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Prepare to die 1,000 deaths, as I unleash my team upon the fighting world.

 My Team for Street Fighter X Tekken, couples two of the most powerful, most brutal, and most sinister characters of all time.

From The Tekken side, comes Kazuya Mishima. A formidable fighter, always locked into "mortal combat" with his Father and his Son. Kazuya unleashes brutal combos and "electrifying" power. But his true power, lies within. Once an uncontrollable beast, Kazuya can now call upon the power of his evil gene. When the Devil is unleashed no one is safe. Multiplying Kazuya's strength and gaining new abilities, this monstrocity will destroy all...but his partner, may also be his ultimate rival.

From The Street Fighter side, comes The Raging Demon himself, Akuma (or Gouki). Hands down the most powerful entity in the Street Fighter universe. He has broken men physically, emotionally and mentally. No one can stop his power. He is a titan of all fighting games, rivaling such bosses as Shao Kahn (MK). His special moves are uncanny in there force.


Can these two Demons of Fighting be stopped? the answer is quite simple...





In honor of Marvel vs Capcom 3 finally making an arrival, is kicking off the first Wed of release with Mahvel Wednesday. Come and Join in all of the MvC3 fun!

The Game:

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds

The Time:

Wednesday 8pm - 11pm PST

The Event:

Lobby Mode


Xbox 360 (Sorry PS3 Jimmys)

Who can Join:

Any Member


Come join Team Gouki in a friendly night of Marvel vs Capcom 3. We play for fun on Wednesday Nights so feel free to invite your friends to play, and if you feel like you aren’t good at the game don’t worry FNJimmy will be there. We don’t just play the traditinal Lobby Mode either. We do things like 1 random, all random, no tag and more. So come and join Team Gouki every Wednesday. It's Mahvel Baby!

We start at 8pm and end at 11pm. Just pick a time and that works for you and come join us. Be sure to add Cinderkin to your friends list and send me a message saying you’re playing Wednesday. Don’t be a Jimmy! See you Wednesday!

Tell your friends, and use those share buttons. Gonna Take You For A Ride!




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