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I hate the Wii-mote and that shouldn't be a secret anymore. I know you can use the classic controller to play this game, but what really works better?

When I first sat do to play Sin and Punishment Star Successor (SPSS) I tried the game with the classic controller. I wouldn't even buy it unless I knew for sure I could use the classic controller. Through all of the smoke and mirrors, I did not observe that the co-op gameplay is nothing more than player 2 pointing only the Wii-mote at the screen with an automatic fire. So I felt a little mislead and a lot stupid after this discovery, because I intended to play with a friend.

Guess what, didn't matter. When I did play that first time I was by myself. After I shuffled through the settings and tried to understand everything, I started up the first mission. The "training" mission. In and out pwn the trianing missions boss. After a short and pretty cool cutscene - the game has great graphics for the Wii - the action moves seamlessly into the next mission. I didn't even realize that I was supposed to start shooting right away.

Enter FNJimmy for some 2 player SPSS action. I let Jimmy learn how to play by doing the training mission. I took a shit. I came back out to see how he was doing. Then to my horror, I watch FNJimmy die during the training mission. Jesus Christ. It's the training mission Jimmy!

I grabbed the second player Wii-mote and jumped into help Jimmy. I had to explain everything, even though I'm sure the training mission just showed him how to do the moves. We beat the second and third boss that night and Jimmy only died 3 times while playing the other missions. Not bad.

The game is cool and I found myself just starring at the screen trying to shoot everything and keep up with the action. The co-op is great, but it works. I think both players can get the good feeling of a shooter here. It's fun. More to come on SPSS.

Don't be a Jimmy!


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ModNation Racers check my stats

By: goukijones May 25, 2010 | 3 Comments

I'm racing like the beta just ended yesterday. I'm officially starting the racing group. Go to my profile to get my PSN ID.

I couldn't get this game out of the package fast enough. First of all I got it @bestbuy for $26.74. Stolen! How? You are asking yourself right now. Well I had $35 in coupons from games like Final Fantasy XIII and Mass Effect 2 and whatever games I've purchased from Best Buy over the last couple of months.

ModNation Racers is an absolute blast. Old school Mario Kart racing all the way. That's the bottom line to be loving this game so much. It feels so much like Mario Kart 64 which is my favorite Mario Kart of all time!  The sliding in the kart now is updated with being able to boost while you slide and that makes yuo go even faster. You can put a shield up that will block most enemy weapons locked on to you. You can sideswipe Jimmys and do stunts when you fly high through the air. @batrastered ... Yes, it still takes a while for it to load up the races, but it is totally worth every second once they load. Shit, I've managed to write half this story waiting for it to load up. I don't care, it's great for me to have it on, sit in a XP lobby and while I'm waiting for races to load up, I'm working on the computer. Pwn! Still getting booted from races and still getting booted from just the servers in the ModSpot. That sucks, I hope that improves because today is the first day and hopefully the servers ARE busy. No custom controls or what I could find so far. The menus are very confusing. I can't even party up with my friends yet, somebody help me. From what it looks like so far is that there is a real money shop in game to buy mods for your kart or your Jimmy. Jimmy don't like paying for DLC! The only free DLC I got was a Sack Boy nubfarm skin mod and cardboard kart. Garbage! I wanted the Drake! Waiting this entire story now for a race. I don't care, I love the thrill. C'mon start up another!!! Oh by the way still ... SERIOUSLY DAMAGING SCREEN BURN EFFECT. sad face.

Don't be a Jimmy! *for more information on the racing group leave a comment on this story.



Red Dead ... GTA clone or Fallout wannabe

By: goukijones May 20, 2010 | 3 Comments

I've been patrolling the wild wild west now for about 24 hours, here are my thoughts.

Does anyone else think the main character sounds like My Name is Earl guy trying to act tough? His voice it no big deal to me, but I keep thinking Marston is going to pull out a list every time he kills or helps someone and crosses something off of a list. Ms. Macfarlane will not shut up. She is the first character you meet up with and she teaches you about riding. The first couple of rides on the horse or carriage she is just talking her ass off. I guess with no cell phone and no internet, when you got a chance to talk to somebody in the wild wild west, you had a lot to say. The voice acting overall is great, there are no complaints here. Mannerisms and character accents and movements add a very deep element to the gameplay. I enjoyed watching and listening to most characters talk, except Ms. Macfarlane. Shut up!

Check out the Rockstar Social Club and link your gamertag ala Halo link. You get special items, gameplay invites with Rockstar staff, and special challenges. Friend me on Rockstar yo. This is happening right now.

So yeah actually pwnn the game. The hud and controls look and feel like GTA. I'm sure you've heard the GTA on horses comparison. What I've experienced with the world is more of a Fallout feeling. In Fallout you were always getting attacked randomly when you were away from the towns. You need to survive off of the land, hunting animals and looting dead Jimmy bandits you've pwnd out in the canyons. For that reason I'm excited about getting in and getting rich. Trying to make that money and buy that fast ass horse the Jimmy has for sale in town for $500 bucks. That shotgun sounds like fun too.

The graphics are incredible there is absolutely no doubt this is one of the best looking video games I've seen in years. The detail, just sitting at the poker tables is amazing. By the way I've probably spent more time gambling in the game than anything else. I'm trying to get rich quick Jimmy! There's poker, black jack, liars dice(which I've never heard of) and Five Finger Fillet when is the hand and knife game from ... Remember Alien when Bishop was stabbing the table while the other solider held his hand still on the table.

Without a doubt I am loving GTwildwest errrrr Red Dead Redemption. Another full session awaits me this afternoon, can't wait.


Giddy up Jimmy!



3D Dot Game Heroes-First Impression

By: reipuerto May 11, 2010 | 1 Comments

In a kingdom of pixel…

Every now and then, a third party develops a gem of a game. A game that might even pay respect to other games of it’s kind but add it’s own flavor. 3D Dot Game Heroes is it. From Silicon Studio and published by Atlus in North America.

Upon starting the game, the screen is literally a gorgeous pixel in HD. Before you select “New Game” go to the options and change the loading screens, and turn them on. You’ll thank me later. Once you select “New Game” you can pick from five to seven pages of preset Heroes. And each page has around 15 Heroes! It’s the game’s character select screen. This is where you smile. There are heroes that are from samurai, tanks, SHARKS, DRAGONS, ROBOTS, wizards, the king himself, a DOG, and many more! I tried to create my own hero, one of the games’ strong point, but that process would’ve taken me long than expected. You can create and ANIMATE the Hero’s SIX movement.

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Halo Reach Beta the first 8 hours

By: goukijones May 4, 2010 | 3 Comments

Rank Corporal. Total Games 16. Total Wins 8. Halo 4? Hardly ...

halo reach armor customization

If I showed you a rock from Halo 3 and a rock from Halo Reach I don't think you'd be able to tell the difference. Graphically enhanced, negative! I know it's a beta, I just hope the graphics improve severely before the final version. I don't expect Halo Reach in September to look much different.

It very much feels like the same old Halo. The game controls a lot like Halo 2. There's is no Dual Wielding. The pistol has a scope like Halo CE. The gametypes are new, but deep down just twists on old classics. Everything works really well though. The matchmaking was always Bungie's specialty and so far it seems they've improved it drastically once again.

It's fun, I'm gonna go play it right after I finish writing this. My first impression though seriously is this could have been dlc. lol. It looks the same ... it's not the major leap like from Halo CE to Halo 2 or Halo 2 to Halo 3. But yes, I will still play the shit out of it. I'm just saying. You can check my stats Jimmy! Click here.


Don't be a Jimmy!

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