. These give us the ability to enter higher dungeons to get even better gear, and so on.

Once you reach level 80 which is currently the level cap, then the game actually begins. You gain access to many awesome and challanging dungeons that are filled with cool bosses, that all have a different way to kill, that must have teamwork in order to succeed. Once you kill a boss he drops loot, if it's a rare item you choose greed if you wanna sell it and you roll dice, but if your character can use it as an upgraded weapon/armor then you roll need for it and that gets priority over greed. All who rolls need and the highest number on the dice wins. Yes! My gear score just went up!!

The teamwork is a lot of fun in this game. To properly run a dungeon you have 5 people/ The leader is the tank who's job is to collect all the aggro from the enemies, Then you have 3 DPS or damage per second, they only attack the enemies. Then you have the healer who chills in the back and heals the party.

Alright I may have bored you to death and I could go into all the professions, and all the other things to do but I'd really lose you then! I love this game and belong to an awesome guild! I play with marines, stoners, hot chicks, Moms, Dads, and people like you and me. We talk on mikes through a program called ventrillo, and I promise you its some of the best times I've ever had. I wrote this article to try to give a little insight of the fun of this ever evolving game. The world is alive and is never the same due to BLIZZARD constantly changing the game, and adding content. Shit for 14.99 a month they better do something!

Hey with all honesty, I ask that you try it, there's a reason why 11 million people play it. Top 10 celebritys that do? 10-Dave Chappelle, 9-William Shattner, 8-Mr you didnt know by now, 7-Verne Troyer, 6-Kevin Warbach....Who?  one of President Obama's assistants. 5&4-Matt stone , and Trey parker, 3-Jay Mohr, 2- Macaulay Culkin...Douche, 1-Mila Kunis...Yeah unless you're a Turd Burgler then you know how hot she is. Come join us...

World of Warcraft on sale now!

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World of Warcraft Might Just Be the Glitchiest Game Ever

By: jalexbrown Sep 18, 2009 | 3 Comments

According to a report from Blizzard, the mega-popular MMO is littered with glitches galore.

According to (and also discussed to some length at the Game Developers Conference), Blizzard is reporting that World of Warcraft is plagued with almost 180,000 glitches that they're tracking.  What that means in layman's terms is that there's almost 180,000 problems with the game that are either fixed, being fixed, or not yet in the process of being fixed.  Unfortunately Blizzard didn't give a breakdown of where these glitches stand, but given the immense number of patches that have been released - and certainly the almost certain prospect that a ton more will be on the way - I'd say a good number of the glitches are in some stage of being fixed or being worked on.  However, each new expansion pack is bound to breed a whole slew of new glitches in the process of fixing the old.

Is it surprising that World of Warcraft is plagued with that many bugs, or is it more surprising that Blizzard would come right out with such a staggering number?

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