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What's going on Gouki.com? March 4th 2010

By: goukijones Mar 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

Update on the first expansion pack to be released from Gouki.com and more news about E3 2010 and other conventions.

Can I be real son? Be real, real? Ok. How could I have bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 two days ago and I still haven't even played it. Been playing some Borderlands instead. Beat Bioshock twice. I'm looking forward to Fanal Fantasy XIII. That's the game front, what I'm working with right now. Anyone want to buy a DS or a Wii?

There's been a lot of discussion about which way to take the site and I think a few changes are on the way. There's some game ideas and bragging rights features just starting to work their way into the mix. Don't be a Jimmy! Register and Log in to the NEW Gouki.com. Leave some comments and get a real Gravatar!

We were recently on a mini hiatus while visiting Rapture and updating my PC with a new HD and Windows 7. Expect another Hiatus near the end of May and beginning of June, the Gouki.com Tower will be moving back to the west coast and will be based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jimmy!

This brings me to conventions. Gouki.com will once again be attending E3 in Los Angeles. Look forward to some totally radical and awesome exclusive footage. Gouki.com will be sponsoring a team at Evo2010, the Street Fighter World Championships in Las Vegas. Later that month we're gonna sell WoW gold to Warcraft Jimmys at Blizzcon 2010. Deals Jimmy! Hopefully, if I'm still standing we'll head to San Diego for the Comic-con.

Digga Day - April 7th, 2010. We all lost an excellent gamer and friend last year, Kdigga A.K.A. Kyle Desmond. Let's get together on April 7th and Pwn some Jimmys on Halo 3 old school style! Remember Kdigga!!!

With that said and questions or comments please post them below. Any ideas you have for the site? Let us have them! See you online!


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