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Capcom's Christian Svensson made an enlightening post on the Unity Boards recently explaining why some of the projects fans have requested haven't gotten through the approval process, and also delves into the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 demo.

Since the fans are demanding it, what's taking so long to make a Darkstalkers 4, Capcom vs. SNK 4 or Darkstalkers HD Remix?

Svensson: Several reasons (and these go for any "why aren't you developing XYZ fighting game right now")... right now we're focused on Street Fighter X Tekken, SSFIV: 3D Edition, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and maybe something else somewhere... that's more than enough fighting products for an audience to digest in the near term without overly cannibalizing each other.

Second, we also only have so many development resources. Not just any team can make a credible fighting game and we have loads of requests for lots of titles that we don't have the resources to make.

Thirdly, while we listen very closely to fan requests, any product decisions has to overlay positively against strategic objectives and be prioritized against product viability.

Lastly, it takes years to make a game (that's multiple years), even an HD Remix, so while we may get to them some day, that day is still likely to be a ways off.

If MvC3 is about fan-service then why is there no pre-release demo for fans who didn't get the chance to go to any of the expos or tournaments?

Svensson: Again, several reasons: First, schedule. If you wanted a demo, you'd have had fewer characters, less polish or some other tradeoff in the full game because the game absolutely had to ship within this fiscal year (business reality).

Demos take time to make, test and submit and they aren't cheap which would mean something else would have to be cut or reduced to have time in the schedule and budget to do it. Secondly, historically our retail fighting game releases have not had demos and we don't believe that has hurt sales or long term consumer feedback if the experience is good (and in MvC3, it is great).

Lastly, we have made the game available to play at literally dozens of events around the world, so sampling opportunities have existed. It doesn't mean everyone who would want to try it has had the opportunity, but I would venture a guess that literally hundreds of thousands have since we announced the title back in April.

Why isn't MvC3 coming to the Wii?

Svensson: The Wii received Tatsunoko vs. Capcom as its Versus offering. We wanted development and business focus on X360/PS3 for MvC3.

Is Jon Talbain on the MvC3 DLC list?

Svensson: Sorry, but I can't talk about DLC plans at this time. You'll need to wait and see and I thank you for your patience.

Will there be an updated version of MvC3 sold after it's initial release?

Svensson: Sorry guys, I've got no light I can shed here on future plans for the franchise.


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