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Halo Reach New weapons and maps New Videos

By: goukijones Aug 21, 2010 | 8 Comments

I've been dodgey with the Halo Reach videos, because I don't want to spoil it for myself. I remember the beta ... I was amazed.

Cage Match is the first video, I don't know if that's the name of the map or the gametype. Irrelevant, we'll find out in a few weeks. The truth is that it looks even batter than I remember the beta. I love the explosion after effects to the sound. So get a look at a new map in the video below. They same one they teased at SDCC2010. 

This video is the one I've seen all over the internet this week. It's a firefight video(I don't care for firefight) I hated firefight in ODST. It's going to need to have had a major overhaul for me to even attempt to play it on reach. The Multiplayer alone should be enough for me. Oh and it's on another stupid purple Covenant map. Gay.

Finally some gameplay on a completely different map that I have not seen yet. Also there is a new gun in this video that I have not seen either. It rains down from the heavens above. (Finally Halo stole something from Gears. Bunige made it look cooler.) Yeah Killtacular! Check out this new gun and new map Outpost.

Oh my god. Reach is going to fuck me up. I can not wait for this game. I've been a die hard Halo fanboy since I used to have giant 16 man lan parties at my house with Halo CE. I'll be inline or waiting across the street at the bar the night Reach comes out and it will be a non-stop pwnfest until ... well until I just can't do anything, but sleep for a few days. Well at least until FF14 comes out the next week. Fuck me man. Don't be a Jimmy!


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