kick my ass in street fighter

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Vote on this story to give xCrimson Relicx a vote. Third and final match of the night. At this point I had had enough. Time to whop on xCrimson Relicx. Jimmy!

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xCrimson Relicx is terrible at Street Fighter. Even Puzzle Fighter!

Vote on this story to give BatRastered a vote. Second match of the evening. BatRastered is garbage!

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It's BatRastered. C'mon ... in the bag.



Kick my Ass? in Street Fighter IV vs DMeNt1

By: goukijones Mar 19, 2010 | 8 Comments

Vote on this story to give DMeNt1 a vote. This was the first match of the night, my first match in weeks. I'm not making excuses already.

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Dan? I got this in the bag. He picked Dan!

Want a shot at me on Street Fighter IV over Xbox Live? I'm going to post some results on youtube. Be online tomorrow night ...

Send a fight request to King of Jimmys on Xbox Live (aka GoukiJones.) You got to be a member of and post a comment on this story. At some point tomorrow night I will send you a fight invite. We will play best two out of three with five rounds. I will post some of the best fights on and the story/video that has the most votes on April 20th will when their choice of a t-shirt. Don't be a Jimmy! Enter the "Kick my ass in Street Fighter?" night right now! Register, add a gravatar and leave a comment on this story. You'll be sure to see Cammy's legs wrapped around your head right before she slams you into the ground ... Perfect!


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