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Diablo 3 Hardcore Inferno Diablo finally killed!!!

By: genxsis83 Jun 22, 2012 | 4 Comments

2 players killed Inferno Diablo without ever dying once!

I am playing Hardcore Diablo III right now and my highest level is 27.  I am struggling just to beat the game on normal.

These guys are crazy and deserve all the credit they can get.  You can lose a hardcore character in a matter of seconds and even when the servers fail.

Congrats to these guys!

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A unique and honest review of Diablo 3

By: genxsis83 Jun 3, 2012 | 1 Comments

A review as a Gaming Father.


First of all to set the setting and introduce myself.  I am a hardcore gaming father.  Meaning I am 28 and now have two kids, but I have been gaming pretty much my whole life and I am still an avid gamer.  At the same time it means that my highest priorities in life are Christ and my family.

So you might ask 'does this have anything with playing diablo?'  The short answer is yes.  Diablo is a huge game in many different ways.  It is huge because it was a game that was waited by fans for more than ten years.  It is a huge game because it is a Blizzard game, it is a huge game because it is the fastest selling pc/mac game in recent history.

So how or why you enjoy this game will be change depending on your expecations and where you are coming from.  If you visit the official Diablo III forums right now half the posts are about how terrible the game is.  If you go looking for official reviews on gaming sites there is almost nothing but praise.

I want to give my two cents into why as a gaming father.

My short answer is that this game is awesome.  I have only played about 25 hours but I already feel like my 60 dollars were well spent.  I am expecting to put in another 50 hours but probably not much more.  And to me that is fine, because I have a family to take care of, other games to play and other priorities.  The game is good and addicting.  The story is not bad, the graphics are great and the cut scenes are breath taking.  If you play the game new to the series and treat it like "any" other game on the market you will not be disappointed.


If you play the game remembering this is a sequel to the still played Diablo II you will have plenty to be disappointed about.  First you may not get 10 years of gaming like Diablo II did....  You may find that somethings have changed for the worst compared to Diablo II.  The list goes on.  Basically I will say this outright, this is not Diablo II, this is Diablo III, for better and for worst.

The hatred on the forums just shows me how much the game is loved and actually fun to play, the problem is the hype machine.  No game will ever live up to ten years of hype and hope.

Here is my advice.  Treat Diablo III like any other game and you will not be disappointed.  Also learn to create your own playstyles.  For example if you hate the auction house, just don't use it.  You may not get 300 hours of gameplay but you could get 100 hours of gameplay.  If you think the game is easy just play hardcore, it is a separate beast all together.

Concluding I want to say that Blizzard did a good job and the angry fans will mellow out and this will be a game remembered in history.  Maybe not as big as Diablo II but still a stellar game none the less.


Now if you don't mind I want to stop writing and go back to playing Diablo III ^^




Pro Gamer FnJimmy's E3 2011 Preview Special

By: fnjimmy May 28, 2011 | 7 Comments

FnJimmy returns for his yearly installment. E3 2011 Preview Special. FnJimmy takes a look at over 25 games going to be at E3 this year and offers you his exclusive take on each game.

That's right, I said Pro Gamer. I've played more games than you cans ever use your imagination. E3 2011 is looking intense and it's no joke. Make sure you follow me twitter.com/@fnjimmy I'm going to be wreckin' shop in L.A.

Pro Gamer FnJimmy's 2011 E3 Preview Special

Ha ha suckers!

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grey walrus

New Diablo III Followers Trailer

By: grey walrus May 12, 2011 | 7 Comments

Diablo III has a new trailer out showing a little bit of what your followers can do/equip

I've never been a huge Diablo fan, but have always thought that the games were fun. If nothing else it looks like they're stepping this one up quite a bit graphically, and it looks pretty good. 

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