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FFXIV ARR Ifrit: Lord Of Inferno Battle Guide

By: Zero2990 Sep 7, 2013 | 1 Comments | Updated: Sep 12, 2013

A short Ifrit guide describing all of his moves and how to deal with them.

If you're new to MMO's or Final Fantasy this guide will breakdown the first boss you take on in game, Ifrit. Although he is the first major battle he does prove quite a challenge for beginners and will easily punish you if your party is reckless.

After a lengthy cut scene you will be thrown into the arena to take on the fire demon himself.
Bare in mind that as he is the first boss and your team mates may not understand the mechanics of the battles yet and may make the odd mistake, its always good to go over the battle plan before the fight, people will thank you for it.

Phase 1: 100-50% hp
Note* Tanks should not engage Ifrit until everybody is out of the cutscene and buffed.

So in we go!

Have your tank engage first and  position Ifrit with his back to the group to avoid his various tp moves, the tank can pull over to the firewall and take him on there.

Ifrit is fairly simple during this phase and only fires a hand full of non punishing moves at your tank. Your tank should keep stun attacks on cool down just incase things get heated (no pun intended)

Flame Breath.

Not much to worry about if the tank his doing his job correctly. Fires a short based cone attack for minimal damage.


The only move your healer should worry about. This will target a member of your party with an AoE attack, you should have a few seconds to move out of the area before it casts, can deal around 50-60% hp 50-70% for casters and Archers

Vulcan Burst.
A knock back attack that deals very small damage. If your tank is positioned correctly this will cause no problems, the fire wall does not deal damage.

Phase 2: 50-0%
Ok so here's where things get a little interesting. Ifrit will now threaten to cook you alive (which he will) if you don't deal with the next moment correctly and quickly.

Infernal Nail.

Ifrit will spawn infernal nail once he hits 50% and needs to be dealt with quickly or it's instant K'O.
Have your tank keep Ifrit near the wall as he has been for the last few minutes while DPS deal with the nail, your healer would need to keep heals up but can throw a couple of DoT's on the nail so speed up the process.

If Infernal nail is not taken down within the time limit Ifrit will cast Hellfire which means instant-K'O for your party. I have read online that a tank or healer can pop their limit break as it hits and survive but I'm yet to see evidence.

Radiant Plume.

A big AoE that circles either the outside and middle of the arena, DPS and healers should be careful as it can deal massive damage or even K'O, make sure they're fully out of range as I have been hit with this whilst outside the tatgeted area. When Ifrit starts casting this the tank can move out of range and avoid damage or pop the defensive limit break and take the damage.

So there you have it, first boss should be down in no time and you can continue with your merry quest in Eorzea

Titan Lv34 and Ifrit Hard mode will be added soon.


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