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Games that SHOULD be released on 3DS

By: iorilamia Jan 6, 2011 | 6 Comments

Games I feel should be in the 3DS

To me, the 3DS lineup is kinda lame, most of the titles are whatever and a few are cool. But to me so far its mostly weird ports and old re-releases, not all of them are bad, but screw nintendogs and games from the 64 that we have had re-released on gamecube AND wii and wii downlaods and DS.

Heres what I think should be included


First is GOTCHA FORCE released in 2003 on the Gamecube. It wasn't a popular game at all and never got a sequal, but it is perfect for the 3DS. Basially these tiny robots called "borgs" land on Earth and some kids find them and they go apeshit with epic battles against evil and so on, dinosaurs fighting flying saucers, battleships firing at ninjas and demons slashing at knights. The story mode is finding out who is behind what evil and fighting your way to the top , while you collect and fuse more borgs together to grow your army. The game has HUNDREDS and hundreds of characters, who can level up and have altered versions that change their stats and movesets, also theirs characters that can Fusion to make a super character, so in a way, thousands of characters. The game is 2v2 fighting and ofcourse never had online. It is a wacky hectic japanese seizured out game that actually was too intense for the camecube and the framerate would hella slow down during intense matches and would be visually orgasmic in 3D. Each team can have as many borgs as your points will allow. So once your Samurai dies, your dragon will come out and so on, basically even though its 2v2 you have to kill like 50 guys until the match is over. On the camecube, you could transfer borg data to play with your friends, and in Japan the had the game setup at stores so you can challenge people. Also while you battle, you build up a meter, if it fills up and your partner didnt run out of borgs, you guys can basically go super saiyan for a few seconds and ass-rape everything. With the 3DS roaming VS play they demonstrated with SSF4, that would go great with this game, and it brings a pokemon style gotta catch em all feeling to it since theirs so much variety and characters, that it would definately get people hooked. (by the way, the main character does the Shining Finger straight from G Gundam and a the HeroBorg leader can do hadoukens and tatsumaki who wouldn't love that?)

Heres an AMAZING video to give you an idea (it really picks up in the second half)


Second Would have to be F-Zero GX for the gamecube, that also came out in 2003. Honestly, who has beat this game? The only down-side is that it was the hardest game I have played in my life and only completed half of it. But just like Gotcha Force, it was a frantic game. It is the fastest racing game I have ever played and some levels dont allow me to blink. You can customize machine parts and a drivers to your own personal need which was cool. The game already had nice grahpics and was eye popping enough, it seems perfect for the 3DS, and once again, it was a great multiplayer game that never got to see online play. Its a racing game with a spin atack, not much I can say about it besides it was insane and didn't get much attention.


Third is Marvel Nemises : Rise of the Imperfects released in 2005 on ps2,gamecube and xbox, with ports to psp and DS. Many of sites gave this game a low review (around the 6's) but it was really good. The only down-side was story mode was a bit linear and many re-used enemies, but the multiplayer is where its at. The game starts with The Thing finding some Aliens and fucking them up, turns out their Leader is making"imperfects" to take over the world or some crap. The Imerfects were similiar to the marvel cast in powers or stregnth, but altered abilities and movesets (the rivalry was great). Like Solara was a female version of Human Torch who used martial arts and Hazmat was a Toxic version of spiderman and Venom. The cast was great and so was the fighting. The game had a sort of top over view. and the levels you fight on were pretty big and everyhting was destroyable The game had a energy bar, which in a way powered up some of your moves or let you run/fly, you also had a Rage Mode to use and Finisher Moves. Magneto would pick up a bus , fly up and throw it down at Daredevil and The Thing would punch a barrel and it would go flying at Wolverines face and explode, prettty sweet. Characters had special abilities, storm, johnny ohn, magneto, Niles and iron man , solara and human torch could fly, but some take up more energy to fly. The Wink and praragon could teleport, spiderman hazmat and venom would crawl on walls,web sling and pick up items from a far. The game has seen its handhelp version on PSP (which switched some characters around) and DS, the 3DS would play an even better role.



Have you guys played these games? What do you think about the videos and would they be good on 3DS? Leave a comment below.


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